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This category contains a list of all traps in the first Saw film.

The Bathroom Trap


The victims of this trap were Adam Stanheight and Dr. Lawrence Gordon. Both of them were chained by their ankles to pipes in the corners of a dilapidated industrial bathroom across from each other. Gordon had until 6 o'clock to kill Adam; otherwise, his wife and daughter would be killed. Adam merely had to survive until the end of the game. There were several clues and tools hidden all around the room. In the tank of a toilet was a plastic bag with two hacksaws, which could be used by the men to cut off their feet in order to free themselves from their shackles. In a secret hollow space behind one of the walls was a box containing two cigarettes, a lighter and a cellphone, which couldn't be used to make calls but to receive them from the outside. Finally, a third man lay in a puddle of blood in the middle of the room with a tape recorder in one hand and a gun in the other one. This man was actually John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer, who observed the game and could electrocute the prisoners through their shackles with a remote control if they tried to somehow break the rules. This trap ties in with Zep Hindle´s Test

The Razor Wire Maze


The victim of this trap was Paul Leahy. He was trapped almost entirely naked in the back part of a basement. The largest part of the area was surrounded by a fence. The door leading out of the basement was located on the other side of the room beyond the fence. The area, in which Paul woke up, was filled with countless tightened skeins of razor wire. Paul had to find a way through the wire to eventually get to a hole in the fence leading to the exit door. The door was connected to timer and was closed after two hours, leaving Paul to die if he didn't make it out before the timer expired.

Flammable Jelly


The victim of this trap was Mark Wilson. He was trapped completely naked in a pitch-dark room, only lightened by a small candle. Furthermore, Mark had a flammable substance smeared on his body as well as a slow-acting poison coursing through his bloodstream. The only antidote was hidden inside a heavy safe before him. In order to open it, Mark had to find the combination among hundreds of numbers written all over the walls. Due to the darkness, he was forced to take the candle and walk to the walls to be able to see the numbers, while the entire floor of the room was covered in glass shards.

The Reverse Beartrap


The victim of this trap was the former drug addict Amanda Young. She was strapped to the armrests of a chair in the middle of a large room and had a mechanical contraption, the aptly named ¨Reverse Beartrap¨, locked onto her head. The frontal part of the trap was hooked into her upper and her lower jaw. Once the game began, the trap would burst open and thereby rip her face apart if she wasn't able to unlock the trap within 60 seconds. The key was resting the stomach of Donnie Greco who was paralyzed by an opiate overdose and therefore couldn't move. To obtain the key, Amanda had to slice open his stomach with a knife lying next to him. The Reverse Bear trap jaws were forced together and held with tension. when the timer went off, the tension would be released. Letting the jaws freely spread apart with deadly force.

The Drill Chair

Drill Chair.png

The victim of this trap was Jeff Ridenhour. He was strapped chained to a seat and had a metal brace around his neck, which was connected to the chair's fixed recline and prevented him from moving his head away. To the left and the right of him were two identical contraptions, each one with a drill attached to it. The drills pointed at Jeff's head. Once the trap was activated, the contraptions slowly moved towards Jeff. Therefore, the drills would pierce his head if he didn't manage to somehow escape the trap within 20 seconds.

The Quadruple Shotgun Hallway Trap


The victim of this trap was Detective Steven Sing. This trap was designed as a security device to secure Jigsaw's hideout in an abandoned mannequin factory. It was set up in a hallway and consisted of four double-barreled shotguns suspended from a wooden ceiling beam. The trigger of each shotgun was connected to a tripwire which was strung across the hallway below. When a victim stepped on the tripwire, the shotguns would go off simultaneously and kill the person below.

Zep Hindle's Test


The victim of this trap was Zep Hindle. Zep had a slow-acting poison in his blood, which would kill him within a few hours. To obtain the antidote, he had to abduct Alison and Diana Gordon, Dr. Lawrence Gordon's wife and daughter, and had to held them hostage for the duration of Lawrence's game, which he had to observe over a surveillance monitor. If Lawrence failed to kill his opponent, Adam Stanheight, by 6:00 o'clock, Zep would have to kill Alison and Diana, while Lawrence was forced to listen to their death over a phone. This trap was tied to The Bathroom Trap

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