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You were warned.
— Hoffman's final message[src]

The Cyanide Box is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw 3D.

Design and Function

This trap consisted of a small box, which was surrounded by a small metal cage and filled with sulfuric acid. On top of the cage was a little depot filled with several cyanide pellets. Once the trap was activated, a small plate slid to the side and caused the pellets to fall down into the acid. Due to a chemical reaction, the entire room was filled with a poisonous gas, which killed everyone inside within a few seconds. (Saw 3D)


Bobby Dagen's Trial

The SWAT team finds the door to the room

After his identity was revealed to the Metropolitan Police Department, Detective Mark Hoffman, successor of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, set up another deadly game at the abandoned Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital. This game focused on Bobby Dagen, a man who had earned much fame and wealth by publishing his story of surviving one of Jigsaw's traps, which in fact never happened. Besides the traps for Bobby, his wife and his promotional crew, Hoffman set up the cyanide box to prevent the police from stopping the game if they found out about the location.


Later on, the police actually managed to find the hospital, while the game still went on, after Hoffman had given them a clue. Therefore, a SWAT team raided the building and tried to find a way forward. Thereby, they came across the corpses of Bobby's crew members. Eventually, they reached a hallway, where most of the floor was missing.


As they couldn't progress, they tried to find another way and thereby entered a small room, where the cyanide box had been set up. Moments after they had entered the room, the door suddenly slammed shut behind him, revealing the words "You were warned" written on it. Seconds later, the cyanide capsules were released into the acid, resulting in the development of a deadly gas. As they couldn't open the doors, the SWAT officers suffocated within a few seconds. (Saw 3D)