He said it was a game, he wasn't kidding.
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Carly is a fictional character from the Saw franchise, making an appearance as another protagonist in the latest installment, Jigsaw. She is portrayed by Brittany Allen.


Early Life

From a young age, Carly was involved in petty theft, stealing from others for her own benefit. According to her, she was very poor and had no other option. One day while passing by a restaurant she stole a lady's bag and ran off from the victim's line of sight. Later, while checking how

Carly watching the death of her victim

much money was in the bag, she finds an inhaler inside the purse. Carly quickly realizes that her victim had asthma and that she needed the inhaler to breathe. Carly decides to look for the victim and grabs the inhaler but when she arrives she finds her victim dead due to the agitation caused when running after Carly. Seeing what happened to her victim, Carly flees without leaving any trace. (Jigsaw)


The Original Murderers' trial

Carly in the Bucket Room

Carly decided not to tell the police anything and continued to commit thefts in the city as she was poor and needed money to survive. Jigsaw (John Kramer) chooses her to be apart of his first test because of this. Eventually, she was abducted and subdued by John and taken to Jill's abandoned barn with 5 other test subjects with a bucket on her head. (Jigsaw)

First Test

Carly Bucket Head

Carly listening to the instruction tape

Upon awakening she realizes that she has a bucket on her head and chains on her neck that are tied to the other end with a saw. She quickly gets nervous and immediately exclaims what was happening while getting up off the floor and asking for help. After everyone except Logan woke up, John's voice sounds on a speaker and explains that salvation can be theirs if they get rid of the lies that brought them to this place and that the first thing they have to do is give a blood offering, regardless of the amount. While John Kramer explains to them why they were in that place, Carly begins to cry, trying to remove the chains in vain.

When the tape finishes, Carly cries harder as the chains are starting to pull her towards the saws that were on the other side. She tries to break the chains to avoid being cut by the saws by maneuvering frantically and sitting on the floor to throw off the chain's course by her weight. She is next to Logan, who has not yet woken up. She tries to wake him up so he can save him but fails. After Anna realizes that only making a minor cut will suffice, she helps Mitch and Ryan. She then attempts to help Carly by lifting her from the ground and pushing the emotionally hysterical woman towards the saws reminding her that she only has to make a little sacrifice. However Carly is still frantic and cuts both her back and fingers - freeing herself in the process.

After Logan wakes up, the doors of Anna, Mitch, Ryan and Carly open and drag them forward by the chains around their necks. Carly attempts to crawl to avoid the chain's course once more but fails and cries helplessly whilst being dragged. Once the chains stop she immediately touches her back and realizes that she is bleeding prompting her to scream frantically (Jigsaw)



Carly, Anna and Ryan in their second test

In hue of the her test Anna, Mitch, Ryan and Carly conversate until, Billy the Puppet wheels out with a tape attached to him and a piece of paper that says 'confess'. After Ryan states that he's not afraid at all - the chains begin to pull the four victims up until Mitch played the tape prompting them to stop. The tape played John Kramer's voice exclaiming that it was time to judge a "bag thief" - Carly, and that by not deciding to do anything they killed a person and that now the bag thief could die if she doesn't get the right medication. Carly has had a poison injected into her body and in one of the three syringes in front of her was the cure. In another syringe there was a harmless saline solution and in the last one an acid that would burn her body. If Carly didn't choose the correct syringe, or if she didn't choose any syringe at all, all four people in the room would die.

Carly's Test

Ryan telling Carly to choose a Syringe

After Anna suggests the fact that if they were injected they might have marks on their bodies and that they should check. Everyone except Carly checked their bodies, causing the other three to suspect Carly. This makes Ryan and Mitch frantic for Carly to start choosing syringes - prompting them to pressure her into choosing a needle so the four could leave alive. Carly refuses, exclaiming that she might inject the acid. Anna tells Carly that she only has to confess, but Carly expresses the fact that she did not kill anyone. Ryan gets angry with Carly, exclaiming that this is not the attitude of regret that Jigsaw wants. After Carly accepts that she saw a woman die but it was not her fault, Ryan threatens her by telling her to choose a syringe otherwise Ryan will inject Carly with all three syringes. Anna calms Ryan, telling him that this was not the form. Mitch asks Carly if any of the numbers on the syringes reminds her of something, but thanks to the pressure that Ryan exercised on Carly, Carly can not concentrate. After a while Carly mentions three dollars and fifty-three cents, Ryan immediately asks the meaning of the number to which Carly responds "what a life is worth to me" referring to the money found in the purse she stole from the woman that died because of her.

The chains begin to move but this time upwards. Ryan starts to make Carly nervous by yelling at her to pick a syringe and inject it but Carly keeps denying. Even though Ryan reminds Carly that all four are going to die if a syringe is not injected, Carly still refuses. Mitch exclaims that they are going to die while Anna tries to calm Ryan. While the four begin to be hanged, Ryan grabs Carly and screams at her to inject a syringe, however Anna holds Ryan behind her back to prevent her from injecting Carly with a syringe. Carly starts to evade Ryan trying to get away from him. She manages to get away once, but the inertia brings her back to Ryan. After several attempts by Carly trying to get away from Ryan, Ryan finally manages to inject all three syringes into Carly which causes the chains to come loose from their necks and the four fall to the ground.

Carly death Jigsaw

Carly dead due to the injected acid

After the four recover from the fall, Carly realizes that Ryan injected her with the three syringes on the right side of her neck. Ryan, Anna and Mitch watch as Carly begins to cry while she starts to bleed from her neck, eyes and ears. After convulsing for a few seconds, Carly falls dead to the floor. (Jigsaw)


Anna and Ryan's corpses are left decomposing in Jill's abandoned barn where they were put to the test with a 10 year+ time stamp as Logan Nelson, who is the successor of John Kramer, reveals to Halloran, his test subject, that in reality those games happened ten years ago and that was the reason why nobody had known what happened until now similar to a theory on a Jigsaw fan website.(Jigsaw)


  • She has many similarities to Amanda Young from the first three Saw movies. Both characters committed a crime, both characters are responsible for a death, both characters are tested with needles and both characters die with an injury to the neck.
  • Her death is also similar to how William Easton died. Both characters died from an injection of hydroflouric acid.

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