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People died because of me! Innocent people died because of me! I did it!
— Brad confesses his sins to Jigsaw.[src]

Detective Brad Halloran is a fictional character from the Saw franchise and serves as the main antagonist of Jigsaw.

He is portrayed by Callum Keith Rennie.


Early Life

Brad Halloran was a homicide detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department. during his early years as a detective under corruption let many criminals free from jail including Malcolm Neale and Edgar Munsen, a drug addict who later murdered Logan Nelson's wife, which resulted in Logan hating Halloran deeply. One day a criminal named Alistair Schultz a ruthless sexual predator, who was eventually arrested. However, Halloran battered Schultz while he was in custody, so Schultz would avoid his prison sentence. Due to this act of violence, Alistair's lawyer procured his release even though there were ironclad proofs of his crimes. The next day, Alistair continued his criminal life and murdered an 8-year-old girl. (Jigsaw)


Halloran instruct to shoot the remote.

Ten years after the death of John Kramer as known as jigsaw, was called by Edgar on top of a roof, Halloran along with Detective Keith Hunt. In his attempt to find out what was going on and who was responsible for it, Halloran questioned Edgar, while his colleagues still held him at gunpoint. Edgar claimed that he himself was going to die if he didn't activate the remote. Therefore, Halloran ordered the officers to aim for the remote and shoot it if Edgar pulled the trigger. As the time was running out, Edgar lost his composure and activated the device, causing the officers to instantly shoot and destroy the remote. However, a bullet hit his chest and Edgar collapsed severely injured. Afterwards, the officers lowered their guns, while Halloran angrily asked which one of them shot Edgar in the chest against his orders. (Jigsaw)

The recreation of the Murderer's trial

Halloran talks to Edgar's doctor

When the first Jigsaw victim was found, Eleanor Bonneville recognized the call sign of the jigsaw piece carved out of the victim's skin. After hearing John Kramer's voice on a thumb drive, she first denied the idea that Kramer was alive. Halloran and his partner, Keith Hunt, begin to investigate the 'game' more seriously. Edgar was taken to the St. Peter's Hospital, where he had to be put in an artificial coma. Sometime later, he was briefly revisited by Halloran, who wanted to look after him after the mutilated corpse of a woman had been found before the entrance of the hospital. When he left again, Officer Canter remained at the hospital and guarded the door to Edgar's room. (Jigsaw)

Edgar Munsen's Death

Halloran scolds Canter for falling asleep

However, when Canter fell asleep, Logan entered the room and injected a medicament into Edgar's infusion bag, causing him to wake up. Afterwards, Logan abducted him and eventually killed him by slicing his throat. After examining the body, she told Logan she found that there might be a way she be able to find the place of death, but they were interrupted when a second Jigsaw victim was found. Following his death, Logan cut a jigsaw piece from Edgar's cheek. Afterwards, he put his corpse into the coffin of John Kramer, before burying it again. The next day, the police commissioner ordered John's corpse to be exhumed in order to calm down the public after the recent murders. In the presence of several reporters and under Detective Keith's watch, the grave was dug up again and the coffin was opened. When Keith recognized Edgar Munsen, he immediately informed Detective Halloran.

Raid on Eleanor's Replica Lair

Halloran became suspicious of forensic pathologists Logan Nelson and Eleanor Bonneville, specifically Eleanor. Though in turn Logan, a military veteran whose wife was killed two years prior, is suspicious of Halloran's motives in investigating the case. The police captain orders John Kramer's grave to be exhumed in order to put an end to the rumors that the 'game' is really another Jigsaw game, and that somehow John is still alive, inside the coffin is instead Edgar's body, with a jigsaw piece cut out of his cheek.


Logan and Eleanor speak in a bar about their distrust of Halloran, before Eleanor takes Logan to her "studio", revealing that she is an obsessive fangirl of the Jigsaw case and has built many replicas of his previous traps, which she worries could incriminate her. Hunt has followed them and takes photos of her studio, which he shows to Halloran. Halloran, Hunt and an SWAT team then raid Elanor's lair upon doing so they find a body. Later on, Halloran ordered Keith to arrest Logan as he had started to suspect him. Logan, however, told Keith that Halloran was actually the killer and the one responsible for shooting Edgar on the rooftop. Keith gave him the opportunity to prove his theory and accompanied him to the morgue. Logan removed the projectile from Edgar's chest and put it into a cleaning solution. Unnoticed by Keith, he replaced it with a bullet of a Glock 17, the gun used by Halloran. Therefore, he finally convinced Keith that Halloran had killed Edgar. (Jigsaw)


After Eleanor found out the location of the barn, she and Logan went there to investigate it, but both were followed and ambushed by Halloran. Eleanor managed to escape, while Logan was knocked out and Halloran was attacked by an unseen assailant. Both men awakened in a room, inside of collars rigged with laser cutters. (Jigsaw)


Halloran in the Laser Collars

After being abducted and put into the laser room with Logan, Halloran started yelling at John's voice telling them to confess or die. Halloran offers to go first but then pushes Logan's button. Logan confesses to mislabeling John's x-rays, but appears to be killed by the laser collar. Halloran believed he survived the test as the last man alive, but was quickly forced to take his turn of confession. He quickly confesses to letting criminals go free, and admitting that innocent people died because of him.

Halloran is killed by the Laser Collars

He then notices that there were no marks on the ceiling on the other side of the room, revealing that Logan's lasers were simple light pointers, and Logan rises up and reveals to Halloran that he was the one running the game. Confused Halloran demanded an explanation. Logan revealed the long-desiccated corpses of Anna and Ryan saying that he participated in the same game they had a decade ago. Also mentioning that Eleanor will provide his alibi. Logan declares how so many innocent people ended up on his table because of Halloran's shameless deeds and that he will now speak for the lives ruined by such individuals. He then activates Halloran's lasers and slices his head into pieces before sealing his tomb with the words "I speak for the dead". (Jigsaw)


Brad Halloran was nothing less of a greedy and shameless man whose first priority was always his own benefit. He would free known criminals to use them as informants, frame innocent people to further his career, and even take bribes. He had no guilt about the innocent people who died because of his actions, lying to himself into thinking that he was trying to balance out the corruption that already plagued society. His self-preservation also made him very cowardly. This was made evident when he pushed Logan's button first in their game after volunteering to go first, hoping that he would go free if Logan died first. Even more, he even tried to bargain for his life.


  • Halloran's pistol is a Glock 17.
  • It's possible that Halloran got away with his crimes because of article 8
  • Although Logan is revealed to be the Jigsaw killer, Halloran still serves as the main antagonist due to his actions having impacted and eventually leading to Logan to replicate Jigsaw's first game. Overall it was Halloran's actions that had the most impact as they caused the events of the film.
  • Although Halloran's first name is never said in the movie, it can be vaguely seen in his name tag in a few scenes.

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