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This category contains a list of all traps in Saw II.

The Death Mask


The victim of this trap was Michael Marks. He had a mechanical contraption locked around his neck, which worked similar to an iron maiden. The trap, a so-called Death Mask, was divided in two separate parts, the back and the front part of the mask. Both parts were angled down from Michael's head. The inside of both parts was spiked with numerous pointy nails. Once the game began, the mask would close in on his head and pierce it with the nails if Michael wasn't able to unlock the trap within 60 seconds. The key was surgically implanted behind his right eye. In order to obtain it, Michael had to cut it out with a scalpel lying in a tool box before him.

The Electrified Staircase


The victims of this trap were Officer Pete Baker and two of his fellow SWAT team members. This trap was designed as a security device to secure Jigsaw's hideout inside the abandoned Wilson Steel Plant. Originally, it was merely an ordinary staircase surrounded by a chain-link cage. However, one of the wooden steps was manipulated. If enough pressure was exerted on the previous step, the rigged one would spring forward and break the legs of the person standing on the stairs. Moments later, the surrounding cage would be energized, giving everyone who touched it a lethal shock.

The Nerve Gas House

NGH Exit.jpg

The victims of this trap were Daniel Matthews, Jonas Singer, Gus Colyard, Addison Corday, Xavier Chavez, Laura Hunter and Obi Tate. All of them were trapped inside a large abandoned residential house and were breathing in a deadly nerve gas, similar to the Sarin Gas used during the Tokyo subway attacks on March 20, 1995. The large front door leading out of the house was secured from the outside by several metal bars. After three hours, the door would be opened. However, the prisoners would already succumb to the gas within two hours, as it caused severe internal bleedings. In order to survive, they had to find and pass the numerous tests set up all around the house by Jigsaw. Thereby, they'd be able to obtain syringes with the antidote. Primarily to observe the game and make sure that everyone followed the rules, Jigsaw's accomplice, Amanda Young, played as another victim.

The Antidote Safe Room


This room, located on the ground floor of the Nerve Gas House, was the room where the seven prisoners and Amanda Young initially woke up and received their instructions. In the room was also a heavy safe, which contained a syringe with one of the antidotes for the nerve gas. Each one of the prisoners had a colored number written in the back of their necks. These numbers belonged to the combination to the safe and had to be entered in the order of the colors of the rainbow.

The Magnum Eyehole


The victim of this trap was Gus Colyard. This trap was designed as a security device to prevent the prisoners of the Nerve Gas House from leaving the Antidote Safe Room. It consisted of a metal contraption, which was mounted to the outside of the heavy metal door of the room. Attached to it was a revolver, aimed directly at the door's peephole. Additionally, the trigger of the gun was connected to a chain and a pulley, which in turn were connected to the lock of the door. The prisoners inside the room were provided with a key and a message, which warned them not to open the door with the key. If one of them did it nonetheless, this would trigger the revolver, which would then shoot whoever stood in front of the peephole. Besides the trap itself, a timer was attached to the door. Once it went off, the door would open without activating the trap.

The Furnace

Obi in furnace.jpg

The victim of this trap was Obi Tate. He had to crawl into a large, metallic furnace located in the middle of the basement of the Nerve Gas House. Inside the furnace were two of the antidotes for the nerve gas, hanging from two chains. While one of the syringes could be easily removed, the chain with the second antidote was connected to the small door of the furnace. Once Obi pulled the chain, a mechanism would close and lock the door. Seconds later, the fire inside the oven would turn on and continuously come closer to Obi as the burners of the oven turned on one by one. In order to survive, Obi had to crawl through the flames and turn a red valve next to the door. Next to it was a drawing of a red devil pointing at the valve. Turning it would turn off the gas supply of the oven which fueled the flames.

The Needle Pit


The victim of this trap was Amanda Young, even though it was originally designed for Xavier Chavez. It was located in one of the rooms on the upper floor of the Nerve Gas House. The pit was actually a giant hole in the center of this room. It was filled with over tens of thousands of filthy, used syringes. Additionally, there were two doors in the room. The first one was a wooden door through which the room could be entered. The other door, located at the back part of the room, was a heavy metal door. Behind it was a syringe with an antidote for the nerve gas. Once the game began, the prisoners had only a few minutes to find the key, as otherwise, the door to the antidote would be locked permanently after a short time, making it impossible to obtain the antidote. The key was attached to a glow stick plugged in one of the countless syringes in the pit.

The Razor Box


The victim of this trap was Addison Corday. It was located in one of the rooms of the Nerve Gas House and consisted of a large glass box suspended from the ceiling by four chains. Glued to the bottom of the box was a syringe with the antidote for the nerve gas. There were two holes in the bottom of the box, just big enough to put an arm through them. However, on top of the holes were large, sharp razor blades, which were impossible for the victim to see when standing in front of the box.

If Addison put her hand through one of these holes, she'd be able to push the blades aside but couldn't pull her hand back out again, as every attempt to do so would cause the blades to cut deeper into her arms and wrists, leading to a massive loss of blood and subsequently her death. In order to obtain the antidote inside, Addison merely had to look at the other side of the box where a lock was located, with the key already sticking in it.

This fact was unknown to her since Addison had discarded the tape recording meant to explain this trap. It is very possible that this trap was originally intended for Amanda Young.

Eric's Test


The victim of this trap was Detective Eric Matthews. After finding John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer, in his hideout due to a clue the latter had left for him, he was forced to play one his games. On several monitors, he saw recordings of the game in the Nerve Gas House, not knowing that the game was already over. One of the victims inside, Daniel Matthews, was Eric's son. In order to save him, Eric merely had to talk to John for the duration of two hours. Thinking that the video footage was live, he didn't know that Daniel had already survived the game and was locked up inside a safe in the same room as him and Jigsaw, tied up and provided with a sufficient supply of oxygen. Once the time expired, the safe would open automatically and release Daniel in a relatively unharmed state.


  • The Razor Box was intended for Gus Colyard
  • In an early script of Saw II, the trap planned for Addison was written to resemble a waffle iron. Upon trying to grab a syringe with the antidote, two clamps would trap her wrists and slowly heat up. In order to free herself, she had to press her face against a third hot iron positioned right in front of her. This would activate a mechanism that would release her from the clamps so she could obtain the syringe. Her instruction tape would have said something like "You have to sacrifice your looks, in order to save your life."
    • Originally, the filming crew had planned to have many more syringes in the pit, so they would reach up to Amanda's neck. However this idea was removed from the script as it would have been to difficult for her to move around in the pit with so many syringes.
    • In one of the early script drafts, Gus' tape would have said something along the lines of him "reaching his hand into the cookie jar for money", suggesting that he was guilty of embezzlement.
    • Another version of his tape said that Gus' trap was designed to "punish the hands that had harmed innocent others when his anger had reached its peak", suggesting that Gus was regularly abusive toward his family and those around him while enraged.

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