Gotta get out of this hell hole.
— Michael speaks to himself[src]

The Chemical Plant is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as one of the main locations of Saw II: Flesh & Blood.


Michael Tapp's Trial

The chemical plant was a large industrial building, which was used for the production, processing and storage of various, oftentimes toxic and hazardous, chemicals until it was abandoned for unknown reasons. At one point, John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, used the plant for one of his deadly games. This game primarily focused on Michael Tapp, a reporter who had destroyed the reputation of his estranged father, David Tapp, a discharged detective who had formerly investigated the Jigsaw Case. Eventually, Michael was abducted by Pighead II, one of Jigsaw's accomplices, who took him to the abandoned Holmes Hotel right across from the plant, where he had to face the first part of his game. After passing his first tests, Michael escaped the hotel and eventually entered the loading dock area of the plant. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Elevator

Through a door, he quickly left the area behind and found himself in a large hall, where he saw Detective Joseph Poltzer, who was trapped in one of Jigsaw's deadly contraption and was taken to the lower floor by an elevator platform. A TV turned on in front of Michael, showing a mechanical ventriloquist puppet, which told Michael that he had to find a way to Joseph in order to save him. To get down to him, he had to use another elevator. However, it wasn't functional yet and a second recording of the puppet informed him that he had to find a lever as well as a control device to use it, while also advising him to hurry up before Joseph would be killed by his trap. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Acid Vat

Anton in his cage

Michael went on to find the things he needed. As he entered the next hall, another TV turned on in front of him, showing the puppet yet again. The puppet informed him about Anton, a brutal mercenary, who used to attack his victims by throwing acid in their faces, but was released from prison due to Michael's actions. He was trapped in a cage, which was located right in front of a large vat filled with acid. There was an acid drip suspended above a chain, which was strung over the vat and across the room and secured the door of his cage. This chain had to be destroyed by Michael in order to open the door. Furthermore, the puppet informed him that Anton held a key, which Michael needed to progress. However, to activate the drip, he first had to find a valve somewhere in the area.

While looking for it, Michael entered a storage area, where he saw a freight elevator. However, as he approached it, a large container was dropped from the ceiling and blocked his way. As he looked for another way, he entered a toilet room, where he saw the words "Darkness illuminates" written on the door of one of the cabins. Michael turned off his flashlight, which was attached to an explosive vest, which Jigsaw had forced him to wear. Thereby, he was able to see three numbers written on the walls with fluorescent color. With these numbers, 620, he opened a door secured by a combination lock and entered a stairwell, which led him up to a control room. With a panel, he was able to control a crane, which he used to move the large container out of his way. After doing so, he finally entered the freight elevator, which took him to the upper floor.

Henry in the basement area

As he went on, he found himself on a catwalk above the room where Anton was trapped. He told Anton to hit a switch in his cage, which caused a bridge to be lowered down and thereby enabled Michael to go on. Afterwards, he went down a stairwell to a basement area, where he found the valve, which was hanging from a rope. However, he wasn't alone. Henry Jacobs, the Chief of Police, was there as well after having been saved from a trap by Michael earlier, and tried to shoot him out of fear that Michael knew something about his involvement in a drug cartel. By running from cover to cover, Michael managed to evade his gunshots and reached a room on the upper floor. By hitting a switch on a control panel, a wooden crate was dropped above Henry and barely missed him. However, as the crate hit the floor and shattered, some kind of gas leaked from the chemicals inside and forced Henry to flee the area. Afterwards, Michael took the valve and returned to the room, where Anton was still trapped.

