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Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. It was released on June 14, 2016, for PC, June 20, 2017, for Xbox One and PS4, September 24, 2019, for Switch, and April 16, 2020, for mobile devices. On January 23, 2018, Behaviour Interactive released the seventh of numerous DLC chapters, allowing players to play as characters from the Saw franchise.


Dead by Daylight is played as a one-versus-four online multiplayer where one player takes on the role of a savage killer and the other four play as survivors who try to avoid being caught and sacrificed to a malevolent force known as "The Entity." The survivors are controlled from a third-person perspective, whereas the killer's perspective is first-person. The survivors must repair five generators scattered across each map to power up the exit gates to escape. They must then open the exit gates and leave the area or find an escape hatch. Repairing can be made quicker with items such as toolboxes.

If the killer catches a survivor, the former can pick them up and take them to one of many sacrificial hooks scattered throughout the play area. While being carried, the survivor can attempt to wiggle out of the killer's grasp before they reach the hook and try to run away. If the killer succeeds in impaling a survivor, a teammate can rescue them, or, more rarely, the impaled survivor can save themselves from the hook with a 4% chance of success. Self-rescue is only possible the first time a survivor is hooked.

Once the five generators are repaired, the survivors must find a switch next to two exit gates and hold it for 20 seconds to open the door. The game only ends when all survivors have either escaped or have been killed – thus, while some survivors may escape and finish early, those still inside must keep playing. Players who have escaped or died can observe the remaining players through the game's conclusion or return to the menu and join a new session.

If only one survivor remains, repairing generators is usually not practical. In that case, regardless of whether the other three survivors escaped or were killed, an open hatch will appear in a random location. If the survivor finds this hatch first, they can escape through it, but if the killer finds it first, then they can close it. If the killer closes the hatch, the two exit gates become powered as though the generator objective was completed, allowing the remaining survivor one final way to escape the trial.

The hatch can also appear when two or more survivors remain in the trial, provided that the number of generators repaired equals one more than the number of survivors left alive. If one of the survivors possesses a unique key, either obtained from a chest or brought into the trial, they can open the hatch and escape. Otherwise, it will remain closed, opening automatically when only one survivor remains.

Survivors and killers each have the option to utilize up to four perks in their load-out, giving their characters valuable abilities. Perks differ between survivors and killers - a survivor perk may not be used by killers, and vice-versa. Survivor perks can range from giving a burst of speed when running from the killer to being able to self-heal without a first aid kit or unlocking the ability to sabotage meat hooks without a toolbox.

Killer perks may include:

  • Seeing survivors' auras.
  • Hindering their struggle time while being carried.
  • Locking down generators to prevent them from being repaired.

Perks, add-ons, and items can be unlocked through the Bloodweb, a skill-tree where each character can spend in-game currency. Each specific character starts with a set of three perks that are unique to them. Advancing far enough in a character's Bloodweb allows unlocking "teachable" versions of the character's unique perks, which effectively converts the respective unique perk into a general perk, making it available for other characters to learn in their Bloodwebs.

Chapter 7: SAW

CHAPTER VII: The SAW™ Chapter is the seventh Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight.

This DLC features:

  • A new Killer - The Pig
  • A new Survivor - David Tapp
  • A new Map - Gideon Meat Plant/The Game

The Pig

In The SAW™ Chapter, players get the chance to play as the Jigsaw Killer's disciple, Amanda Young, who assumes the identity of "The Pig." Using her ability to crouch into stealth mode, she can ambush survivors from a short distance. Additionally, she can lock a Reverse Bear Trap onto their heads, forcing them to remove it before the timer runs out and instantly kills them.

Her unique perks - "Hangman's Trick," "Surveillance," and "Make Your Choice" - grant her more control over the play area and help her expose altruistic survivors.


Make Your Choice

Each time a survivor is rescued from a hook while the Pig is at least 32 meters away, "Make Your Choice" activates:

  • The rescuer suffers from the "Exposed" status effect for the next 40/50/60 seconds.
  • "Make Your Choice" has a cool-down period of 40/50/60 seconds.

Hangman's Trick

This perk enhances the Pig's aura-reading ability and alerts her whenever a survivor tempers with one of the sacrificial hooks.

  • The Pig receives a "Loud Noise Notification" whenever a survivor starts sabotaging a hook.
  • While carrying a survivor, the Pig can see the aura of every survivor within 2/4/6 meters of any hook.


This perk further enhances the Pig's aura-reading ability.

  • "Surveillance" increases the audible range of survivors' generator-repairing noises by 8 meters.
  • The auras of regressing generators are highlighted in white.
  • If the regression progress is interrupted, the respective generator's aura will be highlighted in yellow for 8/12/16 seconds.


