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Benny Reitz is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor antagonist in Spiral.

He was portrayed by Chad Camilleri


Early Life

Benny Reitz was a homeless man, a drug addict and a small time criminal who did work for anyone. He lived in an abandoned burnt-out bread factory on 12th street and used to bought drugs from a man named Speez in a meth house. He was one of Speez' best and most well-known costumers.

Marv Bozwick's Test

During the night of 4th July, Benny was hired by William Emmerson to lure Marv Bozwick, an Homicide Detective from the Metropolitan Police Department that lied and put innocent people in jail into the sewers in order to place him into a deadly trap as a punishment. Benny accepted the deal, disguised himself of Uncle Sam and went to the 4th July festival in search of Bozwick. Benny saw Bozwick walking through the festival and enjoying it, so he called his attention by colliding with him and then stealing the purse of a woman in the festival. Benny ran away with the purse while the woman started to scream for help and asked someone to call the police, so Bozwick started to chase Benny while screaming to him to stop. Making sure that Bozwick kept following him, Benny entered the sewers via the ladders of an underground tunnel and kept running away. Bozwick got into the sewers too, where William was able to kidnap him and place him on the trap, causing his death.


Despite having fulfilled his part of the deal, one night, William kidnapped Benny and hanged him by the hands to the ceiling of a room from the Constantine store, a butcher shop that used to be a hobby shop where Detective Ezekiel Banks used to go with his father when Ezekiel was a kid. He then took off his clothes and after that, scored Benny's body in order to remove the larger strips of his skin first, including arms and neck. William then started to skin Benny's entire body with a knife. Benny tried to fight back but it was in vain.


Benny's corpse

After that, William tattooed the name Charlie along with a lemniscate symbol on a piece of Benny's skin, just like the tattoo William had on his arm in order to make everyone believe he had a son named Charlie. He then wrapped the body of a Mr. Snuggles puppet with the tattooed piece of skin, put a small red paint jar from a store named Constantine under the piece of skin, put the wrapped puppet inside a small box along with a note that said: "Am I getting under your skin, Detective Banks? Careful, while you’re looking for more bodies to drop, I’ll take your head.", tied the box and sent it anonymously to the Metropolitan Police Department station. After that, William left Benny's skinned body hanging to the ceiling by a hook and placed some of his clothes, his police plaque, his golden ring, his wallet and his belt on the floor near the body, along with an Instruction Tape he recorded talking to himself about a trap he had to beat. All of this in an attempt for William to make everyone believe he got put and killed in a trap and that Benny's corpse was his.

After the box arrived to the police station, it was opened by Ezekiel Banks, Captain Angie Garza and Detective Tim O'Brien. They found the puppet with the note inside and were disgusted after realizing the puppet was wrapped in human skin. After Ezekiel read the note, he realized what the "Am I getting under your skin, Detective Banks?" line was referring to and turned the puppet to it's back. After doing so, Ezekiel saw the tattoo on the piece of skin and remembered it was the same tattoo William had on his arm. Ezekiel went through a breakdown believing that his partner was killed. O'Brien then discovered the small red paint jar under the piece of skin and removed it stretching the skin with a pen. Ezekiel recognized the place where the jar comes from and they all went to there.

After getting to Constantine, Ezekiel and O'Brien entered the room where Benny's body (Who was still believed to be William's) was being examined by other cops and reacted with horror and disgust after seeing the corpse. Ezekiel waited outside of the room for a few minutes and when he went back into it, he asked a forensic about evidence. The forensic told him that they have been analyzing the tape recording and they were able to find out not only that Benny was skinned but also how the body was scored in order to remove the pieces in larger strips first and that the defensive wounds mean he tried to fight back, explaining the deeper gashes. After hearing all of this, Ezekiel was close to cry, due to not believing the fate allegedly his new partner and friend met. (Spiral)


Not much could be said about Benny Reitz’ personality due to his short screen time.


  • Benny shared some similarities with Edgar Munsen from Jigsaw. Both characters were drug addict criminals, both were sent to a place by the killer in order to start a new game, both were chased by cops in the intro while doing what the killer told them to do, both were personally known by a member of the Metropolitan Police Department, both were kidnapped and murdered by the killer by cutting their bodies and finally, both had their corpses later exposed to the public near the end of the movie as part of the killer's plan.
  • Despite being referred to as "Benny Reitz" in the movie, he is only credited as "Benny".

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