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The Public Execution Trap


The victims of this trap were Brad, Ryan and Dina. It was located inside the Welthammer Store, a home improvement market located in a public square. It consisted of a mechanical contraption positioned in the center of the room. Attached to both sides of it were circular saw blades. In the middle of the contraption was a movable device with another blade. Brad and Ryan were chained to either side of the contraption, while Dina was chained to a large metal plate suspended from the ceiling above the third blade. Once the game began, Brad and Ryan had 60 seconds to kill each other by pushing the saws all the way to the other side. Only if one of them achieved this goal and thereby killed their opponent, Dina could be saved. Otherwise, the plate would be lowered down once the timer went off, causing her to be horizontally sliced in half by the saw blade underneath.

The Pain Train

Saw 7 train blade1

The victim of this trap was Jill Tuck. She stood between a pair of metal rails, which were a few feet above the floor. To prevent her from moving away, her arms and legs were chained up. On one end of the rails was the actual pain train. It was a large, motorized contraption with a giant blade pointing in Jill's direction. The train had to be activated manually by pulling a lever attached to it. Once started, the train began to move towards Jill and thereby quickly gained speed. As Jill couldn't move away, she was inevitably ripped apart by the train and the blade attached to its front.

The Horsepower Trap


The victims of this trap were Evan, Kara, Dan and Jake. It was located in a garage at Pete's Auto Body, a junkyard. In the center of the room was a car, which was held up by several jacks. The doors, as well as the hood had been removed and the steering wheel was secured and held in position by chains. Evan sat on the driver's seat with his naked back glued to the seat. Once the game began, Evan had 30 seconds to tear himself away from the seat and pull a red lever attached to the motor. During the entire game, the car was constantly speeded up. If Evan didn't manage to pull the lever in time, the jacks holding up the car would fall, resulting in a deadly chain of events. Kara was strapped to a large metal plate by barbed wire. Her head lay directly underneath the right rear tire of the car and would be crushed once the car fell. Dan was chained to a metal post behind the car. His arms and lower jaw were pierced by large metal rings. Attached to these rings were chains, which were also attached to the back of the car. Once it fell from the jacks, the car would start to move forward with high speed, thereby ripping off Dan's arms and jaw. Jake, the fourth and last victim of the trap, was chained to the garage door directly in front of the car and would be overrun once it started to drive and bursted through the door. Evan would be thrown through the glass window, crashing into a wall and potentially killing himself in the process.

The Lawnmower Trap


The victims of this trap were Sidney and Alex. Theywere suspended several feet above the floor of a room and had to cling onto two identical levers hanging from the ceiling across from each other. These levers consisted of sharp and pointy metal parts, which harmed their hands as they held onto them. Below Alex and Sidney on the floor were several upturned lawnmowers. In order for one of them to survive, the other one had to let go off the lever and thereby fall into the rotating blades.

Bobby's Trial


The victim of this trap was Bobby Dagen. He woke up trapped at the abandoned Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital. Within 60 minutes he had to face a series of tests in order to save his wife, Joyce Dagen, who was trapped at the zoo as well and was able to watch his progress over a surveillance monitor. A red line painted on the floor showed Bobby the right way and guided him through the rooms and hallways of the hospital.

The Suspended Cage


The victim of this trap was Bobby Dagen. It was the first part of his trial at the Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital. Bobby was trapped in a large, cylindrical metal cage, which was suspended by a pulley system several feet above the floor. Below the cage were two adjointed metal platforms with several large spikes attached to them. To escape the cage, Bobby had to pull a lever hanging from the ceiling. Thereby, the bottom of the cage would fall off. To avoid falling down and being impaled by the spikes, Bobby had to swing back and forth and jump off to safety at the right moment.

The Silence Circle


The victim of this trap was Nina. It was the second part of Bobby Dagen's trial at the Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital. Nina sat on the chair in the middle of a metal contraption. To prevent her from moving away, she wore a straighjacket as well as a contraption, which held her head in place. The machine surrounding Nina consisted of a metal ring held up by four metal posts at approximately the same height as Nina's head. Attached to each of these posts was a pointy metal rod aiming at her throat. To survive, she had to rely on the help of Bobby Dagen. Once the game began, Bobby had 60 seconds to obtain the key, which could deactivate the machine. Otherwise, the rods would move forward and eventually pierce Nina's throat. The key, however, was in Nina's stomach, attached to a fish hook hanging from a wire. Within 60 seconds, Bobby had to pull out the key, thereby causing immense pain for Nina. Additionally, each one of the metal posts had a phonometer, which registered every noise in the room. Everytime the decibel level in the room rised above a whisper, for example when Nina started to scream, the metal rods would move forward, thereby killing her even sooner.

