David Hackl


David Hackl (born February 7, 1963) is a Canadian film director and production designer, best known for hist work on the Saw franchise.

He was the production designer of Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV and the director of Saw V.


David Hackl was the production designer and second unit director for Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV, as well as for Repo! The Genetic Opera. He was once in talks to direct Saw IV, but Darren Lynn Bousman returned as the director. Later, it was reported that Hackl would direct both Saw V and Saw VI, but eventually he only directed Saw V, while Saw VI was directed by Kevin Greutert, the editor of all the previous films in the series.



Year Title
1998 Jerry and Tom
2001 Club Land
Zebra Lounge
2003 Cybermutt
2004 Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story
The Riverman
2005 Saw II
2006 Skinwalkers
2007 Saw IV
2008 Outlander
Saw V
Repo! The Genetic Opera
2012 The Barrens
2015 Into the Grizzly Maze
Life on the Line
2017 The Wanting


Year Title
1998-2002 Starhunter
2000 Lexx
2004 The Grid
2013 Cracked
2014 Nowhere to Hide
Transporter: The Series
2016 Real Detective
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