With the valve, he directed the acid from the drip above the chain. Depending on the player's choice, there were two different outcomes. If Michael turned the valve too fast, the acid from the drip would cause the acid from the pool to splash over, thereby scarring Anton. This would cause him to attack Michael, who would then be forced to kill him in self defense. However, if Michael turned the valve slowly and carefully, the acid from the drip would destroy the chain and free Anton from his cage. Afterwards, Anton would thank Michael for his salvation and hand him the key. Then, he'd kneel down, praying for the well-being of his brother, who had been abducted by Jigsaw as well. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Lacquer Studio

Michael went on after obtaining the key and finally found the control device necessary to activate the elevator to Joseph and immediately used it. As he was about to continue his way, he witnessed a drug addict named Sarah Blalok, who he had saved from a trap back at the Holmes Hotel. She desperately begged another prisoner, a doctor named Carla Song, for drugs. After some initial hesitation, Carla took her with her to give her what she desired. When they disappeared, Michael went on and used Anton's key to enter the lacquer studio. On the back wall, there were two large pressure plates marked with "X" signs, while a message written above each of them said "X marks the spot". Michael had to shove two heavy motors against the plates in order to open the next door. However, there was a slowly rotating contraption, which resembled a giant rotary clothesline. A bomb was hanging from a wire attached to each of the four metallic arms. While pushing the motors forward, Michael had to avoid the bombs, which he eventually did successfully. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Dwayne's Test

Afterwards, he proceeded through a large area filled with hazardous gas and passed it only moments before suffocating. Then, he went through the machine assembly area until his path was blocked by another door secured by a combination lock. In a small room nearby, Michael noticed various red lines drawn all over the walls. From the right perspective, these lines formed the numbers 452, which he used to open the lock. In the next area, he found the corroded corpse of a man, who was surrounded by leaking acid barrels. Over the loud speakers, Jigsaw warned him to avoid the chemicals. As he made his way forward, he evaded several puddles of acid coming from leaking or upset barrels.

After passing the area, Michael found himself in another storage hall, where a roller door blocked his path. When he opened it by pushing a button, he was attacked by Dwayne, another prisoner, who wore a cage-like device with several pointy spikes on his head and had his hands tied up behind his back. Michael managed to evade his attacks as Dwayne repeatedly rushed towards him in an attempt to kill him with the spikes of his cage. By dodging his assaults, Michael caused Dwayne to run into another adjacent room with a second roller door. Afterwards, he pushed the button once again, thereby closing the door and trapping Dwayne inside. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Conveyor Belt

The puppet explains the next task

Michael continued his way through the machine assemby area and eventually came across a large glass box standing on a conveyor belt with a pressure button mounted to its front part. A set of TVs turned on and Jigsaw's puppet told Michael that the box contained the lever he needed to activate the elevator to Joseph. However, it was also filled with explosives, which would detonate once the pressure button hit any obstacle in its way. Michael started the conveyor belt and then ran through the next rooms as fast as he could and thereby had to pull several carts away, which blocked the way of the box.

Eventually, he found himself back in the room above Joseph and the box arrived there unharmed as well. Michael opened it and picked up the lever. Over the loudspeakers, Jigsaw confirmed that he had now all the means necessary to activate the elevator. Therefore, Michael immediately attached the lever to a nearby panel and then entered the elevator, which took him down to Joseph. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Joseph Poltzer's Salvation

Joseph in the trap

The detective was still in his trap, which resembled a metal table. Each of his limbs, as well as his head, were held in place by mechanical vices. As Michael approached him, he told him to save him. Moments later, a TV turned on in front of them and the mechanical puppet appeared on the screen. It confronted Joseph with his crimes and his involvement in the same drug cartel as Henry Jacobs, despite his promises to protect the city. Furthermore, it informed him and Michael about the rules of the game, saying that Joseph would die if Michael didn't manage to save him.

Michael tries to save Joseph

There were four panels around the table, each one with nine dials. Michael had to turn these dials in the right way to keep the hydraulic pressure low. There were different colours above, below and on both sides of each dial, which helped the subject to see in which way the dials had to be turned. The adjacent colors between two dials had to match. Eventually, he managed to accomplish his task in time and Joseph was released from the table. When Joseph got up, he was slightly surprised that Michael had saved him. Michael, however, confronted him with his crimes, to which Joseph merely responded that he had to make a living and also told Michael to stay out of his way. Michael told him that he'd put him in prison if they ever escaped the plant. Joseph insulted him, stating that he wouldn't go to prison, before he rode up the elevator and left Michael behind. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Generator Room

