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Hand him the tools that will save his life.
— Jigsaw's orders for Rigg[src]

The Bedroom Trap is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw IV.

Design and Function

This trap was the second one in a series of tests. It was located in room 261 of the run-down Alexander Motel. While it originally was a ordinary double bed, it was turned into a vicious trap by Art Blank. Positioned on each corner of the bed were large metal columns mounted to heavy metal contraptions with gear systems. Attached to each of the columns was a chain with a shackle on the end of it. These were used to strap the test subject's limbs. Additionally, another metal device, resembling a vise, was positioned at the headboard and was used to hold the victim's head in place. On each side of the vice were two long miniature scythes. Before the start of the game, two triggers were handed to the victim, one to activate each scythe. Once the game began, the test subject had 60 seconds to press the triggers, which would cause the scythes to gouge the victim's eyes out and deactivate the trap and release them from their straps. If the subject didn't press both triggers within 60 seconds, the metal columns would fall back one by one and thereby rip out the victim's limbs. (Saw IV)



The persons tested in this trap were Ivan Landsness, a sadistic rapist who had raped and brutally battered at least three women throughout his life, and Daniel Rigg, an officer obsessed with saving everyone around him. One day, Ivan's lawyer, Art Blank, who had succesfully defended him and thereby got him acquitted of rape all three times, rented the room 261 in the motel. Unknown to Ivan, Art had become a victim of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, and was forced to obey his orders. Otherwise, he would be killed by a device attached to his back which would cut his spine. Throughout his stay at the motel, Art smuggled several components into the room one by one and used them to set up the Bedroom Trap for Ivan. (Saw IV)

Daniel Rigg's Test

Hello, Officer Rigg. In order for you to fully understand my way, you must feel what I feel. The photo before you is of a man in desperate need of help. In the next room are the tools to his salvation. His life is in your hands, but in the end, only he can save himself. Be careful. There are cameras watching and you must hide your identity. Make your choice.
— Daniel Rigg's first tape[src]

Rigg is introduced to his test

One night, six days later, Officer Daniel Rigg, who was another test subject of Jigsaw, came to his motel. Upon entering, he was yelled at by a drunk vagrant who had been sleeping in the doorway, whereas Ivan, tried to be friendly and asked if he could help him. However, Rigg ignored both of them and went up the stairs to Room 261. Before he could follow him, Ivan was held back when the drunk vagrant wanted to go up to see what Rigg was doing. Armed with his weapon, Rigg hesitantly opened the door to the room and went in. When he entered the room, he immediately saw a large box sitting on the bed. As he stepped closer, he noticed that a photo of his wife, Tracy was lying on top of it with the words "She needed you" written on its backside. Due to some long, black hair sticking out of the box, Rigg initially thought that Tracy's severed head might be in the box, and hesitated to open it. However, when he ultimately lifted the lid, he was relieved to see that the hair belonged to one of Jigsaw's pig masks. Aside from the mask, the box contained a mugshot of Ivan, as well as an audio tape for Rigg, which gave him his further instructions. To continue his series of tests, he had to force Ivan to play a game on his own, which was waiting for him in the next room, behind a door with the words "Feel What I Feel" written on it in red letters. The tape told him that he had to put on the pig mask, so the cameras in the room wouldn't recognize him. However, Rigg decided to use the mask differently. While Ivan was busy getting rid of the vagrant, Rigg attracted the attention of his dog, Chance, and lured it upstairs to the bedrooms. After dealing with the vagrant, Ivan noticed that Chance had disappeared and therefore called for it. While looking for his pet, he eventually went up the stairs to the sleeping rooms and eventually found Chance, who had found the pig mask lying on the floor right before the door of Room 261. When Ivan approached and picked it up, Rigg stepped out and aimed his gun at Ivan, forcing him into the room.

If you are playing this tape, then you are one step closer to truly understanding how to save a life. As an officer of the law, you find yourself torn. Is the man before you a victim or a perpetrator of violence? His salvation is out of your hands. It is your choice - if you wish - to put it into his own. Once this lesson is learned, you will find yourself one step closer to truly saving Eric Matthews. Without you, this man's game cannot begin. Force him into the position to face his demons and let him make the decision.
— Daniel Rigg's second tape[src]

