I think it's unlikely that he would wake up from a coma, climb the roof and throw a woman.
— Halloran joking about the death of the woman[src]

The Unnamed Woman is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Jigsaw. She is portrayed by Lauren Beatty.


Early Life

She was one of the criminals who was helped by Halloran not to be sent to prison for the crimes she committed. It is unknown what crimes she committed to be a client of Halloran. (Jigsaw)


Ten years after a game created by the original Jigsaw, Logan Nelson, one of the test subjects in that game, decided to recreate it using criminals that were previously aided by Halloran. She and two others were chosen and abducted by Logan. (Jigsaw)

First Test

She and the third prisoner were able to survive the bucket room by cutting themselves on the buzzsaws in the room, unlike Malcolm Neil, who was decapitated. (Jigsaw)


In the hanging chains test of the central barn, she ultimately perished in the same fashion as her Murderer's Trial predecessor Carly, via potent acid being injected through her system. Unlike Carly, she voluntarily injected herself, but chose the wrong needle and was killed when the acid damaged her heart. (Jigsaw)


After her death, Logan cuts a jigsaw piece from her tongue and attaches a card to her body with the phrase "and then there were three" written on it, as a reference to the original game. Logan then throws her body off of the roof of the hospital that Edgar Munsen is being kept at. The corpse is taken to the morgue, where Logan and Eleanor Bonneville perform an autopsy on it. Logan points out that she was killed with hydrofluoric acid. Halloran starts to suspect that Logan and/or Eleanor are involved in the murders. (Jigsaw)


  • In the film She is accredited like Carly Look-aLike.

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