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It's not like I know the rules for this sort of stuff.
— Carla talks about her affair with Dr. Gordon.[src]

Carla is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. She serves as a minor character in the first Saw film.

She was portrayed by Alexandra Bokyun Chun.


The Affair

Carla at the hospital

Carla was a medical student at the Angel of Mercy Hospital, where she was educated by the renowned oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon. Eventually, Carla engaged in an affair with him, even though he had a wife, Alison, and a daughter, Diana. Over time, the two occasionally met up after work, although they kept their relationship a secret. The day after one of these dates in late March 2004, Lawrence introduced his students to John Kramer, a terminal cancer patient diagnosed with colon cancer and an inoperable frontal lobe tumor. The latter visited the hospital for a routine check-up to keep track of his declining health. However, Lawrence was interrupted by Zep Hindle, one of the orderlies, who reminded him that John was "a very interesting person" as he was disgruntled by the fact that Lawrence continuously only called him "the patient." Annoyed by this interruption, Lawrence sarcastically thanked Zep for the information. As Zep left and Lawrence was about to continue his medical round, he was once again interrupted and called to his office. (Saw)

The Alibi

When he entered it, he was greeted by Detective David Tapp and Detective Steven Sing, two homicide detectives who worked for the Metropolitan Police Department. They asked him about his whereabouts on the previous night between 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock. When Lawrence asked Tapp why he wanted to know about this, the latter showed him a penlight with Gordon's fingerprints on it, which had been found at the crime scene of one of the deadly games set up by a wanted serial killer known as Jigsaw.

Lawrence was taken to the police station for further interrogation. He immediately informed his friend and lawyer, Brett, who arrived shortly afterward and asked him about his alibi. After some initial hesitation, Lawrence eventually admitted to having met up with Carla at the time of the murder. When he asked Brett what to do now, his lawyer advised him to tell the police the truth immediately as they would not believe him later. Ultimately, Lawrence informed the detectives about his rendezvous with Carla. When Carla confirmed his alibi, Lawrence was allowed to leave. (Saw)

The Break-Up

Lawrence and Carla at the hotel

Five months later, Carla paged Lawrence at night and asked him to come to the Hotel Barfly. When he arrived at the run-down hotel shortly afterward, he visited Carla in her room and rebuked her for paging him while he was at home. As she was about to undress, Lawrence held her back and decided to end their affair as it had become too risky for him. When he wanted to leave, the phone rang, and an anonymous caller demanded to speak with Lawrence. Lawrence took the phone and was warned that the caller knew about his affair, which caused him to leave hectically. (Saw)


Carla seemed to have a somewhat charming personality, as shown by the fact that she had an affair with Lawrence Gordon. Although the latter was married and had a daughter, their romance went on for several months. However, the fact that she convinced Lawrence to betray his wife for such a long time, despite knowing about his marriage, indicated that she was also a treacherous and selfish individual. Nonetheless, she seemed genuinely saddened when Lawrence eventually ended their relationship, leading to the assumption that her feelings for the doctor were real to some degree.


  • In Saw IV and Saw VI, Carla's actress, Alexandra Bokyun Chun, could be seen on posters hanging in the Homeward Bound Clinic's waiting room.
  • The game files reveal that Carla was initially meant to appear in Saw: The Video Game. Interestingly enough, her placeholder model wears an identity badge that gives her surname as Johnson.
  • Carla appeared in the video game Saw II: Flesh & Blood, where her surname was Song.

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