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The Butcher Shop is a fictional location from the Saw franchise, appearing in Spiral.


Benny Reitz's Abduction

One night William kidnapped Benny and hanged him by the hands to the ceiling of a room from the Constantine store, a butcher shop that used to be a hobby shop where Detective Ezekiel Banks used to go with his father when Ezekiel was a kid. He then took off his clothes and after that, scored Benny's body in order to remove the larger strips of his skin first, including arms and neck. William then started to skin Benny's entire body with a knife. Benny tried to fight back but it was in vain. After that, William tattooed the name Charlie along with a lemniscate symbol on a piece of Benny's skin, just like the tattoo William had on his arm in order to make everyone believe he had a son named Charlie. A wooden box was delivered to the police station with the contents being a piece of tattooed skin. Banks recognized it as Schenk's skin. The copycat added a note to the box, taunting Banks for his inability to catch him and threatening to take his head. A vial is inside the box which leads Banks and the police to a butcher shop that Banks used to frequent with his father. Inside the shop, they find a skinned corpse that is identified as William Schenk. Also inside is a vial that directs the new batch detectives to a butcher shop. Banks recognizes the place as a hobby shop that he and his father visited when he was younger.

Williams fake death

Skinning Trap.png

After getting to Constantine, Ezekiel and O'Brien entered the room where Benny's body (Who was still believed to be William's) was being examined by other cops and reacted with horror and disgust after seeing the corpse. Ezekiel waited outside of the room for a few minutes and when he went back into it, he asked a forensic about evidence. The forensic told him that they have been analyzing the tape recording and they were able to find out not only that Benny was skinned but also how the body was scored in order to remove the pieces in larger strips first and that the defensive wounds mean he tried to fight back, explaining the deeper gashes. After hearing all of this, Ezekiel was close to cry, due to not believing the fate allegedly his new partner and friend met. This upsets Banks more then he anticipated, though he begins to piece together clues from the investigation that he doesn't share with the other detectives.