Michael went in a different direction and thereby entered another area of the plant. As he went on, Jigsaw informed him over the loudspeakers that another victim needed his help. Just a few moments later, he witnessed Pighead, who strapped Carla Song to an elevator. When Michael tried to save her, the doors were closed, separating them. Another recording of the puppet told him that Carla was taken to the upper floor. In order to save her, he first had to restore the power to the freight elevator. While Michael looked around to find a way to proceed, he noticed that one of the bottom panels was connected to a big winch through a chain. With a handle found in an adjacent room, Michael was able to use that winch and suspended the bottom panel, which allowed him to enter the room below through a hole in the floor.

As he traversed the lower area, he soon reached the elevator. However, his path was blocked by a barrier made of wooden beams and razor wire, thereby forcing him to find another way. In the next room, he saw an electronically locked door. To open it, he had to push a cart against a pressure plate. Unfortunately for him, there were several bare cables lying on the floor between the cart and the plate. Therefore, Michael first had to deactivate a nearby generator before he was able to open the door unharmed. In the next room, there were several more carts, which blocked his way and which he had to push and pull in the right way to free his path. However, he couldn't stay in the area for long as there were sensors that activated his vest. Because of that, he either had to hurry up or retreat occasionally. Furthermore, Barry, an insane pyromaniac he had already briefly encountered in the hotel, appeared on a catwalk above him and attacked him with molotov cocktails.

Nonetheless, Michael managed to overcome this obstacle and fled to the next room. Barry, however, followed him and continued to attack him from above. While evading his attacks, Michael noticed fire coming from a pipe. With a valve, he was able to redirect the gas, causing it to escape from another pipe above him. As Barry ignited his next molotov cocktail, he also accidently ignited the gas. In doing so, he caught fire and eventually died, while screaming in agony and perverted satisfaction.

With the fire posing no threat anymore, Michael went on and finally reached the generator room. With a coupler found in a small adjacent room, he successfully activated the generator. Over the loudspeakers, Jigsaw congratulated him for his success, but also told him that he didn't have much time left to reach Carla. Michael passed another door and climbed up a ladder, leaving the generator room behimd. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Steam Maze

In the upper area, he entered another room and already encountered the next trap. One wall of the room, with sharp, pointy blades attached to it, started to move towards Michael. In order to open the doors and escape, Michael had to correctly adjust another dial panel, similar to the ones from Joseph's trap. He did so successfully and was allowed to leave the room, while the wall slowly moved back into its original position.

Sarah talks to Michael

A few moments later, Michael crawled through a vent and found himself in another room. On the lower level, he saw Sarah, who screamed for help as her path was blocked by hot steam. Michael mocked her for her unfriendly attitude back at the hotel, which resulted in a brief argument between the two of them. Nonetheless, he eventually decided to help her and redirected the steam via a valve. His own path, however, was blocked as well. By slowly moving forward and using the valves on the upper and lower level of the room, Sarah and Michael helped each other in turns. This ultimately allowed Sarah to climb up a ladder to the catwalk where Michael was. Despite her initial hostility towards him, she was grateful and called Michael a good man, just like his father. However, when he responded that she didn't know his father, she slapped him in the face and told him that his father still loved him despite having abandoned him as a child. Unwilling to talk about his father, Michael turned away. Unnoticed by him, the door behind Sarah was opened and Pighead grabbed her. As he witnessed how he carried her away, Michael tried to help her, but was held back when the door was closed again. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Gate

Michael then continued his way through another door and headed back for the main hall. While doing so, Jigsaw spoke to him over the loudspeakers, asking why he was willing to make so many sacrifices to save the life of a stranger, while he barely hesitated to betray his father and destroy his reputation. Shortly afterwards, Michael reached the main hall and from there went on to the storage warehouse.

As he entered it, he found a closed roller door. Jigsaw informed him that the only way to open it was by destroying it with a bomb. After facing several more obstacles, such as an electrified floor and a chamber filled with gas, Michael found a room with a machine. Jigsaw explained that he needed to fill the two cylinders of the machine with chemicals and then had to mix them in order to create a bomb strong enough to break the door. However, he also warned him that the explosion would occur prematurely if he mixed the chemicals before the cylinders were filled completely.

