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A chain is just as strong as the weakest link! I'm the strongest, so don't let me die!
— Dave tries to convince William to save him[src]

Dave is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw VI. He was portrayed by Darius McCrary.


Early Life

Dave at work

Dave was one of six insurance inspectors working for William Easton, the senior vice president of the department for membership and claims at the Umbrella Health insurance company, along with Aaron, Emily, Gena, Shelby and Josh. He and his colleagues were responsible for checking each client's request for insurance for any errors that could justify the companie's refusal of bearing the treatment costs. Therefore, he and his colleagues were ultimately targeted by the John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. (Saw VI)


The victims on the carousel

One day, all six of them were abducted and taken to the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute by Detective Mark Hoffman, John Kramer's successor, who chained them to a spinning carousel inside one of the former animal enclosures. When they woke up, they immediately panicked as they were surrounded by darkness. As they discussed the situation, they suddenly heard the voice of William, who was trapped at the zoo as well. While Shelby tried to explain their situation, the others yelled at William that he should save them. Once William entered the room, the lights were turned on. As William approached them and they asked why they were there, he responded that this was some kind of game. Seconds later, a TV turned on in front of them and a mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on screen. The puppet introduced William to his test and explained him the rules of this game. A rigged shotgun was positioned in front of the carousel. The carousel would stop periodically, resulting in one of his associates sitting directly in front of the shotgun's barrel. This victim would be killed after a few seconds if William didn't decide to save the person. In order to do so, he would have to simultaneously press two buttons in a small box before him. However, he could only save two of them while the other four would inevitably die. After William received his instructions, the TV turned off again.

Dave starts to panic

Seconds later, the carousel came to a standstill for the first time with Aaron sitting in front of the shotgun. He desperately tried to convince William to follow his business policy according to which Aaron was worth living as he was a young and healthy man. Due to William's hesitation, he panicked even further and yelled at him. William however still couldn't bring himself to press the buttons in the box before him which could have saved Aaron's life, leading to him being the first one to be killed by the shotgun. Eventually, the carousel was set in motion again. After a few seconds it stopped once more with Emily sitting in front of the shotgun. While the others yelled at William to save them, Emily reminded him of her two children, stating that they couldn't grow up without her. Thereby, she finally convinced William to press the buttons, much to her fellow colleagues' displeasure. The shotgun slowly went in an upright position and shot above Emily's head before it returned to its original position. Albeit she was still afraid, she thanked William for saving her. At the same moment, the carousel moved on. In an attempt to convince William to save her, Shelby claimed that her parents were sick and needed her. Thereby, she got in an argument with Dave who called her a liar and claimed to know that Shelby's parents weren't even talking to her anymore for a long time already. While the others continued to argue with William, Gena suddenly claimed that she was pregnant.

Dave begs William to save him

Josh immediately yelled at William not to believe her, resulting in an argument between them. Eventually, Gena sat in front of the shotgun when the carousel stopped again. As William hesitated again, she further panicked and begged him to press the buttons until she was finally killed by the shotgun. As the carousel moved on, Dave desperately tried to convince William to save him by telling him that his parents would pay as much as he wanted for him to save Dave. However, both Josh and Shelby yelled at William and claimed that Dave was a thief, stealing from the company for many years. When the carousel stopped and Dave sat in front of the shotgun, he began to cry and told William not to believe them. William however eventually decided to let him die, making Dave the third one to be killed by the shotgun. (Saw VI)


The zoo was found and raided by the Metropolitan Police Department shortly afterwards. As the police secured and searched the entire building, they discovered the many corpses of Jigsaw's victims, including Dave. All of them were sent to the morgue for their obduction by Dr. Adam Heffner. The events surrounding the massacre were later reported to the public by the news channels. (Saw VI, 3D)


Dave seemed to be a quite ruthless individual to a certain degree as his work ruined and ended the lives of numerous seriously sick people whose treatment costs weren't beared by the company. Additionally, he was one of the most aggressive participants of the game, insulting the others and claiming that they only lied to William so he would save them while he was the strongest and most valuable of them and therefore deserved to live the most. His colleagues' claims that he was a thief stealing from the company suggest that he was also a rather dishonest man, betraying others for the sake of his own personal gain.

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