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I think it's unlikely that he would wake up from a coma, climb the roof and throw a woman.
— Halloran jokes about the woman's death[src]

The Carly Look-a-Like is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Jigsaw.

She was portrayed by Lauren Beatty.


Early Life

Not much is known about this woman's past except for the fact that she was involved in a homicide case at some point in her life. By unknown means, she was able to evade legal punishment with the help of a corrupt homicide detective named Brad Halloran. However, the sins of her past eventually caught up with her when she was targeted by Dr. Logan Nelson, a former accomplice of the late serial killer John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. (Jigsaw)


Logan prepares the game

One day, he subdued the woman and took her unconscious body to an abandoned pig farm, which belonged to the family of John Kramer's ex-wife, Jill Tuck, but had been closed down after an outbreak of Aujeszky's disease. In the barn, he recreated one of John's games, which had taken place about a decade earlier. Once they arrived there, Logan trapped her in a room along with two other people - Malcolm Neale and another man - who were also protected from serving prison sentences by Halloran. Logan fettered each of them with metallic neck shackles, which were attached to long chains leading to five doors on the other side of the room. Additionally, he put buckets with eye slits on their heads. Those were connected to their shackles by two laterally attached metal pins. Finally, he injected the woman with a deadly poison. After finishing all of his preparations, Logan left the room. (Jigsaw)

First Test

Shortly afterward, the prisoners woke up. As the lights turned on and they came back to their senses, they were initially confused, but quickly realized that they were trapped. Logan had provided them with instructions on how to escape the room alive. To do so, they all had to offer a sacrifice of blood.

Following their introduction to the game, the chains were tightened, and the prisoners were dragged towards the doors on the opposite side of the room. Attached to each of these doors were several rotating circular saw blades in various sizes. Realizing what they had to do, the woman and one of the other prisoners reluctantly allowed the blades to cut them. Thereby, they only suffered superficial slash wounds and were able to take the bucket from their heads. Malcolm, however, didn't willingly sacrifice his blood and was ultimately killed when he was pulled into the saws. Meanwhile, the other doors were opened, and the remaining survivors were dragged to the next room by their chains. (Jigsaw)


The group was pulled forward towards a series of large, upright standing pulleys. Eventually, a mechanism was triggered, which caused the pulleys to fall to the ground, stopping the chains from pulling the prisoners further across the room. Moments later, a metallic contraption was lowered from the ceiling. The contraption held three syringes, each one marked with a different numerical sequence. After that, the prisoners received the instructions for their second test. During this test, the woman took the place of Carly, one of the prisoners involved in the original version of the game. The woman learned that she had been injected with a deadly poison before the start of the game and would die if she didn't get the right medication. One of the syringes contained the antidote, another one held a saline solution, and the last one was filled with an acid that would cause a painful death. If the woman chose the right one, both prisoners would be released from their chains.

The female prisoner picked up the syringes and took a look at the numbers. Ultimately, she decided to take the risk and chose the syringe, which she believed to be the right one. However, when she injected it into her neck, she realized that she had taken the wrong needle. In agony, she started to bleed from her neck. Unable to do anything, she collapsed as the acid ate its way through her skin, killing her. (Jigsaw)


Following her death, her last fellow prisoner was released from his shackle and went on. Sometime later, after the game had come to an end, Logan Nelson returned and saw the aftermath of the massacre. He cut a jigsaw piece from the woman's tongue and attached a card to her body with the words "And then there were three..." written on it. After that, he took her corpse to the St. Peter's Hospital and threw her off the roof.

Logan examines the corpse

Shortly afterward, the Metropolitan Police Department arrived and secured the area. The crime scene investigators gave Halloran the note attached to the woman's corpse. Moments later, Logan, who worked for the police as a pathologist, and his assistant, Eleanor Bonneville, arrived there as well. When Logan asked Halloran if the victim had been identified already, the latter denied this. Thereby, he concealed his connection to her. Logan voiced his spurious disbelief that the murder had coincidentally thrown her off the roof of the same hospital where an earlier victim, Edgar Munsen, was kept. Halloran, however, claimed that he had looked after Edgar and sarcastically stated how unlikely it was that he awoke from his coma and threw the woman off. Ignoring his condescending attitude, Logan explained that the wounds looked like acid burns and pointed out that the rigor mortis already onset, indicating that she died before the fall.

Her body was eventually taken to the morgue for further examination. Logan cut open her body and looked at her internal organs in the presence of Eleanor, Halloran, and Detective Keith Hunt. He explained to them that the acid used to kill the woman was hydrofluoric acid, which had been injected into her neck and carried to the heart by the veins. When Halloran asked how he knew what kind of acid it was, Logan claimed that he had seen similar injuries during his time in Fallujah, albeit he never saw the results of an injection before. He went on and opened her mouth, thereby revealing the puzzle piece cut from the tissue. In doing so, he furthered the impression that someone was continuing the work of John Kramer. (Jigsaw)


Not much can be said about the Carly Look-a-Like's personality due to her short screen time.


  • In her second test, the look-a-like willingly chose a syringe, whereas Carly had refused to do so. Therefore, she was forcefully injected with all three needles by one of her fellow prisoners, Ryan.

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