Michael went up a stairwell to another room. Through a large grate on the floor, he spotted a storage room. By correctly using another panel with glowing light buttons, he opened the grate and jumped down back to the lower floor. In the numerous shelves, he found bottles of ammonia and paint thinner. With these chemicals, he returned to the machine and started to fill the cylinders. Afterwards, he mixed the ammonia with the paint thinner and successfully built the chemical bomb. He then went back to the gate and attached the bomb to it, before taking cover. As expected, the gate was destroyed by the explosion, allowing Michael to go on. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Cage Fight

Dwayne enters the cage

Moments later, Michael entered a big cage. When he hit a button, the doors were closed and a smaller cage was moved in. To Michael's surprise, Dwayne was trapped in the cage. Still furious because Michael outsmarted him during their last encounter, he immediately attacked him again once the door of his own cage was opened. At the same time, Jigsaw spoke to them over the loudspeakers and told them that only one of them would survive this final fight. Just like before, Dwayne tried to kill Michael by aggressively rushing towards him to ram him with the device on his head. However, the walls of the cage surrounding them were divided into separate segments, which were energized by turns. By evading his attacks, Michael caused Dwayne to run into these walls often enough until the latter was killed by the electric shock. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Zeke, waiting for Michael

Michael searched Dwayne's corpse and thereby found a key to the freight elevator. However, as he couldn't go back the same way he came, he went through another door and traversed a hallway, where he met another familiar face. Zeke, a pedophile he had saved from a trap back at the Holmes Hotel, had been waiting for him. A video of Jigsaw's puppet told Michael, that after losing his hands due to his injuries, Zeke held a grudge against him and wanted to kill him, despite having been offered to leave. With two blades, which were attached to his arm stumps as replacements for his hands, Zeke attacked him, forcing Michael to run away. By throwing several obstacles in his way, such as a dumpster and a trash can, he managed to keep Zeke at distance and ultimately escaped by jumping over a large hole in the floor. Unable to follow him, Zeke jumped into a nearby vent and disappeared. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Carla Song's Salvation

Carla in her trap

With the key in his possession, Michael returned to the main hall and was finally able to enter the elevator next to the one where Carla was trapped. After riding up to the upper floor, he left it again and witnessed how the doors of Carla's elevator were opened as well. As he approached her, several TVs inside the elevator well turned on. The mechanical puppet appeared on the screens and confronted Carla with her crimes, as he had stolen medics from the free clinic where she worked. Furthermore, the puppet also told Michael how to save her from the elevator. Carla's arms were shackled to a metal contraption, which was suspended from the ceiling by two chains, while her legs were shackled to the top of the elevator. The elevator was held in position by four clamps, which were attached to four metallic bars. Outside the elevator well was a panel with two vertical rows of combination locks. Michael had to arrange the four upper locks of each row and add them togethr, so the two lowest locks had the same number. Doing this correctly would eventually result Carla being released from her shackles. However, if Michael failed his test, all of the clamps holding the elevator were opened one by one and the elevator would fall down the well, thereby tearing Carla in half.

When the tape ended, Michael tried to arrange the numbers on the panel in the right way, while Carla started to panic and frantically yelled at him to hurry up. Eventually, he managed to balance the numbers and Carla was freed from her restraints. However a large grid prevented Carla from leaving the lift shaft. She begged Michael not to leave her but was separated from him again when the elevator went downstairs with Carla still standing on top of it. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Helping Carla Song

Michael tried to follow her in a second elevator. As he made his way down, Jigsaw spoke to him over the loudspeakers and told him about Solomon Bates, a criminal accountant who had escaped from the very first trap of Michael's game back at the hotel. However, in doing so, he had ignored Jigsaw's clue and thereby failed his test. Michael learned that Solomon was trapped somewhere at the chemical plant and was also told that he was the only person alive who knew the entire truth about the cartel and his father's death.

