It's not like I know the rules for this kind of stuff.
— Carla talks about her affair with Dr. Gordon[src]

Carla Song is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in the first Saw film. She was portrayed by Alexandra Bokyun Chun.


Affair with Dr. Lawrence Gordon

Carla Zep

Carla at the hospital

Carla Song was a medical student at the Angel of Mercy Hospital where she was educated by oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon. At some point she started an affair with him and secretly went out with him after work at scheduled times. The day after one of these dates she and her fellow students were introduced to John Kramer by Dr. Gordon during his medical round. Gordon told them about Kramer's colon cancer and his inoperable brain tumor but was interrupted by Zep Hindle, an orderly, who told him that John was an interesting person due to Lawrence constantly only referring to him as "the patient". Seemingly annoyed by the disturbance Lawrence sarcastically thanked Zep for the information about John to get him back to work. However when he wanted to continue on his own Lawrence was again interrupted and called to the reception. When he entered his office he was already expected by Detective David Tapp, the leading investigator on the Jigsaw case, and his partner, Detective Steven Sing who asked him about his whereabouts during the previous night as a penlight with Gordon's fingerprints on it was found at the crime scene of the latest known Jigsaw victim, Mark Wilson. Lawrence was taken to the police station where he was interrogated. Eventually he revealed to his friend and lawyer Brett that he was with his mistress Carla at the time of the murder which the police quickly found out to be the truth.


Carla and Gordon in the motel

Five months later, Carla called Lawrence to the run-down Hotel Barfly at night. When he arrived and met Carla in her room, he berated her for paging him while his wife and daughter were at home. When Carla wanted to sleep with him Gordon prevented her from taking off her clothes and decided to end their affair as it got to risky for him. When he was about to leave Carla nearly started to cry but was interrupted when the telephone rang. Upon answering the call anonymously made by Zep Hindle the latter demanded to talk to Dr. Gordon. When she gave Gordon the phone Zep told him he knew about his secret, causing him to hectically leave the room. (Saw)

Non-Canon Appearances

Saw II: Flesh & Blood

Carla's affair with Lawrence Gordon is mentioned in David Tapp's files and audio tapes in Saw II: Flesh & Blood. At some point after the first film Carla finished her medical education and started to work as a doctor at a free clinic. However she was also a member of a drug cartel alongside Chief Henry Jacobs, Detective Joseph Poltzer, Sarah Blalok and Solomon Bates and stole pharmaceuticals from the clinic to sell them on the street. During his investigation on the Jigsaw case Tapp observed a meeting at Detective Poltzers house and found out about the cartel but never told anyone about it as he was too busy with the observation of Dr. Gordon, who he still believed to be the Jigsaw Murderer. However the real Jigsaw Killer targeted the members of the cartel and eventually abducted all of them, forcing them to be a part of Michael Tapp's game which took place at an abandoned chemical plant.


Carla strapped to the elevator

After waking up there, Carla tried to find a way out and thereby came across Sarah, who desperately begged her for drugs. After some hesitation, Carla eventually gave in and provided her with what she desired. However, she was later attacked and subdued by Jigsaw's accomplice, Pighead II. When Michael made his way through his game, he witnessed Pighead, who strapped Carla to an elevator. However, when Michael tried to save her, the doors were closed, separating them. Jigsaw then told Michael he had to restore the power to the elevator first to reach her. After he managed to do so, he found Carla, who was still strapped to the elevator, on the upper floor. Michael had to balance groupings of numbers on a panel in order to free her. Otherwise the elevator would fall while Carla's arms were still restrained to a metal device which was held by chains connected to the ceiling, causing her to be ripped in half. Eventually Michael was able to save her. However a large grid prevented Carla from leaving the lift shaft. She begged Michael not to leave her but was separated from him again when the elevator went downstairs with Carla still standing on top of it.

Carla Song

Carla's corpse

Fortunately, she was actually released from the elevator only moments later. She toggled a fuse box and therefore activated a crane, causing Michael to be able to use it to get some large containers out of their way. However, when he finally reached the lower floor he witnessed Carla who was pursued by Henry Jacobs with a gun. Some time later, Carla and Michael reunited one last time. She apologized for not trusting him in the beginning but was confident to be able to survive Jigsaw's game by working together. Moments later Henry suddenly approached her from behind and slashed with a pair of scissors, killing her in the process.


Not much can be said about Carla's personality due to her short screentime but it can be assumed that she was an egotistic and treacherous woman as she started an affair with Dr. Gordon even though she most likely knew he was married and had a daughter. However she seemed to be truly saddened when Gordon ended their relationship and even almost cried, indicating that her feelings for him were actually real.



  • In Saw IV and VI, Carla's actress, Alexandra Bokyun Chun, could be seen on posters hanging on the walls in the waiting room of the Homeward Bound Clinic.
  • Carla was originally going to appear in Saw: The Video Game in some capacity as her model can be found in the files. Interetingly enough, her identity badge gives her surname as Johnson.

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