The Impalement Wheel


The victim of this trap was Suzanne. It was the third part of Bobby Dagen's trial at the Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital. Suzanne was strapped to a plate, which was in the center of a large metal wheel, by several leather restraints in a horizontal position. To prevent her from moving her head away, it was held in place by a metal ring screwed onto the plate. Before the wheel was a contraption with three pointy metal rods. Once the game began, the wheel started to turn forward. Thereby, Suzanne was slowly moved into an upright position by a pulley system. Eventually, this would cause the three metal rods to pierce her eyes and mouth, killing Suzanne in the process. To survive, she had to rely on the help of Bobby Dagen. Bobby had to step into another machine across from the wheel and had to lift two metal bars, to which a heavy weight was attached, to the highest point in order to close a circuit. However, in doing so, four metal spikes pierced his obliques, two on each side of his body. In order for for him to save Suzanne, the weight had to be held up for the duration of at least 30 seconds.

The Hangman's Noose


The victim of this trap was Cale. It was the fourth part of Bobby Dagen's trial at the Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital. Cale was trapped on one end of a long hallway several feet above the ground floor. Most of the floor of the hallway was missing. Cale had a mask locked onto his head, which made it impossible for him to see anything. Additionally, he had a noose around his neck, which was secured by a lock and was connected to a winch at the ceiling. To survive, he had to rely on the help of Bobby Dagen. Bobby was on the other side of the hallway and had to obtain the key to the noose, which was hanging from the ceiling. Meanwhile, Cale had to come as close to him as possible. Therefore, Bobby had to guide him over several wooden planks and stone arches, which provided the only path from one side of the room to the other one. However, there were several obstacles to confuse or further endanger Cale, like a bottle standing on one of the planks, which would fall down if he accidently knocked it off. Furhtermore, there was one part of the parcour, where Cale had to choose between two planks. While one led the person forward, the second one had been manipulated and would break under his weight. Once Cale got to the end of his way and Bobby had obtained the key, the latter had to throw the key to the Cale. If he didn't manage to remove the noose within 60 seconds, the winch at the ceiling would be engaged and thereby hang him.

The Wisdom Teeth Combination

Bobby pulls his teeth

The victim of this trap was Bobby Dagen. It was the fifth part of his trial at the Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital. On his way to his wife, Joyce, he found himself in a room. To progress, he had to find his way through a heavy metal door. This door was secured by a combination lock, which required a four-digit-combination. The necessary numbers had been etched onto Bobby's upper wisdom teeth. In order to be able to read the numbers, he had to pull his teeth out with pliers provided for him. As a reference for which teeth to pull and in which order to enter the numbers, a chart of the human teeth hang on the wall with the right teeth marked.

The Brazen Bull


The victim of this trap was Joyce Dagen. It was the sixth and final part of Bobby Dagen's trial at the Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital. Joyce found themselves on a small metal platform and had a leather collar around her neck with a chain attached to it. This chain ran through a small hole in the platform and was attached to a winch below, which prevented Joyce from moving away. To survive, she had to rely on the help of her husband, Bobby. Across from the trap was a pulley with two chains, each one having a hook attached to it. Bobby had to pierce his pectoral muscles with these hooks and then had to hoist himself up to the ceiling, where he had to connect two extension cords in other to deactivate Joyce's trap. If he didn't manage to do so in time, the platform, to which Joyce was chained, was lowered down. Then, two arching walls emerged from the sides of the platform above her position and join together at the halfway point. Finally, a funnel-shaped dome sprang up from the front of the platform, thereby entrapping Joyce in what appeared to be a giant oven. Seconds later, fire erupted from all sides of the oven's exterior and slowly roasted Joyce alive.

The Sentry Gun Trap

The Sentry Gun Trap

The victims of this trap were Officer Matt Gibson and two fellow officers. This trap was designed as a security device to secure the hidden surveillance room of Detective Mark Hoffman, successor of John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer. It consisted of a machine gun, which was mounted to a tripod. The gun was connected to a sensor. Once this sensor detected an invader, the gun emerged from behind a cover and automatically aimed and fired at all targets in its range.

The Cyanide Box

Gas chamber box

The victims of this trap were five SWAT officers. It was designed to prevent the police from stopping Bobby Dagen's trial at the abandoned Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital. The trap consisted of a small box, which was surrounded by a small metal cage and filled with an unknown liquid. On top of the cage was a little depot filled with several cyanide pellets. Once the trap was activated, a small plate slided to the side and caused the pellets to fall down into the liquid. Due to a chemical reaction, the entire room was filled with a poisonous gas, which killed everyone inside within a few seconds.

The Reverse Beartrap

Possessed jill

The victim of this trap was Jill. She was strapped to the armrests of a chair in the middle of the evidence room at the police station and had a mechanical contraption, a so-called Reverse Beartrap, locked onto her head. The frontal part of the trap was hooked into her upper and her lower jaw. Once the game began, the trap would burst open and thereby rip her face apart if she wasn't able to free herself within 60 seconds.

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