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It's not like I know the rules for this kind of stuff.
— Carla talks about her affair with Dr. Gordon[src]

Carla is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in the first Saw film.

She was portrayed by Alexandra Bokyun Chun.


The Affair

Carla Zep

Carla at the hospital

Carla was a medical student at the Angel of Mercy Hospital, where she was educated by the renowned oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon. At some point, she started an affair with him and secretly went out with him after work at scheduled times. The day after one of these dates, she and her fellow students were introduced to John Kramer by Dr. Gordon during his medical round. Gordon told them about Kramer's colon cancer and his inoperable brain tumor but was interrupted by Zep Hindle, an orderly. Zep stated that John was a very interesting person and thereby objected to the fact Lawrence constantly only referring to him as "the patient." Seemingly annoyed by the disturbance, Lawrence sarcastically thanked Zep for the information about John to get him back to work. However, when he wanted to proceed, Lawrence was interrupted once again and called to the reception.

When he entered his office, he was already expected by Detective David Tapp and his partner, Detective Steven Sing, who investigated a series of murders committed by an individual known as the Jigsaw Killer. They asked Gordon about his whereabouts during the previous night, as a penlight with his fingerprints on it was found at the crime scene of the latest victim, Mark Wilson. Lawrence was taken to the police station for further interrogation. Eventually, he revealed to his friend and lawyer, Brett, that he had been with Carla at the time of the murder, which the police quickly found out to be the truth.


Carla and Gordon in the hotel

Five months later, Carla called Lawrence to the run-down Hotel Barfly at night. When he arrived and met Carla in her room, he rebuked her for paging him while his wife and daughter were at home. When Carla wanted to sleep with him, Gordon prevented her from taking off her clothes and decided to end their affair as it got too risky for him. When he was about to leave, Carla nearly started to cry but was interrupted when the telephone rang. Upon answering the call anonymously made by Zep Hindle, the latter demanded to talk to Dr. Gordon. When she gave Gordon the phone, Zep told him he knew about his secret, causing him to leave the room hectically. (Saw)


Not much can be said about Carla's personality due to her short screentime. However, it can be assumed that she was a selfish and treacherous woman as she started an affair with Dr. Gordon even though she most likely knew he was married and had a daughter. Nonetheless, she seemed to be genuinely saddened when Gordon ended their relationship and even almost cried, indicating that her feelings for him were real.


  • In Saw IV and Saw VI, Carla's actress, Alexandra Bokyun Chun, could be seen on posters hanging on the walls in the waiting room of the Homeward Bound Clinic.
  • Carla was originally going to appear in Saw: The Video Game in some capacity as her model can be found in the files. Interestingly enough, her identity badge gives her surname as Johnson.
  • However, she made an appearance in the video game Saw II: Flesh & Blood, where her surname was given as Song.

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