The woman standing in front of me had to be dragged from the locker room to put a chest tube in a trauma patient. Lynn Denlon should have been the first one there.
— Deborah berates Lynn for her irresponsibility[src]

Deborah is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw III and IV. She was portrayed by Kim Roberts.


Gideon Kramer


Deborah receives John and Jill

Deborah was a nurse working at the Angel of Mercy Hospital. One night, she working her shift, when a distressed John Kramer took his wife, Jill, to the hospital after she had been injured during a robbery at her clinic. When John came in and yelled for help, Deborah immediately took care of them and called for assistance. John told her that his wife was seven months pregnant. However, despite all their efforts, the nurses and doctors weren't able to save the life of their unborn son, Gideon. (Saw IV)

Lynn Denlon


Deborah finds Lynn in the locker room

On another occasion, at least two years later, Deborah worked another night shift when a heavily injured young boy was taken to the hospital after surviving a car crash. Deborah immediately ordered to page Dr. Lynn Denlon. However, when she didn't come, Deborah searched for her and eventually found her in the locker room. When she took Lynn to her patient, the boy was still unconscious and entered a state of shock. One of the doctors ordered to prepare everything for an operation on the open heart. Lynn intervened and auscultated the boy's lungs, realizing he was suffering from tension pneumothorax, a dangerous collection of air in the pleural space. Therefore, she intubated him and was ultimately able to successfully stabilize his vital functions. Despite this, Deborah was angry at her and took her aside, berating her for her initial hesitation when she was needed. Therefore, she told her to go to the psychiatrics if she had any problems that would affect her work. Lynn however was merely annoyed by her and left her behind without a word. (Saw III)


Deborah was a hard-working and responsible nurse, caring for both her work and her patients. Due to her disciplined attitude to work, she disliked when her colleagues around her seemingly didn't care about their work or didn't put enough effort into it. Therefore, she didn't hesitate to openly state her opinion if such a case occured.

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