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Detective Deborah Kraus is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor protagonist in Spiral.

She was portrayed by Edie Inksetter.


Early Life

Deborah Kraus was a homicide detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department. Sometime after the end of the Jigsaw murders, a law known as Article 8 was passed. This legislation expanded the powers of law enforcement in order to fight crime. Police Chief Marcus Banks and head of homicide Angie Garza were actively involved in covering up these crimes and shielding their officers from punishment. However, the scandal was ultimately uncovered when Banks' son, Officer Ezekiel Banks exposed his partner, Peter Dunleavy, for murdering an innocent man named Charlie Emmerson to prevent him from testifying against another corrupt officer. After this Kraus unlike almost every cop in the department, didn't show any aggression towards him. (Spiral)

Jigsaw Copycat

After the murder of off-duty Detective Marv Bozwick, The Metro PD had to investigate who murdered him. They find the first video tape from the killer, who identifies the murdered man as a police officer. The killer plans to reform the Metro PD and remind them of the oath they took to the city. Schenk, Banks, and Detective Fitch piece together that the Jigsaw Killer has a new copycat. Once Ezekiel Banks saw the video that William Schenk anonymously sent to him in the form of an USB, he recognized the courthouse that appeared in the video, went there along with William and found the red spiral. Suddenly, two other cops that also watched the video, Fitch and Kraus, arrived at the scene too. William asked what they were doing there to which Fitch replied telling that they thought they would need some backup. Zeke insulted Fitch, telling him this wasn't his case.

William told Zeke about the box that was in the metal bars of the windows of the building. Zeke leaped, grabbed the box and unpacked it. After opening it, inside they found Bozwick's tongue along with his plaque. All of them reacted with disgust, except for William who was once again faking it. Zeke then grabbed the police plaque and read the numbers. William asked Zeke who was the officer 4-5-3. Zeke got shocked after recognizing the numbers from the plaque and it was confirmed to him and the rest of the Metropolitan Police Department that Marv Bozwick was the one who was killed in the trap. (Spiral)

Fitch's Death


She and Fitch went to the pawn shop which when they did the owner told him they were closed, Fitch show him his badge the man then let Fitch inside to look at the security cameras Fitch saw Boz chasing a man dressed as uncle sam and realized the man was Benny Reitz and that he lived at a Bread Factory. Fitch decided that he would go there and look for Benny Kraus then asked if Fitch if they should tell Zeke about this Fitch told her not to. She then left the pawn shop. Fitch was then abducted and placed in a trap and died shortly after Fitch's death was reported to the police Zeke, Will and Drury then arrived at the crime scene. Zeke saw Fitch's corpse at the crime scene and looked at Fitch's body for evidence after finding out that the body was Fitch. She was devastated and is seen crying. Drury suspects that Banks is involved since both Boz and Fitch had connections to Banks. Schenk, however, agrees with Banks that someone else is pulling the strings and puppet mastering the events around them. William remains the only cop who believes Banks. (Spiral)


After Fitch's death when she is seen crying this implies that she had a strong relationship with him. This shows that although her colleagues were corrupt she still cared about them deeply. When all of the other cops turned on Zeke but she was one of few that didn't show any aggression towards Banks this shows that she wasn't one of the corrupt cops in article 8, this stating that she knew what the other cops were doing was wrong and decided to not follow in their steps. This shows that she was against what the other cops were doing.


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