You are so good at cooking the books, Solomon. Let's see how well you burn.
— Jigsaw taunts Solomon Bates[src]

The Burning Rack is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw II: Flesh & Blood.

Design and Function

The victim of this trap was strapped by their hands, feet and torso to a sliding cart connected to a railing system on the ceiling. A few feet below on the floor were numerous pipes, which were linked to a heater and alternated between spewing flames, which would eventually burn the victim alive. To survive, the test subject had to rely on the help of a second person. This person had to move the cart horizontally through three adjacent rooms. Thereby, they also had to solve certain tasks, such as moving other carts to clear the path or matching symbols as part of a memory game, while also making sure that the other person didn't hang above the fire spewing pipes. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Michael Tapp's Test

Hello, Solomon. You knowingly work for criminal organizations, concealing their profits by cooking the books. Now, you would say that you are just doing your job. I say you give criminals their ability to pollute the streets with drugs. You are attached to a cart set on a track. To free yourself, all you have to do is get to the other side of the room. As you can see, getting there will require some planning. You are so good at cooking the books, Solomon. Let's see how well you burn.
— Solomon Bate's tape[src]

Solomon in his trap

The persons tested in this trap were Michael Tapp, a reporter and son of the late Detective David Tapp, and Solomon Bates, an accountant who was involved in a drug cartel and concealed their profits. Both of them were abducted by Pighead II, an accomplice of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, who took them to the abandoned Holmes Hotel and put them in a trap. Solomon managed to get free before Michael, but failed his test nonetheless and was therefore put into another trap, the Burning Rack, located in the furnace room of an abandoned chemical plant. Later that night, Michael traversed the area as part of his own game and thereby found Solomon. As he approached him, a set of TVs turned on and a mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screens, which confronted Solomon with his crimes and his involvement in criminal organizations, while also explaining to him that he could only survive and escape by somehow getting to the other side of the area.

Michael tries to save Solomon

Afterwards, the TVs turned off again and several pipes below him started to spew fire. Michael pushed the cart, to which Solomon was bound, to the next room. Unlike in the first room, there were three sets of pipes, which alternated between spewing flames. To get Solomon to the other room, he had to push and pull several other carts in the right way and clear the path, while also occasionally moving Solomon to make sure he wasn't hanging above the spewing pipes. In the third and final room, there were 16 monitors, each one with a different picture on screen. In order to open the last door, Michael had to play a matching game and had to choose, which two pictures fitted together until all eight pairs were found. Eventually, he successfully managed to move Solomon to the end of the track, where he was freed from his chains and fell to the floor.

Michael interrogates Solomon

Michael then demanded information about the drug cartel. Solomon told him about Henry Jacobs, the Chief of Police, and Joseph Poltzer, the lead vice detective of the Metropolitan Police Department, who both used to steal drugs from the evidence room of the police station to sell them on the streets with the assistance of Carla Song, a doctor, and Sarah Blalok, a drug addict and dealer. Furthermore, he stated that Michael's father coincidentally stumbled upon the cartel while investigating the Jigsaw Case and said that Sarah was supposed to knock him off their trail. Eventually, he also confronted Michael with an article he had written and which had destroyed his father's reputation. Angered by this, he assaulted Solomon, who evaded his attack and cowardly took flight. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

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