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Our current government grants have allowed us a more than adequate supply of pharmaceuticals. These grants, however, do not cover patient needs.
— Dr. Whitehurst talks about the asylum's financial situation.[src]

Dr. Daniel Whitehurst II. is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He is one of the unseen characters in the series.


The Whitehurst Insane Asylum

Daniel Whitehurst II. was the son of Dr. Daniel Whitehurst, founder of the Whitehurst Insane Asylum. At some point, he took over his father's position as the head psychiatrist. During this time, he managed to gain higher government grants, which allowed him and his staff to have a higher supply of pharmaceuticals, unlike his father, who had to deal with a smaller budget during the first years of the asylum's existence. However, the additional grants didn't cover the patients' needs. Therefore, Whitehurst had to limit the care of his patients to keep the costs as low as possible. For example, he decided that the patients' linens and clothing could only be changed every two weeks to reduce the amount of detergent gas needed.

However, he was still eager to foster the development of new experimental methods of therapy. Therefore, he used certain areas of the asylum for isolation treatment of schizophrenic or delusional patients. The patients were locked inside small, unlit rooms for however long it took for the mental illness to dissipate. Meals were only given at regular intervals through a small hole in the door. On some occasions, the patients were only given an inconsistent meal delivery or no meals at all to "starve out the illness." These and other methods led to the deaths of numerous patients. However, his time as the head psychiatrist of Whitehurst eventually came to an end and his son, Daniel Whitehurst III., succeeded him. (Saw: The Video Game)

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