Doc, we need him awake. We've got questions.
— Detective Halloran regarding Edgar Munsen[src]

Doctor is a fictional character from the Saw franchise and a minor character in 'Jigsaw'. She was portrayed by Sonia Dhillon Tully.


St. Peter's Hospital

Prior to Edgar Munsen's Test he is taken to the St.Peter's Hospital after being shot in the chest. Doctor is seen examining him as Detective Halloran and Keith Hunt peer inside from outside the room. As she leaves, Halloran stops her saying they needed him awake for questioning. She then apologies, stating the bullet lodged between Edgar's heart. She further explains that she has him in a barbiturate-induced coma until he stabilizes, with the duration depending on the state of his swelling. The conversation ends when she walks away to take a phone call. 


Due to Doctor's short on screen time - not much is revealed about her personality. She demonstrates compassion for her paitents by refusing to awake Edgar. 

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