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When I was in uniform, I responded to a distress call. Back then, this place was a flophouse for junkies and homeless people.
— Gibson tells Rogers about the incident with the crazed man[src]

The Crossroads Manufactory is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as a minor location in Saw 3D.


Police Violence

Hoffman kills the man

Founded in 1889, the Crossroads Manufactory was once used for the production of various metal parts, before it was shut down for unknown reasons. Since then, the old production hall had become a known shelter for addicts and homeless people. One night, Officer Matt Gibson, a young patrol cop, was called to the factory. While he entered the run-down building with his gun at the ready, he was suddenly attacked and knocked down with a bottle from behind by a man.

Hoffman witnesses his attacker's death

Gibson tried to fight him off, but had to surrender when the man grabbed his weapon and held him at gun point. However, before the man could shoot him, Detective Mark Hoffman suddenly appeared behind him and told him to drop the weapon. Even though the crazed man obeyed immediately, Hoffman shot him in the back three times, killing him in the process. After that, he gave Gibson, who was shocked by the events, a leg-up and advised him that next time, he should shoot first. He then told Gibson that he owed him, before he went off. (Saw 3D)

The Jigsaw Case

Years later, Hoffman became the accomplice of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, and continued his deadly games after his death. Eventually, his identity was revealed to the Metropolitan Police Department by Jill Tuck, Jigsaw's ex-wife. Therefore, Hoffman created a complex plan to invade the police station and get his revenge on her after she was taken into protective custody by Gibson. To put him under pressure, Hoffman sent him an e-mail with a video message. In the video, he offered him to end the next game. Furthermore, he told Gibson to "look beyond the crossroads to the clear dawn", thereby hinting at the incident at the manufactory years earlier. Understanding the true meaning of this clue, Gibson went to the manufactory along with his partner, Officer Rogers.

Gibson and Rogers at the manufactory

Minutes later, he and Rogers arrived at the manufactory and broke through the door to get inside. Initially, Rogers saw nothing of interest. Gibson, however, showed him an angel statue, which closely resembled a statue standing behind Hoffman in his video. When Rogers asked him why Hoffman wanted them to go to the manufactory, Gibson stated that he wanted to remind him of how he saved his life years ago. Thereby, Gibson told his partner about the incident where Hoffman shot the homeless man. Furthermore, he revealed to him that Hoffman had sworn revenge on him for convicting three of his friends during his career in the Internal Affairs Department. While telling Rogers about his past with Hoffman, he remembered that the homeless man had been released from the Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital, when it was shut down by the state. Therefore, he realized what Hoffman talked about when he told him to "look beyond the crossroads to the clear dawn" and concluded that the hospital, which had been abandoned for several years already, was the place where the next game occurred. With these information, he set out for the hospital and ordered Rogers to go back to Jill to watch over her. (Saw 3D)