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You got us into this! Get us the fuck out!
— Dan yells at Evan to save him[src]

Dan is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw 3D. He was portrayed by Dru Viergever.


Early Life

Dan was a member of a group of racist skinheads. Along with his friends, Jake and Evan, who was the leader of their group, and Evan's girlfriend, Kara, he intimidated and harmed other people because of their physical differences. Due to this, he and his friends were eventually targeted by Detective Mark Hoffman, the successor of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. (Saw 3D)


Dan in the trap

One day, Hoffman abducted them and placed them in a vicious trap in a garage at Pete's Auto Body, a junkyard at 58th Street. When Evan woke up, he immediately panicked as his back was glued to the driver's seat of a jacked up car. An audio tape told him that he and his friends were chosen for a deadly game due to their racism. As Evan was the leader of the group, he was the only one able to save them. The tape further informed him that he had 30 seconds to tear himself away from the seat and pull a red lever in front of him in order to stop the car from speeding up and starting a deadly chain reaction which would kill him and his friends.

Dan is killed by the trap

When the tape ended, the timer began to count down and the car, while still being in its jacked up position, started to speed up. Incited by his fear and the frantic screams of his friends, Evan tried to get away from his seat. Despite the great amount of pain, he was able to rip off most of the skin from his back. However, he ultimately failed as the timer went off before he could free himself. This caused the jacks holding up the car to fall and Kara, who was tied up under the car, was crushed to death by the rear tire. When the car started to drive off, Dan's arms and his lower jaw, which were pierced by chains connected to the back of the car, were ripped from his body. (Saw 3D)


Rogers informs Gibson about the trap

Shortly afterwards, the Metropolitan Police Department was informed about a car accident at the junkyard. However, when Officer Rogers, who worked for the Internal Affairs Division, arrived at the scene, he quickly realized that the supposed accident was actually another Jigsaw trap. Therefore, he called his partner, Officer Matt Gibson, who arrived shortly afterwards. After taking a look at the severely humiliated corpses, he ordered a coroner to send them to the morgue as they had to be obducted immediately.

After Gibson had left the crime scene, Mark Hoffman, who observed the junkyard from a secret surveillance room in the garage, detonated the bomb and therefore lured all the cops to the outside of the garage. Embracing the opportunity, he left the secret room and took the mutilated corpse of Dan from his body bag. He dragged the dead body into the room, put a black cloak on him and placed him on a chair in front of the surveillance monitors. Afterwards, he left the room again and hid himself in the body bag.

Gibson aims his gun at Dan

Later that night, Gibson returned to the junkyard after his colleague, Officer Palmer, had been able to trace a video from Hoffman back to the junkyard. Accompanied by two officers armed with shotguns, Gibson immediately went to the toilet room, where Hoffman had written the words "Gibson, See For Yourself" on a mirror in red letters. After securing the room, he quickly realized that the wall with the mirror was actually a hidden door. Therefore, he took the shotgun from one of his colleagues and smashed the mirror. After that, he broke through the door and entered a hidden hallway along with the officers. Thereby, they finally reached the surveillance room where they saw a hooded figure sitting in front of the monitors. Thinking it was Hoffman, Gibson aimed his gun at him and ordered him to show his hands. The person however didn't react. While holding him at gunpoint, Gibson carefully approached and ultimately kicked him off the chair. Upon doing so, he realized that the figure was actually the corpse of Dan. He then took a look at the monitors, which showed the police station. When he saw that Hoffman had hacked their camera security system, he realized that Hoffman had hidden himself in Dan's body bag in order to infiltrate the station through the morgue. Therefore, he called Palmer and ordered her to call all officers back to the station immediately. However, before he could tell her the reason for his panic, a sentry gun emerged behind him and started to fire before he could react, killing Gibson and the other officers while Palmer listened to the shots on the phone. (Saw 3D)


Not much can be said about Dan's personality due to his short screen time, besides the fact that he was a racist.

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