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Look beyond the crossroad to the clear dawn. Do you see it?
— Hoffman hints at the location of Bobby's game[src]

The Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as one of the main locations in Saw 3D.

Layout and Structure

Clear Dawn was a large, multistoried building complex. A staircase in the big main hall led up to a hallway which led to the individual sections of the building. As a hospital, it housed numerous rooms for the examination and accommodation of the patients. Additionally, it had at least one store room for the storage of groceries. (Saw 3D)


Early History

Clear Dawn was once a psychiatric hospital used for the examination and stationary accomodation of numerous patients, which suffered from all kinds of mental diseases and disorders. However, the hospital was eventually shut down by the state for unknown reasons. Therefore, many of the patients, including some which were highly aggressive and dangerous, were released from Clear Dawn. (Saw 3D)


After his identity was revealed to the Metropolitan Police Department, Detective Mark Hoffman, successor of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, set up another deadly game at the abandoned Clear Dawn facility. This game focused on Bobby Dagen, a man who had earned much fame and wealth by publishing his story of surviving one of Jigsaw's traps, which in fact never happened. Besides the traps for Bobby, his wife and his promotional crew, Hoffman set up the cyanide box to prevent the police from stopping the game if they found out about the location. (Saw 3D)

Bobby Dagen's Trial

Bobby is introduced to his test

Shortly after his abduction by Hoffman, Bobby woke up again and found himself trapped in a large, cylindrical metal cage in a dark room. Immediately afraid of his situation, he screamed for help. In an attempt to free himself from the cage, he repeatedly tried to kick off the bottom of the cage when suddenly a TV turned on in front of him, showing the infamous mechanical ventriloquist puppet used by Jigsaw. The puppet introduced Bobby to his game and confronted him with the fact that all of his stories about surviving a trap had been nothing but lies. At the next moment, the TV showed Joyce Dagen, Bobby's wife, who was trapped with a chain around her neck at an unknown location. Distressed and in fear, Bobby begged Jigsaw for mercy. However, only seconds later, at 60-minute-timer was activated and started to count down. The puppet Bobby that he'd have to face a series of tests in order to gain access to his wife, who he had lied to as well and who'd die if he didn't manage to finish his game in time.

Bobby clings onto the bars

As the tape ended, the lights around Bobby were turned on and the cage was moved into an upright position and suspended several feet above the floor by a pulley system. As the cage was lifted up, two grated platforms with several large spikes attached to them, we're released and fell down to the floor right beneath the cage. Suddenly, Bobby noticed a lever hanging from the ceiling and pulled it, thereby causing the bottom of the cage to fall off. Bobby however barely managed to hold onto the bars of the cage. Knowing that he'd be impaled by the spikes beneath him if he let go off the bars, he began to swing back and forth until he was finally able to jump off and landed on the floor beyond the spikes, ungently but relatively unharmed. Thereby, he noticed another TV, showing his wife screaming for help in her trap. Bobby quickly picked himself up and tried to open the front door. However, as it had been secured by a chain, he had no other choice but to move forward on the path his abductor had planned for him. Upon looking around, he saw the words "Start your life anew" written on the steps of a staircase in red letters. The steps led up to a door, which had the words "Understand your problems" written on it. Realizing that this was the right path, Bobby went through the door, thereby recognizing the written messages as the headlines of the chapters of his book. Upon moving forward, he noticed a red line drawn on the floor, which showed him the way forward. (Saw 3D)

Bobby Dagen's First Test

Bobby tries to comfort Nina

As he followed the line, Bobby eventually reached another door with the words "Redefine your priorities" written on it. He carefully opened it and thereby entered a store room. As he closed the door behind him, the light in the room turned on, revealing Nina, his publicist, who was trapped in the room and screamed for help. She had been strapped to a chair and was surrounded by a large metal ring with four metallic posts, all armed with a pointy metal rod aiming at her throat. Upon noticing Bobby, she immediately begged him for help. He immediately tried to free her from a contraption, which prevented her from moving away. As this attempt remained unsuccessful, Nina further panicked. Moments later, Bobby saw the words "Play Me" written on the wall along with a red arrow pointing at a tape recorder. As he started the tape, he was introduced to his first actual test. The tape referred to a x-ray before him, which showed the key to Nina's trap, which was hidden inside her body. It was, however, attached to a fish hook. Bobby had 60 seconds to pull a fishing line, to which the hook and the key were attached, out of Nina's stomach. Otherwise, the four rods surrounding her would approach and pierce her throat. However, they would also move forward each time the decibel level in the room rose above a whisper, killing her even sooner.

Bobby pulls out the key

Despite the warning, Nina further panicked and started to scream once the tape ended. Bobby quickly pressed his hand onto her mouth and told her to be quiet, while also trying to comfort her and calm her down. However, when he started to pull on the fishing line, she screamed again due to the pain inflicted on her by the hook. Once more, he pressed his hand onto her mouth, before trying to pull out the key. Nina tried to stay calm, but couldn't do so for long and started to scream yet again. Bobby shut her up again and frantically begged her to be quiet. However, as the time quickly ran out, he had to pull even stronger, thereby causing even more pain. Additionally, Nina started to cough and spit blood in his face. Nonetheless, she told Bobby to just go on.

