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— Barrett at the apartment complex

Officer Barrett is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Spiral.

He was portrayed by Morgan David Jones.


Zeke's Undercover Robbery

Barrett was an officer working for the Metropolitan Police Department, Ezekiel Banks, A homicide detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department and three gang bangers robbed some drug dealers there. After they did they left and went to get into their car to get away. But Barrett and one of his colleagues Pat along with other numerous officers were waiting for them to finish the robbery and then after arrested the three gang bangers. (Spiral)

Investigating Jigsaw Copycat

When off-duty detective Marv Bozwick is gruesomely murdered in the subway tunnel, Banks is called to investigate alongside his new partner, Detective In-Training William Schenk. At the station Angie Garza, Fitch, Kraus, O'Brien, Drury, Morgey and himself try to find out who killed Boz. Zeke revives a box from the killer with USB in it Zeke plugs it in. They find the first video tape from the killer, who identifies the murdered man as a police officer. The killer plans to reform the Metro PD and remind them of the oath they took to the city. Schenk, Banks, and Detective Fitch piece together that the Jigsaw Killer has a new copycat. Once Zeke saw the video that Schenk anonymously sent to him in the form of an USB, he recognized the courthouse that appeared in the video, went there along with William and found the red spiral. (Spiral)

Schenk's Death

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A box is later delivered to the station with a taunting note asking Banks if the killer was getting under his skin. Inside the box is a piece of Schenk's skin inside, identified via a distinctive tattoo. Also inside is a vial that directs the new batch detectives to a butcher shop. Banks recognizes the place as a hobby shop that he and his father visited when he was younger. After getting to Constantine, Ezekiel and O'Brien entered the room where Benny's body (Who was still believed to be William's) was being examined by Jeannie Lewis and other cops including himself that reacted with horror and disgust after seeing the corpse. Ezekiel waited outside of the room for a few minutes and when he went back into it, he asked a forensic about evidence. The forensic told him that they have been analyzing the tape recording and they were able to find out not only that Benny was skinned but also how the body was scored in order to remove the pieces in larger strips first and that the defensive wounds mean he tried to fight back, explaining the deeper gashes. After hearing all of this, Ezekiel was close to cry, due to not believing the fate allegedly his new partner and friend met. This upsets Banks more then he anticipated, though he begins to piece together clues from the investigation that he doesn't share with the other detectives.

Angie Garza's Death

Barrett was at a shop one day and then he was attacked by a Figure in a Pig mask and was stabbed in the arm. He was later found by fellow officers and informed Detective Ezekiel Banks. Barrett's attack was used as a distraction to get the officers out of the precinct so that the killer could capture Captain Angie Garza. Garza is abducted and placed under the police station. Banks realizes she's been abducted and is next on the copycats kill order, and tries to find her. He doesn't arrive in time and discovers her corpse; her face is covered in wax, while her spinal cord is severed. Her death devastates Banks, but also gives him a lead. He realizes that the killer must know intimate knowledge of the police station to pull off the abduction. Banks also learns that his father, Marcus Banks, is officially missing as no one can locate him. Detective O'Brien suspects that Marcus is working with the copycat killer. (Spiral)


Not much could be said about Barrett’s personality due to his short screen time.

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