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This category contains a list of all traps in Saw VI.

Pound of Flesh

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The victims of this trap were Simone and Eddie. The game took place in a room which was divided in two segments by two metal grates in the middle of the room. Between these grates was a large scale. On each side of the room was a table with a knife and a meat cleaver attached to it by a chain and a tube lying on it. Each of the two victims had a mechanic device on their heads with screws pointing at their temples. Once the game began, the victims had 60 seconds to use the cutting tools provided for them to cut off their own flesh and throw it on the scale. Whoever managed to sacrifice more flesh would survive while the other one would be killed by the mechanic device as the screws would then pierce the person's skull.

William's Trial


The victim of this trap was William Easton. He woke up trapped at the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute. Within 60 minutes, he had to face a series of tests in order to save his sister, Pamela Jenkins, who was trapped at the zoo as well and was able to watch his progress over a surveillance monitor. Furthermore, William had four explosive straps attached to each of his limbs. They consisted of short leather straps. Additionally, they were all secured by ordinary keylocks. Each one of the bracelets contained a small explosive charge, which would rip up William's limbs if he didn't complete their game in time or tried to move forward in an attempt to evade his tests. After each successful test, he'd obtain the key to one of these straps.

The Oxygen Crusher

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The victims of this trap were Hank and William Easton. It was the first part of William Easton's trial at the Rowan Zoological Institute. Both men were trapped in two large identical contraptions. These contraptions consisted of two big metal clamps aiming at their bodies from the sides. William and Hank were kept in their position by chains around their arms and a leather restraints around their stomach. Both of them had a breathing mask on their face. Once the game began, a highly sensitive pump measured their breathing activicty. Each time one of them took a breath, the clamps would close in on their chest and thereby eventually crush their body. The only way for one of them to survive was the death of the other one. Once the game was over, the clamps around the winner's body moved back and the chains around the person's arms were opened automatically.

The Gallows

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The victims of this trap were Addy and Allen. It was the second part of William Easton's trial at the Rowan Zoological Institute and was located inside a large, empty aquarium. Both, Allen and Addy, were standing on small platforms with their hands strapped behind their backs. Additionally, both of them had a noose made of barbed wire around their necks. To survive, they had to rely on the help of William Easton. Before the aquarium's glass pane was a panel with two handles that were attached to chains. William had to take the handles. However, only one of the participants could be saved. Therefore, William had to let go of one handle in order to save the other person. Over the course of the game, the chains to which the handles were attached were occasionally pulled tight. Once William had made his decision, Allen and Addy were released from their straps and the platform of the one who was sentenced to death would fall back, causing the person to be hanged by the wire noose.

The Steam Maze


The victim of this trap was Debbie. It was the third part of William Easton's trial at the Rowan Zoological Institute and was located in a boiler room. The room itself was divided in two levels. Debbie was chained to a wall on the lower floor. A device was strapped to Debbie's chest, which would be activated after 90 seconds and thereby shoot a pointy metal rod through her head. Once the game began, she had to progress through a passage leading to the other side of the room. The way was enclosed by a cage, giving her little room for movement. To survive, she had to rely on the help of William Easton. William was standing on a catwalk above her. At two points in Debbie's passage, there were two small tunnels which she had to crawl through. They were however blocked by steam coming from a row of pipes with high pressure. Each time she reached one of these passages, William had to pull a lever. This would divert the steam and cause it to burn William's arms and shoulders, while enabling Debbie on the lower floor to pass the tunnels. Once she made it to the end, there was a ladder leading up to a small room on the same level as the catwalk. There were several photos which told her that the key to the trap around her chest was hidden inside William's body. Additionally, Debbie was provided with a power saw to cut the key out of William's body, while probably killing him in the process.

The Shotgun Carousel


The victims of this trap were Aaron, Emily, Gena, Dave, Shelby and Josh. It was the fourth part of William Easton's trial at the Rowan Zoological Institute and was located in a former animal enclosure. The six victims were chained to the grabpoles of a rotating playground roundabout. Once the game began, the carousel occasionally stopped, causing one of the victims to sit directly in front of the barrel of a mounted shotgun. To survive, they had to rely on the help of William Easton. Standing on a pedestal outside the enclosure was a small, cage-like box with two buttons inside. Everytime the carousel came to a standstill, William had to press both buttons simultanously in order to save the victim in front of the shotgun. Thereby, his hand would be pierced by a metal spike. In return, the shotgun would go into an upright position and shoot above the other person's head without harming them, before returning to its original position. However, only two persons could be saved while the other four inevitably had to die.

The Acid Room

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The victims of this trap were Tara and Brent Abbott as well as Pamela Jenkins. It was the fifth and final part of William Easton's trial at the Rowan Zoological Institute. The Acid Room was divided into three segments. While the central part of the room was the entrance area, the left and right part of the room were formerly used as animal enclosures and were separated from the middle segment with metal grids. In both of these rooms was a large tank containing hydrofluoric acid. The tank in the left room was connected to the sprinklers at the ceiling. To survive, Pamela, who was trapped in this room, had to rely on the help of William Easton. He had to reach the enclosures within 60 minutes. Otherwise, Pamela would be killed by the acid coming from the sprinklers. The tank in the second enclosure, were Tara and Brent were trapped, was connected to a contraption in the middle room by several tubes. This contraption, which was mounted to the ceiling, was in fact a large heavy metal grid with long, pointy needles attached to it. Additionally, there was a panel with a lever in the enclosure with the words "Live" written above and "Die" below it. Right in front of the cage was a pressure plate on the bottom, which supplied the panel with power. If the lever was set to "Live", all participants in the game would survive. However, if it was set to "Die", the contraption in the center of the room would swing down and pierce the body of William, if he stood on the pressure plate, with the needles. Afterwards, he would be injected with the acid and dissolved from the inside.

The Reverse Beartrap 2.0


The victim of this trap was Detective Mark Hoffman. He was strapped to the armrests of a chair in the middle of a room at the Rowan Zoological Institute and had a mechanical contraption, a so-called Reverse Beartrap, locked onto his head. The frontal part of the trap was hooked into his upper and his lower jaw. Once the game began, the trap would burst open and thereby rip his face apart if he wasn't able to free himself within a short time.

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