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As lead counsel for this company, if you screw up, it comes down on my ass.
— Debbie discusses the upcoming process with William[src]

Debbie is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor antagonist in Saw VI. She was portrayed by Caroline Cave.


The Abbott Process

Debbie in William's office

Debbie was a young and ambitious lawyer working for the Umbrella Health insurance company and defended the corporation if any of their clients tried to take legal proceedings against them. On one of these occasions, Tara and Brent Abbott, widow and son of Harold Abbott, sued Umbrella after Harold had succumbed to a cardiac disease as William Easton, the senior vice president of Umbrella's department for membership and claims, had denied the coverage of his treatment costs with spurious reasons. Because of this, Debbie made an appointment with William in his office in order to prepare him for the process. Therefore, William called his sister, Pamela Jenkins, to cancel their appointment for dinner as the appointment with Debbie was on the same day as Pamela's birthday. Afterwards, William and Debbie discussed his testimony in the upcoming process. Despite William's confidence that everything would go the way they want it, Debbie convinced him of the necessity of this preparation and asked him about William's dispute with Harold. To her dismay, their conversation was frequently interrupted by William's secretary, Addy, his file clerk, Allen, and William himself when he watched a TV report by his sister about the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. When Debbie finally asked him who had found the mistake in Harold Abbott's claim, which had resulted in the dismissal of his coverage request, William told her that it was one of his six insurance inspectors, who he sarcastically referred to as the "Dog Pit". Afterwards, the two of them ended their conversation and left the office. (Saw VI)


Unknown to her, John Kramer, who had been mentioned by William's sister in her report, had targeted William and his employees, including her, before his death, as William had once denied the coverage of the treatment costs for his cancer. Later that day, all of them were abducted and taken to the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute by Detective Mark Hoffman, John Kramer's successor after his death. While she was unconscious, Hoffman strapped a deadly device to her chest which shoot a metal rod through her brain if she wouldn't be able to free herself. Afterwards, he took her to the zoo's boiler room and chained her arms to a wall. (Saw VI)


Debbie in the trap

Shortly afterwards, William, who was trapped at the zoo as well, entered the boiler room and found a tape recorder hanging from the ceiling above a metal catwalk. Upon playing it, he was introduced to the third test of his game. Seconds later, he noticed Debbie, who was chained to the wall on the lower level of the room and began to panic. The tape informed William that she had 90 seconds to free herself from her trap and told her that he had to help her. Furthermore, he was told that it was ultimately him who held the key to Debbie's survival.

When the tape ended, Debbie was released from her chains and the timer on the trap began to count down. As soon as she was free, she removed the gag from her mouth and started to panic. She frantically yelled at William to get her out while desperately trying to open the door next to her. However, she finally stopped when William told her to move through the maze before her and eventually tried to find a way forward. As she did, she quickly came to a small passage that was blocked by pipes blowing out hot steam with great pressure. William yelled at her to go on, but when she tried to crawl through the steam, she quickly backed off due to the immense amount of heat. However, William noticed a lever with a sign attached to it which told him to "relieve her." When he pulled the lever, his arm was burned by hot steam coming from a pipe, while the steam in Debbie's way was turned off. As she tried to crawl forward, William backed off, causing the steam to turn back on again. Debbie yelled at him and told him to pull the lever again. When William did it, she tried once more to get through the passage. However, as the pain increased, William let go off the lever again, causing Debbie's legs to be severely burned by the steam. Nonetheless, she managed to get through the passage.

Debbie crawls through the maze

Encouraged by William, Debbie continued her way and climbed through the maze until she reached another small tunnel blocked by steam. She panicked even further, seeing no way out of this trap. William however saw that there was a ladder behind the tunnel and told Debbie to go on. He then grabbed a second lever and turned off the steam in the maze below him, while he himself was burned again. Debbie crawled through the next passage, but as before, she was too slow and didn't get through it before William had to let go off the lever due to the pain. Therefore, the steam burned Debbie's face and her neck.

Debbie is killed by the trap

As she finally made it through the passage, she reached the ladder and climbed it up to a room surrounded by a cage. William told her to hurry up and look for a key. Seconds later, a lamp turned on next to her, revealing photos of a scar on William's body as well as an x-ray. Realizing that the key was hidden inside William's body, he tried to calm her down and attempted to get it out. Debbie however grabbed an electric circular saw and opened the door. Moments later, she attacked William and barely missed him with the saw. As she further approached him and tried to kill him to get the key, the two of them engaged in a fight. While William initially managed to fight her off, Debbie eventually made one final attempt to kill him and raised the saw. At this moment however, the timer of her trap went off and the metal rod pierced her brain. While William watched in horror, Debbie staggered, fell over a handrail and ultimately hit the floor below her. (Saw VI)


The zoo was found and raided by the Metropolitan Police Department shortly afterwards. As the police secured and searched the entire building, they discovered the many corpses of Jigsaw's victims, including Debbie. All of them were sent to the morgue for their obduction by Dr. Adam Heffner. The events surrounding the massacre were later reported to the public by the news channels. (Saw VI, 3D)


Debbie seemed to be a very smart and highly self-confident woman. Nonetheless, she didn't underestimate situations that could get her into trouble and preferred to be prepared for all contingencies. Furthermore, she was a focused and determined person both in her professional life and her imprisonment at the zoo. Therefore, she didn't hesitate to kill William in order to save her own life, despite the fact that the latter had tried everything to help her only seconds before.

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