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Embrace every day as if it is your last.
— Bobby is introduced to his final test[src]

The Brazen Bull is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw 3D.

Design and Function

This trap was the sixth and last one in a series of tests. The victim found themselves on a small metal platform and had a leather collar around their neck with a chain attached to it. This chain ran through a small hole in the platform and was attached to a winch below, which prevented the victim from moving away. To survive, the test subject had to rely on the help of a second person. Across from the trap was a pulley with two chains, each one having a hook attached to it. The second victim had to pierce their pectoral muscles with these hooks and then had to hoist themselves up to the ceiling, where they had to connect two extension cords in other to deactivate the other victim's trap. If the person did not manage to do so in time, the platform, to which the other victim was chained, was lowered down. Then, two arching walls emerged from the sides of the platform above the victim's position and join together at the halfway point. Finally, a funnel-shaped dome sprang up from the front of the platform, thereby entrapping the person in what appeared to be a giant oven. Seconds later, fire erupted from all sides of the oven's exterior and slowly roasted the victim alive. (Saw 3D)


Bobby Dagen's Test

One of the persons tested in this trap was Bobby Dagen, a man who had gained wealth and fame by publishing his book "S.U.R.V.I.V.E. - My Story of Overcoming Jigsaw", in which he told his readers how he supposedly survived a deadly trap set up by the Jigsaw Killer and how his life developed afterwards. In fact however, he had never been tested by the killer and his whole story was nothing but a lie. The other subject was Joyce Dagen, Bobby's wife, who had been chosen for this game even though she didn't know the truth about Bobby's story. One day, both of them were abducted by Detective Mark Hoffman, the successor of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. After subduing them, he took them to the abandoned Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital, where he placed Joyce in the trap. Furthermore, he had prepared a deadly game for Bobby.

Joyce witnesses Bobby's game

When Joyce woke up again, she was terribly frightened and immediately started to panic. While she desperately screamed for help, a TV suddenly turned on in front of her, distressing her even more as it showed her husband lying on the floor of a room. He soon managed to pick himself up and began to find a way through the hospital to reach Joyce. On his way, he met Nina, Suzanne and Cale, the members of his promotional crew, who had all been abducted as well and put into vicious, deadly traps by Hoffman. Due to the security cameras observing Bobby, Joyce was able to observe his progress and his attempts to save the others. However, she became more and more worried as all three of them died in their respective traps. Additionally, the chain attached to Joyce's collar was pulled tighter every time Bobby failed one of his tasks, thereby eventually forcing her down on her knees.

Joyce in the trap

As the time went by, Bobby reached another room. From his room, he could see and hear her over a TV screen as she screamed for help. Bobby wielded his hands before the camera and promised Joyce to save her. Joyce begged him to hurry. As he looked around, searching for a tape, the screen suddenly switched to a mechanical ventriloquist puppet, which introduced him to the next game. It informed him that the heavy metal door before him was the last obstacle between him and his wife. In order to open it, he had to enter a four digit combination. The necessary numbers had been etched onto his two upper wisdom teeth. The puppet referred to a chart hanging on the wall, which showed him which teeth to pull and in which order to enter the digits. When the tape ended, the screen switched back to Joyce. Bobby told her he did not want her to watch his game and turned away from a camera as he began to pull out his teeth.

Hello, Bobby. You have almost completed your rebirth. However, your final task will be your most difficult. The woman before you symbolizes your success. She is your trophy and she has seen the good in your message, despite its dishonest beginnings. Today, we will see if you can truly earn her love. To prove your status as a survivor, you must overcome a game that should be all too familiar. You supposedly survived it once already, so it should be easy to survive once again. Pierce the hooks through your chest muscles and the game will begin. In order to free yourself and your wife, you must hoist yourself with these chains and connect the extension cords above you before the clock expires. Both hands will be needed to complete this task. But that should be simple, for, as you claim to understand, the pectoral muscles can easily support your weight. So I ask you Bobby, when you embrace every day as if it is your last, will it be with your wife? Make your choice.
— Bobby Dagen's tape[src]

Bobby is introduced to his final test

Bobby ultimately managed to open the door and shortly afterwards, eventually reached Joyce, who was still chained to her trap in the center of a big hall. He apologized to Joyce for what she had to endure. She however was relieved to see him. As she begged him to help her, he immediately ran towards her but was held back and briefly paralyzed by an electric fence surrounding her. Moments later, a TV turned on, showing the puppet once more. The puppet again confronted him with his dishonesty and told her that he had to overcome the game that he had described in his own book. In order to save his wife he had to pierce to hooks, which were attached to a pulley system, through his pectoral muscles. Then, he had to hoist himself up to the ceiling, where he had to connect two extension cord before the clock expired.

The oven is activated

When the TV turned off, Joyce asked Bobby what the puppet had meant by referring to his dishonesty. Therefore, Bobby remorsefully admitted that he had never been in a trap. Shocked and angered by this, Joyce condemned him for his lie and started to cry. However, when Bobby told her that his love for her had always been true, she reciprocated his feelings. After that, Bobby took off his shirt and, despite the great amount of pain, inserted the hooks into his chest muscles, before he began to pull himself up with the chains. As he hoisted himself, Joyce frantically encouraged him and told him to hurry. Bobby pulled himself up further and further and thereby finally reached the cords. However, just as he grabbed them and tried to connect them, his muscles could no longer support his weight, causing him to fall down several feet to the floor. With only a few seconds left, Joyce desperately yelled at him. Moments later, the timer went off and the platform, to which she was chained, was lowered down.

Joyce is roasted alive

Then, two arching walls emerged from the sides of the platform above her position and join together at the halfway point. Finally, a funnel-shaped dome sprang up from the front of the platform, thereby entrapping her in what appeared to be a giant oven. Seconds later, fire erupted from all sides of the oven's exterior. Bobby tried to get through the electric fence to save her, but collapsed due to the electric shock. While bursting into tears, he was forced to watch while Joyce was slowly and painfully roasted alive before him. (Saw 3D)


  • This trap was based on a real torture device of the same name, built by Perillos of Athens. He built and proposed the bull to Phalaris, a tyrant of Sicily, as new means of executing criminals. However, Perillos was the first one to be put inside the trap by force, in order to test it.
  • The hooks used in this trap can be seen on the table in Hoffman's hideout in Saw V.