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An offering of blood, no matter how little, will set you free
— John's tape

The Bucket Room is a trap, as well as a fictional location, from the Saw franchise. It was a minor location that appeared in Jigsaw.

Design and Function

The trap takes place in an empty room with circular saws attached to a wall. On the opposite side of the room are five victims wearing bucket-like helmets with collars attached to a chain, which pulls them towards the saws. The chains will eventually pull them into the saws, mutilating or killing them. The only way to release the buckets was to cut any part of the victim's body on the saw, no matter how small the wound. Once the "blood offering" is complete, the respective victim's bucket detaches from their collar and can be removed, and the circular saws deactivate. The wall of any surviving victims then opens up into a door, and the victims are dragged by their still-chained collars into the next trap, Chain Hangers.


The Original Test

I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here. You deny compatibility, no doubt for the circumstances in which you find yourselves. Salvation can be yours. If you cleanse yourselves of the arbitrary lies which have brought you here, lies that you have told yourselves, lies that have brutalized others, confess, the truth will set you free. But any attempt to violate my rules will kill you. I want to play a game. First an offering of blood, no matter how little will give you a green light to escape from this room with your lives. If you can release yourself from your demons, you can begin to shed the chains those demons bring with them. Should you not give the simple blood sacrifice that I have requested, you will face severe consequences. The choice is yours.
— John's tape

Carly wakes up in the trap

The five victims of this trap were Carly, who stole an asthmatic woman's purse resulting in her having an attack and dying, Mitch, who sold a motorcycle with defective brakes to John Kramer's nephew resulting in him dying in an accident, Anna, who asphyxiated her baby and blamed her husband, who later committed suicide by hanging himself, Ryan, responsible for the death of three people in his adolescence due to his recklessness, and Logan Nelson, responsible for mixing up John's x-rays with another man, resulting in his cancer being diagnosed late. When a timer in the room reaches zero an alarm rings and the lights turn on. Carly, Mitch, Anna, and Ryan wake up and began to observe the room they were in. Mitch realizes that there is a camera watching them and a wall with saws in front of them. John speaks over the intercom, vaguely explaining why they are there. John says that the truth will set them free, and that they should confess their sins. John explains that an offering of blood is required to pass the first test. However, Logan still was not awake, preventing him from hearing the instructions.

Carly being pulled towards her wall of saws

The saws in front of the five test subjects begin to spin and the chains begin to pull the test subjects towards the saws. The prisoners try to fight against the pulling, but nothing they try works. Anna remembers the instructions, and reluctantly cuts herself on one of the saws. All of her saws stop spinning, and her helmet is detached, allowing her to remove it.

Anna then tells Mitch, Ryan, and Carly to cut themselves. Ryan cuts his arm, while Mitch and Carly are jerked towards the saws, injuring them. All three are also freed, and the four successful prisoners begin to be pulled by their chains to the next room. As this happens, Logan finally wakes up and panics. Anna tells him to cut himself, but it is too late. As the others are pulled out of the room, Logan is pulled into the wall of saws.

John exempting Logan from the game

Moments later, John enters the room and deactivates the trap, feeling he should not die because of his own miscalculation. He then removes Logan's helmet and unchains him. Logan received several deep cuts to the back, but survives. John treats Logan's injures and recruits him as one of his first apprentices. (Jigsaw)


Logan preparing the new game

Ten years later, Logan recreates the trap as part of a new game. Logan abducts Malcolm Neale, a gambler whose debts resulted in his wife's murder, along with two other criminals, and puts them in the trap. It is later activated by Edgar Munsen, who is facing his own test.

After the game begins, the two unnamed criminals pass their test by cutting themselves on the blades, but Malcolm fails. He is then mutilated by the saws and fatally decapitated while the other two move on to the next test. (Jigsaw)


Logan and Eleanor Bonneville later come across the room when they investigate Tuck's pig farm. (Jigsaw)