Rigg forces Ivan to strap himself

Ivan, who was afraid of him, asked Rigg why he was doing this. When Rigg showed him a mugshot of himself, he admitted to have made a mistake years ago and claimed that he had payed for it. As he begged Rigg to let him go, the latter asked him what was behind the door to the next room and handed Ivan a key. While Rigg held him at gunpoint, Ivan unlocked the door. However, after taking a look into the room, he tried to flee but was held back by Rigg, who forced him through the door. Upon entering, he discovered numerous photos of brutally violated women hanging from the ceiling and on the walls. Furthermore, the bed in the middle of the room had been turned into a vicious trap by Art Blank. It was surrounded by four large metal posts, one at each corner, with metallic chains and shackles attached to each one of them. On the upper end of the bed was a vise with a timer on it, and attached to either side of it were two miniature scythes. Initially worried by his discovery, Rigg stepped further into the room, where he saw Eric and Hoffman on the screen of a TV. Ivan desperately tried to flee through the next door and screamed for help, but was ruggedly pulled back and brought to the ground by Rigg, who asked him if he knew Eric, which he denied. After that, Rigg found a piece of paper with his name on it, as well as another audio tape standing on a small table. The tape told him that Ivan was in fact a brutal criminal, who needed to be tested, and that Rigg was the one who had to force him into his trap. (Saw IV)

Ivan Landsness' Test

Hello, Ivan. As a voyeur, you have kept photos of those you have victimized. Can you see the pain you have brought them? You have torn apart their lives. You've used your body as an instrument of abuse. Now I give you the chance to decide what is more important: Your eyes, which have let you blindly astray... or your body, which has caused those around you endless suffering. You have been handed the tools that will save your life. Decide quickly, though. In 60 seconds, the choice will be made for you.
— Ivan Landsness' tape[src]

Ivan sacrifices his eye

When the tape ended, the TV switched to a video of a blindfolded woman strapped to a bed. Upon seeing how Ivan raped the woman, Rigg became furious and forced the man to shackle himself onto the bed. Ivan initially refused, but ultimately gave up when Rigg threatened him with his gun. Despite his begging to let him go, Rigg forced him to continue and eventually placed his head in the vice. Soon after, Rigg found another note, which told him to hand Ivan the tools to save his life. He took two triggers from the table and gave them to the rapist. The last thing left on the table was an audio tape for Ivan. When Rigg grabbed it, the drawer of the table opened and revealed another box. The box contained the next message, which told Rigg to "become the teacher and save a life" and to "go back to where it all began." After that, he started Ivan's tape and tossed it onto his body. While Ivan was struggling to press the triggers, which would cause the scythes to gouge his eyes out, but were also his only way to escape. Eventually, Ivan pressed the first trigger, causing the first scythe to pierce his right eye. After that, he attempted to press the second button as well. However, before he could bring himself to do so, the timer went off and Ivan's limbs were torn apart. (Saw IV)


Ivan's corpse

Ivan's corpse was found shortly afterwards. The motel was then secured by a SWAT team led by Officer Lamanna. When the special agents Lindsey Perez and Peter Strahm arrived only minutes later, Ivan had already been identified. As the agents already knew about Rigg's game, they immediately knew that Ivan was connected to it. While investigating the scene, Officer Lamanna came in and informed them that the room had been rented by a lawyer named Art Blank, who had been who had been reported missing two weeks earlier. Therefore, Strahm ordered him to find out his address. While discussing the new situation with Perez, he stated that Ivan was already the second person seen on several photos in Rigg's apartment who had been killed over the course of the night. Furthermore, he pointed to a message written on the door which said "Feel as I feel" and reminded Perez of a similar message written on the wall of Rigg's apartment which said "See as I see". Thereby, he concluded that John Kramer tried to teach his lessons to Rigg and suspected that Rigg had been recruited by him. Moments later, Lamanna reentered the room and told them that Art Blank owned several proerties, the last known address being only to blocks away. After the agents left, Ivan's corpse was taken to the morgue for his autopsy by Dr. Adam Heffner while the metal columns, the photos, the vice and the tapes were taken to the evidence room. (Saw IV, IV)


  • The concept of this trap closely resembled an earlier concept of Detective Allison Kerry's trap in Saw III. However, as the creators decided to put her in the Angel Trap instead, the concept wasn't used until Saw IV.
  • This trap and both Ivan and Riggs's involvement in it, is analogous to Ivan's crimes in the following ways
    • Ivan is forced into position by Officer Rigg, like Ivan forced his victims into position.
    • Ivan is strapped to the bed in a very similar fashion to his victim(s).
    • Ivan has to blind himself like he blindfolded his victims(s).
    • The purpose of the trap, should he fail, is to tear him apart, like the tape mentions he torn apart his victims lives.
    • The photos decorating the room, as well as the snuff film playing simultaneously, ensures that Rigg won't show mercy like Ivan didn't.