Nina is killed by the trap

As he did it, she started to scream again, but as they didn't have much time left, Bobby didn't try to shut her up again and instead went on until he finally pulled out the hook, which had a piece of Nina's flesh hanging from it. Bobby quickly tried to unlock the device. However, the time went off and the rods impaled Nina's throat, killing her in the process. Shocked by what had just happened, Bobby yelled at her that she only needed to shut up. After a few moments, he managed to calm down again and continued his way. Upon leaving the room, he suddenly found a copy of his book lying on a bench. As he took a look at his autograph, he realized that this was a book he had once signed for John Kramer, not knowing that he was in fact the Jigsaw Killer. (Saw 3D)

Bobby Dagen's Second Test

Bobby tries to free Suzanne

As Bobby went on, he soon came across the next door, which had the words "Verify your self-worth through commitment" written on it. When he entered the room, he immediately heard a woman crying. Thinking it was Joyce, he yelled for her, but soon realized it was Suzanne, his lawyer. Suzanne had been strapped to a plate. The plate was in the center of a large metal wheel in a horizontal position. Bobby asked her if Cale, his manager and best friend, was trapped somewhere as well. However, she only further panicked and yelled at Bobby to free her. However, as he tried to remove her straps, a large cylindrical cage, similar to the one he woke up in, burst through a window. Inside the cage was Jigsaw's puppet, which provided the instructions for the next game. In order to save Suzanne, Bobby had to step into a machine and lift a heavy weight in order to close a circuit for the time of 30 seconds. If he didn't managed to accomplish the task, the wheel would slowly turn and move Suzanne into an upright position until her eyes and mouth would be pierced by a contraption with three metal rods positioned before her.

Suzanne is killed by the trap

After Bobby had received his instructions, the wheel started to turn. Therefore, he quickly stepped into the machine and lifted the two bars to which the weight was attached to the highest point. However, in doing so, four spikes pierced his obliques, two on each side of his body. Bobby tried to endure the pain, but eventually let go off the bars. He repeatedly tried to lift the weight up again and was thereby able to close the circuit for a few more seconds. However, just before the game ended, he found himself unable to hold on even longer and dropped the bars. Therefore, Suzanne was killed by the rods with only a few seconds left on the timer. After witnessing her death, Bobby left the machine and hesitantly approached her, looking at her body in horror and disbelief. However, as his game wasn't over yet, he went on to look for his next test. (Saw 3D)

Bobby Dagen's Third Test

Cale in his trap

Upon following his way, Bobby reached the next door with the words "Ignore your detractors" written on it. When he entered the long dark hallway behind it and yelled for his wife, the door suddenly slammed shut behind him. As he was unable to open it again, Bobby prepared himself for having to face another test. Moments later, the lights were turned on, enabling him to see he was several feet above the ground floor, as the hallway's floorboards were missing, with the exception of a series of destroyed beams, arches and wooden planks. On the other side of the hallway, he saw Cale, who had a mask on his face which made it impossible for him to see anything around him. As Cale started to panic, Bobby tried to calm him down and asked him if he knew where Joyce was, which he denied. Instead, he further panicked and begged Bobby to help him. Bobby told him not to move as most of the floor was missing. As he looked around, he quickly noticed a tape recorder attached to the wall next to him. Therefore, he told Cale to be quiet and started it. The tape introduced him to his next test and informed him about the rules. Bobby had to help Cale to walk over several wooden planks in order to get as close to him as possible. At the same time, Bobby would have to find his own way to a key hanging from the ceiling and had to somehow get it over the last span between him and his friend. If he didn't manage to give Cale the key within 60 seconds, a winch at the ceiling would be engaged, causing Cale to be hanged by a noose around his neck.

Bobby witnesses Cale's death

As the tape ended and the timer started to count down, Cale frantically yelled at Bobby to save him. Bobby managed to calm him down and told him to listen exactly to his instructions. He then told his friend to move to the right where he had to step on the first plank. While guiding him forward, Bobby tried to climb over the beams to get to the key. As Cale had reached the end of the plank, he had to walk over another one lying on the first one. However, thereby Cale accidentally knocked off a bottle which fell down to the floor beneath him, causing him to panic even more. After a while, Bobby was finally able to calm him down, telling him that it was merely a bottle he had heard. He then told Cale to walk over the next plank. However, as he did it, the plank broke and Cale was barely able to hold onto another plank nearby. Bobby told him to hold on and then jumped forward onto a stone arch. From there on, he carefully tried to grab the key, while Cale managed to pull himself up on the plank. Just as he reached the end of his path, Bobby obtained the key. With only a few seconds left, Bobby told Cale to cup his hands together close to his chest so that he can catch the key. However, when Bobby finally threw it towards him, Cale dropped it as his hands were shaking, causing the key to fall down to the ground floor. Realizing that his death was inevitable now, Bobby watched in horror as his best friend was pulled up and hanged by the noose. (Saw 3D)

