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This category contains a list of all traps appearing in Spiral.

The Subway Trap

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The victim of this trap was Marv Bozwick. He was trapped in a subway tunnel, standing on a stepladder with his hands tied behind his back with barbed wire. Suspended from the celling by a chain was a metal trap which was attached to his tongue. In order to free himself, he had to bite through his tongue or fall of the stepladder ripping it off, and then walk on the handrails to avoid the train. Once the game began, the subway train would run him over if he wasn't able to free himself.

The Finger Trap


The victim of this trap was Fitch. He was placed in a large tank, with a bundle of wires hanging slightly over the edge. A faucet would gradually fill the basin with water. A table in front of him had a metal bar on top that would stop the his arms from moving forward past a certain point. On top of the table was a motor connected to a large turning device around which ten wires were wrapped. The wires went under the bar on the table and ended in a set of very tight metal sheaths placed on his fingers. Once the game began, they would be electrocuted to death if he failed to remove his fingers before the 90 seconds is up and the water rose to the wires. He wore a cage-like helmet with two small bars on the front. The victim could bring the bars together by biting down, which would start the motor. The device would begin to slowly turn, retracting the wires and pulling the hands of the victim under the bar. He had to continue biting down until his fingers were entirely pulled off, at which point he could safely exit the tank.

The Hot Wax Trap

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The victim of this trap was Angie Garza. This trap consists of a large boiler full of hot wax and a table which she is restrained on. She has a cloth placed over her face and a blade positioned under her neck, which threatens to sever her spine. The wax container has a pipe leading to over the her face and when it is activated a valve in the boiler will open, allowing the hot wax to pour over the her face. Once the game began, wax cools over her face and hardens, suffocating them if the she fails. The only way to stop the wax is for her to force their neck into the blade hard enough to sever the her spine which will stop the wax from coming out the pipe.

Ezekiel Banks Trial

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The victim of this trap was Ezekiel Banks. This trap is similar to the Bathroom Trap, but instead of the victim having their leg chained, their hand is chained instead. In order for the victim to escape, they have to cut off their hand with a hacksaw. This trap is set up by William Emmerson as a way to recruit Ezekiel Banks, William devised a trial for him to traverse through.

Ezekiel Banks's first test was to get out of handcuffs that were attached to a metal pipe by using the hacksaw on the floor near him. Ezekiel initially is about to cut his trapped arm with it. However, a bobby pin was conveniently placed near him, so he was able to escape the trap without harm.

The Glass Grinder

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The victim of this trap was Peter Dunleavy. He is hung by their hands via chains, with their back facing a large chute. On the other side of a chute was a large metal grinder, and above that a conveyor with many glass bottles on it. Upon activation, the conveyor would begin to dispense the bottles into the grinder, which should break the bottles into small shards. Once the game began, the grinder would launch the glass shards through the chute, where they would be flung into his back, where he would quickly die of blood loss. He needs the help of a second person, who must find the key and go up to the him and open the padlock, which would stop the grinder and conveyor.

Marcus Banks Test


The victim of this trap was Marcus Banks. His trap consists many shackles which are connected on the victim's limbs with IV drips fitted in them, and a harness restraining the victim in the air. Once the game began, the IV drips slowly drain the victim of blood, ultimately killing them if enough time passes. he needs help from a second person, Above the victim is a target which when shot, releases the victim and stops the IV drips. However, the door has many wires running along it. If the wires are cut, victim is raised back in position, which also triggers a shotgun barrel to come out of the shackle is his right arm is protruded and their arm is raised, giving the impression that the he is going to shoot the person who entered.


  • Detective Drury had a trap that was filmed and edited before being removed from the movie. The trap involved him having his face cut off. However, this trap was removed due to struggles with the MPA.
  • It's possible the trap that one of the traps removed the movie could have been the Iron Butterfly that has multiple images that can be found on google. It's unknown if the trap was cut from the movie for real or if this is all just click bait.

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