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I made a mistake. I'm so sorry. I'm human. I'm human just like your son was. Okay?
— Danica begs Jeff to forgive her[src]

Danica Scott is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a supporting character in Saw III. She was portrayed by Debra Lynne McCabe.


Dylan Denlon's Death

Danica witnesses Dylan's demise.

At one point in her life, Danica Scott became the witness to the death of an 8-year-old boy, Dylan Denlon. While he and his father, Jeff Denlon, were playing outside, Dylan accidentally drove on the street with his bicycle and was thereby hit by the car of drunk driver Timothy Young. Shocked by this, Jeff ran on the street to help his son. However, he came too late to save him. At this moment, Danica drove by and was shocked as well, even more so when Jeff desperately yelled at her to stay, but out of fear of the consequences her intervention might have, Danica fled the scene. However, her past eventually caught up with her three years later when she became a target of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. (Saw III)


Jeff and Danica in the freezer room

One day, Danica was subdued and abducted by one of Jigsaw's apprentices, who took her to the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant. Upon their arrival, her abductor stripped her entirely naked and took her to a freezer room, where she was chained by her arms to the ceiling between two large metallic contraptions. At the same time, Jeff Denlon was held hostage at the plant as well and was forced by Jigsaw to play one of his games to escape the building and thereby overcome his obsession with vengeance against the people he deemed responsible for his depressions and his son's demise. Shortly after the beginning of his game, Jeff entered a long hallway, which was barely illuminated by the flickering ceiling lighting. As he carefully went on, he ultimately came across a door which had the words "Face you fears" written on it in big red letters. Despite his initial hesitation, Jeff eventually opened the door, causing a cold air draft blew towards him. As he entered the freezer room, he saw the dark silhouette of Danica before him. However, when he further approached her, the door behind him suddenly slammed shut. Frightened witless, Jeff tried to open it again but stopped when the lights turned on and enabled him to see the woman who was stark naked and chained up. As he came closer, the woman suddenly moved, causing Jeff to realize that she was still alive. The woman, who was immediately scared by the situation and initially thought that Jeff had done this to her, talked to him and begged him to help her, as she was freezing and already couldn't feel her arms anymore. Jeff immediately tried to free her from her chains with the key he had found at the beginning of his test. As the key didn't fit the lock, he tried to open the padlock of the second door out of the room. However this attempt remained unsuccessful as well. A few moments later, he finally noticed a tape recorder on the floor in the corner of the room.

Jeff is introduced to Danica

Upon playing the tape, Jigsaw introduced Jeff to the woman. Just when he told him that she was in fact Danica Scott, the only witness of Dylan's death, Jeff finally recognized her. As she was chained up, she wouldn't have any chance to run away like she did three years ago. Jigsaw offered him the chance to take revenge on her by just letting her freeze to death, but also told him that he could save her by obtaining the key to her chains, which hung from a wire behind several cooling pipes on the room's back wall. When the tape ended, two metal contraptions positioned to the right and to the left of Danica, began to spray cooling water on her naked body.

Danica began to scream and only calmed down when the water was turned off again. Again, she begged Jeff to help her. However, he refused to do so and merely watched her as he was still filled with anger because she had fled the scene of his son's death years ago and thereby prevented his killer from getting his rightful punishment. At this moment, the water was turned on again for a few moments, again spraying Danica's body. When the water stopped once more, she apologized for her mistake and begged Jeff to look at her. Just when he did, the water was sprayed on her skin again, causing Jeff to finally take action. He quickly went to the back wall and tried to grab the key. However, he stopped when he couldn't hear Danica screaming anymore. Upon returning to her, he saw that her body was almost entirely covered in a thin coat of ice. Hesitantly, he touched her face and suddenly backed away when the coat cracked under his fingers. Thinking that he still had a chance to save her, he tried one more time to grab the key behind the cooling pipes.

Danica is frozen to death

This time, he was successful, but while doing so, his right cheek stuck to one of the pipes due to the immense coldness. Under great pain, Jeff finally pulled back and thereby tore off some of the skin from his cheek. With the key in his possession, he returned to Danica and tried to free her. However, the chain as well as Danica herself were already covered in ice. Realizing he couldn't save her anymore, he wiped his hand over her face as if he closed her eyes and then left the room by using the key on the second door. (Saw III)


Less than two hours later, the meatpacking plant was found and raided by the Metropolitan Police Department. As the police secured and searched the entire building, they discovered the many corpses of Jigsaw's victims, including Danica. All of them were sent to the morgue for their obduction by Dr. Adam Heffner. (Saw V, VI)


Not much can be said about Danica's personality due to her short screen time. However, based on her actions on the day of Dylan's death, it can be assumed that she was generally a rather anxious person. Her last words to Jeff Denlon suggest that she truly regretted what she had done three years earlier.


  • Originally, Danica was going to wear a T-shirt and knickers in the freezer room. However, as the water would make the shirt stick to her body, the creators deemed it too sexual and decided to put her in the freezer naked instead.

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