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The Classroom Trap


The victim of this trap was Troy. It was located in a classroom at an elementary school. Troy was stripped almost entirely naked and sat on a chair in the middle of the room. There were eleven chains hanging from the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Attached to each of these chains were large metal rings that were pierced through several parts of Troy's body. Ten of the chains were pierced through his hands, shoulders, achilles tendons, arms and external obliques while the ring of the last chain was pierced through the his lower jaw. On a table right in front of him was a nail bomb with a timer. In order to avoid being killed by the explosion, Troy had to rip out the chains before the timer went off.

The Angel Trap


The victim of this trap was Detective Allison Kerry. She wore a leather harness, which was secured by a padlock, and was suspended slightly above the floor by two chains. Attached to her back was a heavy metal device with two mechanic arms, which, in their initial position, looked like two fold up wings. Additionally, twelve c-shaped metal brackets were laid tightly around Kerry's chest, with six brackets on each side of her body. These brackets were hooked into her ribcage and were connected with the contraption on her back by several wires. Once the game began, the contraption would spread out its mechanic arms like wings and thereby brutally rip out the brackets hooked into Kerry's chest if she didn't manage to free herself within 60 seconds. The key to the padlock of the harness lay in a beaker filled with acid, which was suspended from the ceiling by two chains directly in front of her.

The Shotgun Collar


The victim of this trap was Dr. Lynn Denlon. The shotgun collar was put around her neck and secured by a lock. There were five shotgun shells placed around the collar, that directly aiming at her head. Each of these shells had an own trigger which all had to be activated individually. The collar was attuned to the signal of the heart rate monitor of John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer. If this signal got lost, for example if John's heart rate declined or Lynn moved out of range, the collar would be activated, causing it to blow off Lynn's head. In order to get the key to unlock the collar, she had to keep John alive by any means necessary, until Jeff Denlon, another victim and her husband, finished his own game.

Jeff's Trial


The victim of this trap was Jeff Denlon. He woke up trapped inside the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant. In order to escape, he had to find his way through the building and face a series of tests in order to overcome his obsession with revenge for the death of his son, Dylan Denlon, who died in a car accident. If he didn't complete his game within two hours, the doors of the building would be locked and he'd be left to die in the meatpacking plant. Throughout his trial, he would receive several tools, one after each test: a bullet, an empty magazine, a gun and a key to the final area of his game.

The Freezer Room


The victim of this trap was Danica Scott. It was the first part of Jeff Denlon's trial at the Gideon Meatpacking Plant. Danica was stripped down entirely and chained by the arms to the ceiling in the middle of a freezer room. Positioned to the right and the left of her were two vertical metal poles, each one with six nozzles that aimed at her body. Connected to each nozzle was a long hose, which in return was connected to the room's water supply. Once the game began, Danica would be sprayed with icy water in periodic intervals, which would ultimately result in her being frozen to death. To survive, she had to rely on the help of Jeff Denlon. The key to her chains hung from a wire behind multiple cooling pipes on the room's back wall. Jeff merely had to grab through these pipes in order to obtain the key.

The Pig Vat


The victim of this trap was Judge Halden. It was the second part of Jeff Denlon's trial at the Gideon Meatpacking Plant. Halden was chained to the ground of a big cylindrical vat. Next to it was a giant blender with multiple interlocking saws, which was connected with the vat via a chute. Additionally, there was a conveyor-like contraption at the ceiling. Once the game began, the blender was activated. Seconds later, several rotten pig carcasses hanging from the conveyor were carried into the room and dropped over the saws. Thereby, they were hackled to a thick, grey, stinking pulp which was poured into the vat over the chute and dashed Halden's body, which would ultimately result in him drowning in the liquefied carcasses. To survive, he had to rely on the help of Jeff Denlon. The key to Halden's chain was hidden in an incinerator among all of Jeff's memorabilia of his dead son. In order to save Halden, Jeff had to activate the furnace which would burn all the things inside, except for the key, which would then drop down into the incinerator's ash container.

The Rack

The Rack

The victim of this trap was Timothy Young. It was the third part of Jeff Denlon's trial at the Gideon Meatpacking Plant. The Rack was a large contraption, resembling a metal crucifix placed on a small pedestal. At the top as well as the end of the arm segments were movable, cylindrical contraptions, each one connected to an own gear system. While Timothy's head was easily trapped in the top contraption without any further measures, his hands, which were trapped in the other contraptions, had to be bolted on two small metal plates, to prevent him from pulling his or her arms out. Similar contraptions were placed on the pedestal to the left and the right of Timothy and just like the other contraptions, they both each had an own gear system. However, these contraptions had no cylindrical form, but rather just consisted of the small metal plates to which Timothy's feet were bolted. Additionally, his arms and legs were strapped to the crucifix. Once the game began, the gear systems were activated one at a time. Thereby, the respective contraptions began to turn and slowly twisted the Timothy's limbs, first his right arm, then the left one, then the right leg, then the left leg and finally the head, causing their bones to break. To survive, he had to rely on the help of Jeff Denlon. The key to deactivate the trap hung from a wire in front of the barrel of a shotgun located in an enlarged glass box. This wire was connected to the shotgun's trigger. Once Jeff removed the key, the shotgun would fire a shot at whoever stood in front of it, giving him little time to evade the shot.

Jeff's Final Test

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The victim of this trap was Jeff Denlon. It was the fourth and final part of his trial at the Gideon Meatpacking Plant. After facing his previous tests, Jeff confronted John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer. John demanded a final test and offered Jeff a simple choice. He could either forgive him and thereby save himself, his wife and their daughter, Corbett Denlon, who had been abducted as well without their knowledge, or he could take revenge and kill John with one of the numerous tools in the room. This however would result in the detonation of Lynn's shotgun collar and in Jeff being locked up in the room.

Amanda's Test


The victim of this trap was Amanda Young. She had to oversee Lynn's game until Jeff finished his series of tests. However, she didn't know that Lynn and Jeff were married or even knew each other. All she had to do was to let Lynn live and remove her collar once John ordered her to do so. However, throughout the game, John frequently provoked the mentally unstable Amanda, who was mentally dependent on him, by showing signs of affection for Lynn. If Amanda killed Lynn and refused to free her after Jeff had finished his test, Jeff was likely going to kill her once he arrived at the final area of his game.

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