Eventually, Michael reached the lower floor and left the elevator. As he entered a large storage hall, he saw Carla in the room below. After a brief discussion, Carla activated a fuse box and thereby enabled Michael to control a crane. With this crane, he repositioned several large crates and thereby built a bridge, which allowed him to get to the other side of the room. There, he had to correctly adjust another dial panel, which opened a door in the room where Carla was trapped. Even though he told her to wait for him, she ran through the door. When Michael eventually got down to the lower level of the room and followed her, he saw how she was pursued by Henry Jacobs with a gun. However, Michael was unable to follow them because of another door that slammed shut before him. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Dog Leash

Chuck in his trap

Therefore, Michael had to find another way. He proceeded through a number of offices and smaller storage rooms and ultimately ended up in a sewer area below the plant. As he made his way through the dark tunnels, he reached a ladder and climbed back to the upper area. There, he made his way through another hallway when suddenly, a roller door was opened in front of him. Behind it was a small room, where Chuck, a drug dealer, was chained to a metal column, while standing in a puddle of water. The length of the chain around his neck allowed him to move forward to a certain distance of only a few metres. At regular intervals, a mechanism was activated and Chuck was pulled back again. The only way to free himself was to take someone else with him to the column. However, he had several sharp, pointy razor blades pierced through his forearms and therefore had to be careful not to kill Michael. While trying to grab him, he aggressively yelled at Michael and threatened to kill him. As Chuck was regularly pulled back by the chain, Michael embraced his opportunity and reached a set of four small combination locks. By bringing the four numbers in the right order, starting with the smallest number and concluding with the highest, Michael energized the water, which Chuck stood in. Moments later, Chuck was pulled back into the water again, where he was electrocuted. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Truth

After killing Chuck, Michael continued his way and eventually reached the access room. As he entered it, he spotted Jigsaw behind a window. Jigsaw confronted him with his past and played an audio tape, containing a recording of a previous conversation between Michael and another man. While Michael's father still investigated the Jigsaw Case, he and his partner, Detective Steven Sing, had found and raided Jigsaw's hideout without a warrant, which resulted in Sing's death. The other man on the tape told Michael to sell the true story about the raid to the editor of the Herald in exchange for a job, which Michael did and thereby destroyed his father's reputation and led to his discharge from the police force. Angered by this, Michael tried to attack him, but was held back when a roller door slammed shut between them. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Slicer

Zeke ambushes Michael

Therefore, Michael had no other choice but to go on. As he went through another area, Zeke, who was still eager to wreak vengeance on him, broke through a door and jumped at him in an attempt to impale him with his blades. Michael, however, reacted fast enough to evade his assault and thereby caused him to break through another door. Embracing his opportunity, Michael ran away and squeezed through a narrow passage to another room, where he tried to hide from Zeke. However, the latter quickly found him and tried to kill him once more. Again, Michael evaded his attack and caused Zeke to run head-on against a metal pipe, which briefly paralized him. To Michael's dismay, Zeke quickly recovered himself and continued his pursuit.

Zeke jumps on the pressure plate

Whenever he got the opportunity, Zeke attempted to slice Michael with his blades while taunting him with frightening threats. Eventually, Michael fled to another room and blocked the door by overturning a shelf. However, thereby he was trapped in the room himself. Zeke then tried to enter the room through the only other door. Unknown to him, there was a trap located right behind it, which consisted of a pressure plate and two large contraptions armed with blades. By pulling a lever, Michael repositioned the contraptions just in time. When Zeke finally broke through the door, he jumped on the pressure plate and was crushed by the contraptions, which closed in on him. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


After his death, another door opened behind Michael, allowing him to go on. As he traversed the next area, he witnessed a conversation between Henry and Joseph Poltzer. Henry gave his gun to Joseph and told him that Michael mustn't survive as he knew too much about their involvement in the drug cartel. Afterwards, they separated and Michael went on once he was alone. Moments later, he reached the influent pipes. Upon passing the area, he came across a door secured by a combination lock. He noticed several green, red and blue lines painted on the floor and the walls. From the right perspective, these lines formed the numbers 485, which allowed Michael to open the door.

