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Somebody died, but I... It wasn't my fault!
— Carly talks about the woman's death[src]

The Asthmatic Woman is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Jigsaw.

She was portrayed by Esther Thibault.



Not much is known about this woman's early life besides the fact that she had asthma. At one point in her life, she became the victim of a young thief named Carly. While she sat at a table outside a café, Carly went by, grabbed her purse, and immediately ran away. The woman pursued her and, thereby, suffered a severe asthma attack. Unfortunately, her inhaler was still in the purse stolen by Carly. Because of this, she collapsed in an alleyway and ultimately succumbed to the attack.


Not much can be said about the asthmatic woman's personality due to her short screen time.

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