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The Pendulum Trap

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The victim of this trap was Seth Baxter. His arms and feet were chained to a metal table in the middle of a big hall. Additionally, an automatic metal shackled was put around the victim's neck to prevent him from moving away. Above him at the ceiling was a large contraption which held a large blade in the shape of a pendulum. Once the game began, the pendulum started to swing back and forth and would be lowered down in regular intervals. After 30 seconds it would touch Seth's body and after 60 seconds it would kill him by horizontally cutting his body in half. To the right and the left of him were two vises with small pressure buttons behind them. To stop the pendulum, Seth had to insert both hands in the vises and activate them by pressing the buttons. Thereby, they would slowly crush his hands.

The Water Cube


The victim of this trap was Special Agent Peter Strahm. It was the last part of his and Special Agent Lindsey Perez' trial. After being locked up in a room at the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant along with the corpses of John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer, Amanda Young, his accomplice, and Jeff and Dr. Lynn Denlon, two of their victims, Strahm would soon find a hidden door leading to a hallway. An audio message left for him warned him to stay in the room and wait for reinforcements. If Strahm ignored the warning and went on, he'd eventually end up trapped in the Water Cube. It was a cube-shaped glass box which was suspended from the ceiling by two metal bars. On the bottom of the cube was a hole for Strahm's head. As the brim of the hole was lined with rubber, which laid tightly around his neck, he couldn't free himself without help. Suspended from the ceiling as well were two bottle-shaped water tanks with two tubes that were put through the top of the cube. Once the game began, the cube would quickly fill in with water, thereby inevitably drowning Strahm.

The Fatal Five's Trial

Brit, Charles, Mallick and Luba

The victims of this trap were Ashley, Charles, Luba Gibbs, Mallick and Brit. All of them woke up in a room located in an underground catacomb area. Throughout their game, they had to progress through the individual rooms of the area until they finally reached the exit. Each of the rooms was secured by nail bombs, which would explode after a certain time and kill them if they didn't accomplish their tasks and move forward. While they were all able to survive by working together, Jigsaw deliberately confused them with his cryptic messages, which led them to believe that one of them had to die in each trap.

The Neck Tie Trap


This trap was the first part of the fatal five's trial in the catacombs. On one side of the room, there were five small compartments, one for each victim, all separated from each other by grates. Mounted to the wall of each compartment was a large v-shaped razor blade. Each one of the victims had a leather collar around their necks. A long cable ran through all of them, so if one of the victims moved forward, the other ones would be pulled back. One end of the cable was attached to a metal pin sticking in a timer on the wall. Once it was pulled out by one of the victims moving forward, they had 60 seconds to remove their collars. After 60 seconds, the cable was pulled so tight that every victim who hadn't managed to free him or herself would be decapitated by the blades behind them. The keys to the gollars were located in five cube-shaped glass boxes positioned on pedestals a few feet in front of the compartments. Unknown to the victims, every key was able to unlock all the collars. Therefore, only one was needed to free them all. Additionally, there were homemade nail bombs in the room, which were connected to a second timer. These bombs would detonate after this 15-minute-timer ran out and kill everyone who was still in the room at this point.

The Ceiling Jars


This trap was the second part of the fatal five's trial in the catacombs. In the corners of the room were homemade nail bombs. Additionally, there were four chambers in the walls of the room which could save the victims from the explosion. However, they were locked and could only be opened with keys with special attachements in the shape of a square, a triangle or a star. There were only three keys, but the chambers were actually big enough for more than one person. Once the game began, the victims had 60 seconds to enter the chambers before the bombs detonated. Above the prisoners' heads were 16 glass jars suspended from the ceiling by chains. In each of these jars was one key. However, only three of them fit the locks of the chambers, while the other 13 keys were blank. Additionally, the jars were filled with broken glass shards to prevent the victims from seeing where the right keys were. In order to smash the jars, the test subjects were provided with two metal rods.

The Electric Bathtub

S5mallick and luba's dead body

This trap was the third part of the fatal five's trial in the catacombs. A water-filled bathtub was located in the middle of the room, surrounded by five current coils, each one with a cord with a special attachment, such as clamps or a hook. There were also homemade nail bombs in the room, which were connected to a timer and would detonate after 15 minutes. The exit door out of the room was secured by five deadlocks. In order to escape, the victims had to close five circuits, each one connected to one of the locks. Therefore, the five cords had to be connected to the water in the bathtub. As they didn't reach from the current coils to the bathtub, each victim had to hold one cable and thereby suffer a small electric shock. Once the game began, the prisoners had three minutes to accomplish their task. Otherwise, an electrical current would surge through the room, seal the door permanently and thereby lock them up along with the bombs.

10 Pints of Sacrifice


This trap was the fourth and final part of the fatal five's trial in the catacombs. A cage table was positioned in the middle of the room. On the table stood a large metal box with segmented glass panes on its top. There were five holes on each side of the box. Inside each of these holes was a circular saw blade. In the cage underneath the table was a glass beaker, which was connected to the exit door out of the room. To open the door, the victims had to put their hands in the holes and must shove them into the saws in order to fill the beaker with ten pints of their own blood. If they didn't manage to accomplish this task within 15 minutes, they would be killed by homemade nail bombs set up in the room.

The Shotgun Chair

Hoffman & Jigsaw1

The victim of this trap was Detective Mark Hoffman. It was located at the workshop of John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer. Hoffman was strapped to the armrests of a chair via leather restrains. Positioned in front of him was a shotgun in an upright position which aimed at his head. The shotgun was held in position by another leather restrain bound around Hoffman's chest. Additionally, the trigger was connected to the arm restrains by a thin cord, which would be pulled tight once Hoffman tried to move his arms too much.

The Glass Coffin


The victim of this trap was Special Agent Peter Strahm. It was located in a room in an underground tunnel network. The walls to the right and the left of the door were made of thick, solid metal. Once the game began, they would start to move towards each other and ultimately slowly crush Strahm between them. The only way to escape was to go into a glass coffin, which was located in the center of the room in a prone position. The coffin itself was an elongated glass box filled with several glass shards. Once the door of the coffin was closed, it was automatically locked by metal screws. Under the ceiling of the room was a grate with two tanks on it. These tanks were connected to the coffin by tubes which would fill it with enough oxygen for Strahm to survive in the coffin for a short amount of time. Additionally, the coffin was connected to a gear system. Once the game began, the system was activated, causing the coffin to be lowered down. After the game, it was transported to an adjacent room where it was opened again, enabling the Strahm to leave it easily.

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