Shattered Syringe

  • Reduces the cool-down time of missed "Ambush Dash" attacks by -25%.

John's Medical File

  • Increases the Pig's crouch movement speed by +6%.

Interlocking Razor

  • Failing a Skill Check at Jigsaw Boxes will apply the "Deep Wound" status effect to injured survivors.

Combat Straps

  • Increases the Pig's crouch transition speed by +30%.

Workshop Grease

  • Increases the charge speed of the "Ambush Dash" by +50%.
  • Reduces the cool-down time of missed "Ambush Dash" Attacks by -25%.

Utility Blades

  • Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap suffer from the "Haemorrhage" status effect.

Razor Wires

  • Failing a Skill Check at Jigsaw Boxes will injure healthy survivors.

Last Will

  • Increases the movement speed during "Ambush Dash" by +6%.
  • Increases the charge time of "Ambush Dash" by +66%.

Face Mask

  • Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap suffer from the "Blindness" status effect.

Slow-Release Toxin

  • Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap suffer from the "Exhausted" status effect.

Rusty Attachments

  • Injured survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap suffer from the "Mangled" status effect until healed.

Rules Set No.2

  • Disables the survivors' ability to see the auras of Jigsaw Boxes until their Reverse Bear Trap is activated.

Jigsaw's Annotated Plan

  • Increases available Reverse Bear Traps by +1.
  • Each time a generator is completed, the timer of all active Reverse Bear Traps is reduced by -10 seconds.
  • Increases the timer duration by +10 seconds.

Bag of Gears

  • Decreases the search speed of Jigsaw Boxes by -14%.
  • Increases the attaching speed of Reverse Bear Traps by +50%.

Tampered Timer

  • Reduces the timer duration of Reverse Bear Traps by -20 seconds.

Jigsaw's Sketch

  • Increases available Reverse Bear Traps by +1.
  • Whenever a survivor wearing a Reverse Bear Trap works on a generator, its aura is highlighted to the Pig.

Crate of Gears

  • Decreases the search speed of Jigsaw Boxes by -25%.
  • Increases the attaching speed of Reverse Bear Traps by +50%.

Amanda's Secret

  • Survivors removing their Reverse Bear Trap trigger a "Loud Noise Notification" and reveal their aura for 6 seconds.
  • Disables the Pig's ability to see the auras of Jigsaw Boxes.

Amanda's Letter

  • While crouching, the auras of all survivors within 16 meters are revealed to the Pig.
  • Reduces available Reverse Bear Traps by -3.

Video Tape

  • All survivors start the trial with Reverse Bear Traps already attached.

David Tapp

The SAW™ Chapter also offers players the opportunity to play as Detective David Tapp, a homicide detective obsessed with stopping Jigsaw's crimes.

His unique perks - "Tenacity," "Detective's Hunch," and "Stake Out" - allow him to recover and remain focused on reaching his goal.



  • Increases Tapp's crawling speed by 30/40/50% while also allowing him to recover.

Detective's Hunch

This perk enhances Tapp's aura-reading ability.

  • Each time a generator is repaired, the auras of any generators, chests, and totems within 32/48/64 meters are revealed for 10 seconds.
  • Any objects revealed by "Detective's Hunch" will automatically be tracked when holding a map.

Stake Out

  • While Tapp is standing within the killer's terror radius without being chased, "Stake Out" gains a token, up to a maximum of 2/3/4, every 15 seconds.
  • When "Stake Out" has at least one token, good Skill Checks consume one token and are considered great Skill Checks, granting an additional progression bonus of 1%.
  • Great Skill Checks do not consume any tokens.


The Game

The SAW™ Chapter introduced a new map titled "The Game" based on iconic locations from the Saw films. Players get the chance to explore a uniquely designed version of the Gideon Meatpacking Plant, which served as the Jigsaw Killer's hideout in Saw III. The upper area of the map consists of several rectangular rooms, including several storage rooms, a makeshift workshop containing mannequins and blueprints, and a hall including the pig vat from the third film. The rooms are often separated by large doors that can be opened by repairing the generators nearby. Additionally, the map's upper area provides access to the exit gates.

The lower level houses numerous additional storage areas that give players multiple opportunities to hide. The rooms in this part of the map also include a freezer room, likely inspired by the one from the third film, and the iconic bathroom seen on several occasions throughout the film series. Additionally, the lower area provides access to a basement.

Scattered around the map are four Jigsaw Boxes. While three of them are merely decoys, one random box contains a key that the survivors can use to free themselves from the Pig's Reverse Bear Traps.