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With only three points of safety, which of you will be the odd man out?
— Jigsaw hints at the possibility of saving everyone of the prisoners[src]

The Ceiling Jars are a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw V.

Design and Function

This trap was the second one in a series of tests. It was located in an underground catacomb area at 1293 Sandburst Drive. In the corners of the room were homemade nail bombs. Additionally, there were four chambers in the walls of the room which could save the victims from the explosion. However, they were locked and could only be opened with keys with special attachements in the shape of a square, a triangle or a star. There were only three keys, but the chambers were actually big enough for more than one person. Once the game began, the victims had 60 seconds to enter the chambers before the bombs detonated. Above the prisoners' heads were 16 glass jars suspended from the ceiling by chains. In each of these jars was one key. However, only three of them fit the locks of the chambers, while the other 13 keys were blank. Additionally, the jars were filled with broken glass shards to prevent the victims from seeing where the right keys were. In order to smash the jars, the test subjects were provided with two metal rods. (Saw V)


The Fatal Five's Trial

Hello and welcome to the next lesson. These walls hold four chambers. These chambers offer safety. However, to access them, a key is needed, but only three of the keys will fit the locks. These keys are in the glass jars hanging from the ceiling. Move quickly, though, because when the clock ticks down, the explosives in the corners of the room will detonate. With only three points of safety, which of you will be the odd man out? Make your choice.
— The group is introduced to their second test[src]

The group discusses the situation

This game was planned for five victims: Ashley Kazon, Charles Salomon, Luba Gibbs, Mallick Scott and Brit Stevenson, who were all in some way involved in a case of arson in which eight people were killed. Ashley however had already been killed during the first test of the game. When Mallick, who was the last one who entered the second room, was about to close the door behind him, Charles stopped him from doing so. Brit then pointed to the timer, which was connected to nail bombs, stating that closing the door would start the timer. Luba then reminded them that they had to find out who everyone of them was, hoping that this way they might discover the connection between them. When Brit stated that Ashley was working for the fire department, Charles corrected her by saying that she was discharged one month earlier. Therefore, Mallick angrily yelled at him and suspected him as the one behind their abduction due to his knowledge about them. When he threatened to close the door, Charles angrily approached him but was held back by Brit who tried to keep the situation calm. Afterwards, she asked Luba about her story. Luba responded that she was working for the Department of City Planning and neither had a husband nor children. When she told Brit to tell her story, Charles intervened and asked her if there was something about her father that she wanted to tell them. Surprised by this, Luba finally admitted that she was the daughter of Richard Gibbs, the owner of a sports team called "The Cougars." Charles then stated that Gibbs wanted to build a new stadium for years and suspected that Luba's work as a city planner was his best opportunity for reaching his goal. Afterwards, Mallick asked Brit what she had done to end up in this situation, to which she responded that she was the senior vice president of a real estate development company.

The group receives the instructions

Luba realized that Brit was talking about the Marshvard Group and thereby concluded that they had a connection as Brit's company needed a permission from the Department of City Planning for every one of their buildings. Then, she asked Mallick about his past. Mallick stated that she had no wife, no children that he knew of and no job. Therefore, Charles sarcastically mocked and angered him by calling him a "trust-fund baby." Finally, Brit asked Charles about his past. When he told them that he worked as an investigative journalist for The Herald, Mallick mocked him for working for a "gossip rag", until Charles told him to bite his tongue. Afterwards, he and Brit noticed 16 glass jars, which were suspended from the ceiling. However, as they were filled with glass shards, they couldn't see what else was in the jars. Moments later, Charles finally closed the door to the first room, only seconds before the bombs detonated.

Seconds later, the lights turned off and a TV in front of them turned on. A mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on screen and introduced them to their game. There were four cylindrical chambers, which would provide them safety from the bombs, in the walls of the room. To access them, they had to find the keys to the doors, which were inside the jars. However, only three of these keys could open the doors to the safety chambers. Therefore, the puppet asked them to make the choice who was going to be "the odd man out."

Charles attacks Mallick

When the tape ended and the TV turned off again, the lights turned back on and a 60-seconds-timer started to tick down. While the other prisoners panicked, Mallick grabbed one of two metal rods and smashed the first glass. Brit however remarked that the cylindrical key was blank when she noticed that the keys to the locks must have differently shaped attachments. As Mallick was about to smash the next jar, Charles suddenly grabbed the second rod and brutally beat him up as he deemed Mallick to be worthless for the rest of the group. Luba tried to stop him. However, he angrily pushed her away, yelling at her that only the fittest would survive. Afterwards, he quickly started to smash the glasses one by one. Thereby, Brit and Luba managed to get their hands on two of the needed keys and were thereby successfully able to open their chambers. When Charles was done with his work, the last key with a shape on it landed in front of Mallick. As he tried to grab it, Charles dropped his metal rod, stepped on his arm and picked up the key while sarcastically wishing him better luck next time. Unnoticed by him, Luba hadn't accessed her chamber yet but had instead grabbed one of the rods and sandbagged him from behind, angrily yelling at him before finally going to her chamber. Therefore, Mallick grabbed the key and went into the third chamber. With only a few seconds left, Charles slowly stood up again, but was finally ripped up by the bombs around him.

Charles' corpse

After the detonation, the other prisoners left their chambers. Upon seeing his humiliated remains, Brit remarked that he was an asshole but smart, stating that they could've still used him. Therefore, Luba reminded her that someone had to die and asked if she'd rather have taken Charles' place, to which Brit gave no response. Luba then grabbed the metal rod lying next to the ripped up corpse before she and the other remaining survivors went on to the next room. (Saw V)


Later that night, the catacombs were found by Special Agent Dan Erickson. Charles' corpse was taken to the morgue for his autopsy by Dr. Adam Heffner, while the remains of the trap were taken to the evidence room. (Saw V, VI)