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I just wanted to sleep with something.
— Corbett explains why she took Dylan's pig[src]

Corbett Denlon is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw III, V and VI. She was portrayed by Niamh Wilson.


Family Tragedy

Corbett overhears an argument between her parents

Corbett Denlon was a young girl and the daughter of Jeff Denlon and renowned surgeon Dr. Lynn Denlon. Furthermore, she was the sister of Dylan Denlon. As part of a normal and happy family, Corbett pursued her hobby as an enthusiastic athlete. However, her life changed dramatically when Dylan was killed by drunk driver Timothy Young in a car accident at the age of 8. Following this traumatic event, both of her parents suffered from severe depressions. While her mother became emotionally numb due to her constant use of antidepressants, her father indulged in his thoughts of vengeance. This led to numerous arguments between them and caused them to severely neglect Corbett. Throughout the next three years, Lynn and Jeff became further estranged from each other and eventually, Lynn left him and Corbett. (Saw III)


One night, when she couldn't sleep, she went to her brother's bedroom. As Jeff had never been able to deal with his loss, he had left everything in the room the way it was before and had repeatedly berated his daughter if she touched Dylan's toys. Nonetheless, she took one of his cuddly toys, a pink plush pig, and took it to her room. However, when her father noticed it shortly afterwards, he angrily went to his daughter's bedroom, who immediately woke up as he began to search her room. As he couldn't find the pig, he sat down on Corbett's bed and pulled back her blanket, revealing that she held the pig in her arms. Corbett explained that she just wanted it so she could sleep, but Jeff took it away, berating her again for taking Dylan's toys. After that, he caressed her hair, before returning to Dylan's room, while she stayed in her room and lay down again. (Saw III)

Corbett apologizes to her father

However as she was unable to sleep, Corbett went to her brother's room while her father sat on Dylan's bed and apologized to him. Jeff told her that he loved her and asked her what her mother would say if she could see them now. Not knowing what to say, Corbett left the room to prepare herself for school. Unknown to them, they weren't alone, as someone had invaded their house. Moments later, the invader, who had disguised himself with a sinister pig mask, subdued Jeff and his daughter. This invader was in fact Detective Mark Hoffman, an apprentice of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. After sedating them, he took their unconscious bodies to John's hideout at the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant, where he locked up Corbett in a room along with her cuddly toy and trapped Jeff inside a large wooden crate located in a storage area near the building's delivery entrance. (Saw III, IV)


Corbett in her cell

Corbett spent more than two hours alone in her cell. However, at one point, she heard the voice of a woman on the other side of the heavy metal door. This woman was Amanda Young, who was one of John's apprentices as well. Detective Hoffman, with whom she had a bad relationship, had blackmailed her with a letter and had threatened her to tell John Kramer, that she and her former boyfriend, Cecil Adams, were responsible for a robbery on a recovery clinic during which John's ex-wife, Jill Tuck, lost their unborn son, Gideon. To prevent him from doing so, she had to kill Lynn Denlon, who was held hostage at the plant as well and had to play one of John Kramer's games on her own. In order to take revenge on him, Amanda went to Corbett's cell and warned her not to trust the one who would save her, knowing that it was Hoffman who would free her from her cell shortly afterwards. Amanda hoped that the girl would tell the cops about her warning and therefore give them a clue about Hoffman's identity as Jigsaw's apprentice. (Saw III, VI)

Hoffman saves Corbett


Shortly afterwards, Corbett was actually released by Mark Hoffman, who had been at the plant the entire time and pretended to be one of Jigsaw's victims on his own. Hoffman then took her out of the building through the delivery entrance, where his colleagues already prepared their raid on the plant. While he was greeted by his colleague, Detective Fisk, a team of paramedics took care of Corbett. When they did so, Corbett asked for her mother and her father, completely unaware that her mother had been executed by the Shotgun Collar and her father had been killed in self-defense by Peter Strahm. (Saw V, Saw IV)


Not much can be said about Corbett's personality due to her short screen time. However, it can be assumed that she deeply loved her parents even though they severely neglected her after her brother's death. Additionally, she was an athlete and during a conversation between Lynn and John Kramer, it was implied by the latter that she pursued her hobby with great passion.


  • While it is heavily implied in an after-credits scene in Saw VI that Corbett told the police or the FBI about Amanda's warning, this can not be confirmed with absolute certainty.
  • Having lost both her parents, many fans speculate she became an apprentice.

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