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He didn't know what hit him. Yeah, he assaulted me, but it shouldn't have been a death sentence.
— Gibson talks about his encounter with the man[src]

The Crazed Man is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor antagonist in Saw 3D. He was portrayed by Darren McGuire.


Early Life

The crazed man was a former patient at the Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital due to a severe mental disorder. Nonetheless he was released from the clinic when it was shut down by the state. Nonetheless, his mental disorder didn't become better and eventually, he ended up at the abandoned Crossroads Manufactory, a known shelter for addicts and homeless people. (Saw 3D)


Hoffman kills the man

One night, Officer Matt Gibson, a young patrol cop, was called to the manufactory. While he entered the run-down building with his gun at the ready, he was suddenly attacked and knocked down with a bottle from behind by the man. Gibson tried to fight him off but had to surrender when the man grabbed his weapon and held him at gun point. However, before the man could shoot him, Detective Mark Hoffman suddenly appeared behind him and told him to drop the weapon. Even though the crazed man obeyed immediately, Hoffman shot him in the back three times, killing him in the process. After that, he gave Gibson, who was shocked by the events, a leg-up and advised him that next time, he should shoot first. He then told Gibson that he owed him, before he went off. (Saw 3D)


Due to his severe mental disorder, the crazed man was an extremely dangerous individual. Therefore, he didn't hesitate to brutally attack and even kill others who came to close to him. However, his release from the psychiatric hospital suggests that his disorder wasn't always as distinct as at the time of his death or at least got better temporarily during his time at the clinic.


  • In the credits of Saw 3D, the crazed man's actor, Darren McGuire, is only listed as his stunt double.

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