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Boy or girl?
— Perez asks Hoffman for whom the cuddly toy is[src]

Corbett's Toy was a recurring item in the Saw franchise, primarily appearing in Saw IV.


Corbett's toy was a cuddly toy resembling an animal. It was made of dark brown fluffy plush with tousled tuft of white hair on its head. It had a big smile and big white eyes with small pupils which gave it an outright friendly and cute appearance.


Corbett's Abduction

The cuddly toy was apparently one of Corbett Denlon's favorite toys as she used to take it with her to bed to sleep at night. Its presence helped her to sleep, especially after the death of her brother, Dylan, who was killed in a car accident by drunk driver Timothy Young at the age of 8. This traumatic experience caused both her father, Jeff Denlon, and her mother, Dr. Lynn Denlon, to suffer from severe depressions, leading to numerous arguments between them and their neglection of Corbett. Eventually, Lynn left her family, causing another change in Corbett's life. One night, when she couldn't sleep, Corbett went to her brother's bedroom. Even though her father had repeatedly berated her for touching Dylan's toys, she took one of them, a pink plush pig, and returned to her room. Shortly afterwards, Jeff went to Dylan's bedroom and stood in front of a mirror on the wall. Drunk and filled with anger, he yelled at his own reflection and threatened it with a gun, imagining it to be Timothy Young. However, he eventually came back to his senses and thereby noticed that the plush pig was missing. Therefore, he angrily went to his daughter's bedroom, who immediately woke up as he began to search her room. As he couldn't find the pig, he sat down on Corbett's bed and pulled back her blanket, revealing that she held the pig in her arms. Corbett explained that she just wanted it so she could sleep, but Jeff took it away, berating her as he had told her numerous times not to touch anything in Dylan's room. After that, he caressed her hair, before returning to Dylan's room, while she stayed in her room and lay down again with her own cuddly toy.

Corbett apologizes to Jeff

However as she was unable to sleep, Corbett went to her brother's room, with her cuddly toy in her arms, while her father sat on Dylan's bed and apologized to him. Jeff told her that he loved her and asked her what her mother would say if she could see them now. Not knowing what to say, Corbett left the room to prepare herself for school. Unknown to them, they weren't alone, as someone had invaded their house. Moments later, the invader, who had disguised himself with a sinister pig mask, subdued Jeff and his daughter. This invader was in fact Detective Mark Hoffman, an apprentice of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. After sedating them, he took their unconscious bodies with them.

Hoffman with Corbett's cuddly toy

However, on his way back to John's hideout at the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant, he returned to the police station where he interrupted Special Agent Peter Strahm and Special Agent Lindsey Perez during a discussion and asked them about their progress. On this occasion, Detective Fisk came to him and informed him about the disappearance of a doctor from the Angel of Mercy Hospital. This doctor was actually Lynn Denlon, Corbett's mother, who had been abducted by Amanda Young, another apprentice of John Kramer, in order to participate in a game on her own. Upon hearing this, Hoffman told Fisk that he would take care of it. When Perez saw the cuddly toy in his arm which he had taken from Corbett's room, she asked him if it was for a girl or a boy. Hoffman said it was for a girl, leading Perez to the assumption he was married. However, he denied this and left the station to finally bring Jeff and Corbett to John's hideout, where he trapped Jeff in a large wooden crate near the building's delivery entrance and locked up Corbett in a cell along with her cuddly toy. (Saw III, IV)

Corbett's Captivity

Corbett spent more than two hours alone in her cell. However, at one point, she heard the voice of a woman on the other side of the heavy metal door. This woman was Amanda Young, John Kramer's second apprentice. Detective Hoffman, with whom she had a bad relationship, had blackmailed her with a letter and had threatened her to tell John Kramer, that she and her former boyfriend, Cecil Adams, were responsible for a robbery on a recovery clinic during which John's ex-wife, Jill Tuck, lost their unborn son, Gideon. To prevent him from doing so, she had to kill Lynn Denlon, who was held hostage at the plant as well. In order to take revenge on him, Amanda went to Corbett's cell and warned her not to trust the one who would save her, knowing that it was Hoffman who would free her from her cell shortly afterwards. Amanda hoped that the girl would tell the cops about her warning and therefore give them a clue about Hoffman's identity as Jigsaw's apprentice. (Saw III, VI)

Corbett's Rescue

Hoffman saves Corbett

Shortly afterwards, Corbett was actually released by Mark Hoffman, who had been at the plant the entire time and pretended to be one of Jigsaw's victims on his own. Hoffman then took her, and her cuddly toy, out of the building through the delivery entrance, where his colleagues already prepared their raid on the plant. While he was greeted by his colleague, Detective Fisk, a team of paramedics took care of Corbett. When they did so and took her to the ambulance, Corbett asked for her mother and her father. (Saw V)