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Bucket Room Chain Hangers Leg Wires

Do these numbers mean anything to you?
Mitch helping Carly remember

The Chain Hangers is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Jigsaw.

Design and function

The trap involved the remaining survivors from the Bucket Room. The victims would be pulled by their chains towards a pulley on the opposite side of the room. In order to release the pulley and stop the chain, a participant must grab the tape from the grasp of Billy the Puppet, which would pull on a trigger, stopping the pulley. A small container holding three needles was then lowered down. One of the survivors was injected with poison, and the needles each contained a solution: one contained the antidote to the poison, one contained a saline solution, and the third one contained a potent acid. The participant's chains were then slowly pulled towards the ceiling, eventually hanging them. In order for all participants to survive the trap, the antidote must be injected into the poisoned victim.


While I am certain that there is a desire to point fingers at me for the blood that has been shed, unless you turn that finger inward, I assure you, more blood will be lost and all will be judged. We will begin with one. One who is not only a liar, but a thief. A purse-snatcher. And when you had a chance to fix the harm that you'd done, you chose to do nothing. Now it is you who could die without the right medication. While unconscious, this deceiver among you, this criminal, was injected with a poison. One of the syringes in front of you holds the antidote. One is a saline solution, the other, an acid that will cause an excruciating death. Inject the correct one and your chains will be released. Failure to make the right choice could result in death for you all. I ask you, what is a life worth to you?
— John's tape

Carlys tape

This trap was the second trap used in the Murderers' Trial, which occurred in an abandoned farm owned by the Tuck family. Chronologically, it is the second trap to have ever taken place, after the Bucket Room.

Ryan, Anna, Mitch and Carly in the trap

After the players wait for a while, Billy the Puppet shows up on his tricycle and the chains begin to move. Mitch then grabs the tape and plays it. They all find out that Carly killed a woman by stealing her inhaler. Ryan then grabs the needles that fall. Carly recognizes the number on one of the needles (3.53, the amount she stole from the woman) but refuses to pick a needle. As the players are hanged, Carly still refuses to choose, so Ryan injects her with all three needles. The players are then released from the collars, but Carly dies from the acid injection.

Carly's Death


Logan Nelson decides to remake the trap 10 years later using criminals from Detective Brad Halloran's cases. One woman is seen holding the 3 needles. However, she chooses the wrong one and subsequently dies.


Logan and Eleanor Bonneville later come across the chains when they investigate the Pig Farm.


  • The acid used is the same one that killed William Easton in Saw VI.
  • This trap can be easily avoided by dipping one of the syringe on the surface to test whether it is acid or not.