Strahm is a character who has appeared in Saws IV and V.

______________________ Saw IV ______________________

He first appears at Allison Kerry's crime scene along with his partner, Agent Perez. He suspects someone is helping Jigsaw and Amanda. As the film progresses, they arrive at more and more crime scenes of random victims. At the end of the film, he enters the Gideon building and goes inside the sick room where he hears noise. He shoots Jeff Reinheart to death in self defense and, moments later, is locked in the room by Hoffman (who is revealed to be Jigsaw's other apprentice).

______________________ Saw V ______________________

Picking up where the last film left off, Strahm is locked in the sick room by Hoffman. In the dark, he finds a passageway behind the walls and goes inside, only to be abducted by someone in the pig mask (the person who abducted him is unknown). He is placed in the water box trap and uses a pen to poke a hole in his neck so he can breath. Is rushed to the hospital as soon as people find him. While recovering, he becomes obsessed with Hoffman and the suspicious/unusual things surrounding him. It doesn't take long for it to come clear to him that Hoffman may be connected to Jigsaw and Amanda. At the end of the film, he sneaks into Hoffman's house as to find proof and goes in the basement, where he is attacked by Hoffman. Strahm locks Hoffman in a glass box, thinking it's a trap. Unknowingly to him, it's safety. The walls of the basement cave in and he is crushed (supposedly to death).

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