Bobby Dagen's Fourth Test

Bobby finds his next test

When Bobby finally went on, he walked down a staircase where he saw the words "Value your loved once" written on a wall. The stairs led him to a small room. As he took a look around, a TV turned on before him, enabling him to see Joyce who screamed for help. As she could see and hear him as well, they were able to talk with each other. Bobby wielded his hands before a camera and promised Joyce to save her. Joyce begged him to hurry. As he looked around, searching for a tape, the screen suddenly switched to the puppet, which introduced him to the next game. It informed him that the heavy metal door before him was the last obstacle between him and his wife. In order to open it, he had to enter a four digit combination. The necessary numbers had been etched onto his two upper wisdom teeth. The puppet referred to a chart hanging on the wall, which showed him which teeth to pull and in which order to enter the digits.

Bobby pulls his teeth

When the tape ended, the screen switched back to Joyce. Bobby told her he didn't want her to watch his game and turned away from a camera. Then, he grabbed pliers lying on a table in the middle of the room and began to pull his teeth out. While screaming in agony, he struggled with himself but was soon able to remove both of his teeth, enabling him to read the numbers: 5693. Thereby, he managed to successfully open the door. Not having much time left for his game, Bobby quickly went on to finally save his wife. (Saw 3D)

Police Raid

The SWAT at Clear Dawn

Meanwhile, the hospital was found by Officer Matt Gibson, who entered the building along with a SWAT team. When they broke through the front door and secured the big entrance hall, Gibson noticed a TV, which showed Joyce Dagen in her trap, as well as a timer, thereby realizing that the game was still going on. As they made their way through the building, they came across the corpse of Nina, who was still in her trap. Seconds later, Gibson was called by Officer Palmer, who had been able to trace an e-mail sent to them by Hoffman from his hideout. When he saw that only 15 minutes were left on the timer, he ordered the SWAT leader to go on with his team while he went after Hoffman. Therefore, the SWAT continued its way and left Nina behind. Shortly afterwards, they also found the corpse of Suzanne. Seconds later, the SWAT leader heard the agonized screams of Bobby in the distance, as he pulled out his teeth. Therefore, the SWAT continued its way and eventually reached the hallway, where they found Cale's corpse hanging from the ceiling. As they couldn't progress, they tried to find another way and thereby entered a small room, where Hoffman had set up another trap. Moments after they had entered the room, the door suddenly slammed shut behind him, revealing the words "You were warned" written on it. Seconds later, a bunch of cyanide capsules were released into a box filled with acid, resulting in the development of a deadly gas. As they couldn't open the doors, the SWAT officers suffocated within a few seconds. (Saw 3D)

Bobby Dagen's Final Test

Bobby is introduced to his final test

As he ran through the hallways, he came across another inscription on a wall, reading "Embrace every day as if it is your last." A few steps further, he finally reached Joyce, who was still chained to her trap in the center of a big hall. He apologized to Joyce for what she had to endure. She however was relieved to see him. As she begged him to help her, he immediately ran towards her but was held back and briefly paralyzed by an electric fence surrounding her. Moments later, a TV turned on, showing the puppet once more. The puppet again confronted him with his dishonesty and told her that he had to overcome the game that he had described in his own book. In order to save his wife he had to pierce to hooks, which were attached to a pulley system, through his pectoral muscles. Then, he had to hoist himself up to the ceiling, where he had to connect two extension cord before the clock expired.

Joyce watches as the clock expires

When the TV turned off, Joyce asked Bobby what the puppet had meant by referring to his dishonesty. Therefore, Bobby remorsefully admitted that he had never been in a trap. Shocked and angered by this, Joyce condemned him for his lie and started to cry. However, when Bobby told her that his love for her had always been true, she reciprocated his feelings. After that, Bobby took off his shirt and, despite the great amount of pain, inserted the hooks into his chest muscles, before he began to pull himself up with the chains. As he hoisted himself, Joyce frantically encouraged him and told him to hurry. Bobby pulled himself up further and further and thereby finally reached the cords. However, just as he grabbed them and tried to connect them, his muscles could no longer support his weight, causing him to fall down several feet to the floor. With only a few seconds left, Joyce desperately yelled at him. Moments later, the timer went off and the platform, to which she was chained, was lowered down.

Joyce is roasted alive

Then, two arching walls emerged from the sides of the platform above her position and join together at the halfway point. Finally, a funnel-shaped dome sprang up from the front of the platform, thereby entrapping her in what appeared to be a giant oven. Seconds later, fire erupted from all sides of the oven's exterior. Bobby tried to get through the electric fence to save her, but collapsed due to the electric shock. While bursting into tears, he was forced to watch while Joyce was slowly and painfully roasted alive before him. (Saw 3D)


Following Joyce's death and the unsuccessful raid, Bobby was locked inside the hospital with no exit so it's unknown whether the police sent another SWAT team to the hospital to rescue him or whether he found his own way out.