Donovan in the storage hall

Upon going on, he entered another large storage hall. There, he was attacked by Donovan, another prisoner who wore a cage-like contraption on his head. Furthermore, he was forced to wear another device with several even bigger spikes on his body. Donovan tried to prevent Michael from passing the area and ran towards him to kill him. Michael tried to evade his attacks whenever he rushed towards him, thereby causing the spikes to get stuck in the wooden crates all around the area. Afterwards, he used the opportunity and attacked Donovan with whatever weapons he could find and eventually managed to knock him down. When Donovan was unconscious, the exit door opened and Michael left him behind to continue his way. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Loose Ends

Michael finds the photos

Eventually, Michael found himself on a platform above the influent pipes. With a valve, he opened a gate in the area below. As he returned to the lower level, he found a large wooden crate behind the gate and pushed it forward onto a pressure plate. Thereby, another door was opened. Michael went on and ultimately entered a room with several photos on the wall. These photos showed all the persons involved in the drug cartel, as well as Jigsaw's ventriloquist puppet, Michael's father and Michael himself. Over the loudspeakers, Jigsaw explained to him that they all were somehow connected with each other, meaning that everything that happened to one of them inevitably affected the others. Afterwards, Michael had to solve another one of Jigsaw's riddles. Each of the persons on the photos, including the puppet, had a certain symbol assigned to them which illustrated their role in the cartel as well as the game. There were 16 monitors, each one showing either a name or one of the symbols. Michael had to choose, which symbols and names fitted together until all eight pairs were found. After successfully doing so, a box on a nearby table was opened, enabling Michael to pick up a key inside.

Henry, moments after killing Carla

With the key in his possession, he went on and soon came across a large grate. Behind the grate, Carla stumbled through a door. She apologized to him for her initial distrust towards him, stating that she was willing to work together with him in order to escape Jigsaw's game. However, only moments later, Henry came through the same door and brutally slashed her with a pair of scissors. He told Michael that he was merely tying a loose end and stated that they weren't very different when it came to protecting themselves. Afterwards, he disappeared through the door, leaving Michael and Carla's corpse behind. Michael then went on, back to the area right before the influent pipes, where he found the door to the furnace room. After opening it with the key from the box, he entered the next area. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Solomon Bates' Salvation

Solomon in his trap

Inside the room, he finally found Solomon Bates, who was strapped by his hands, feet and torso to a sliding cart connected to a railing system on the ceiling. A few feet below on the floor were numerous pipes, which were linked to a heater and alternated between spewing flames, which would eventually burn him alive. As Michael approached him, a set of TVs turned on and the mechanical puppet appeared on the screens again. It confronted Solomon with his crimes and his involvement in criminal organizations, while also explaining to him that he could only survive and escape by somehow getting to the other side of the area.

Solomon above the flames

Afterwards, the TVs turned off again and several pipes below him started to spew fire. Michael pushed the cart, to which Solomon was bound, to the next room. Unlike in the first room, there were three sets of pipes, which alternated between spewing flames. To get Solomon to the other room, he had to push and pull several other carts in the right way and clear the path, while also occasionally moving Solomon to make sure he wasn't hanging above the spewing pipes. In the third and final room, there were 16 monitors, each one with a different picture on screen. In order to open the last door, Michael had to play a matching game and had to choose, which two pictures fitted together until all eight pairs were found. Eventually, he successfully managed to move Solomon to the end of the track, where he was freed from his chains and fell to the floor.

Michael interrogates Solomon

Michael then demanded information about the drug cartel. Solomon told him about Henry Jacobs and Joseph Poltzer, who both used to steal drugs from the evidence room of the police station to sell them on the streets with the assistance of Carla Song and Sarah Blalok. Furthermore, he stated that Michael's father coincidentally stumbled upon the cartel while investigating the Jigsaw Case and said that Sarah was supposed to knock him off their trail. Eventually, he also confronted Michael with an article he had written and which had destroyed his father's reputation. Angered by this, he assaulted Solomon, who evaded his attack and cowardly took flight. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

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