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We all did something wrong with an advantage from birth. That doesn't have to mean money.
— Ashley discusses the situation with her fellow prisoners[src]

Ashley Kazon is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a supporting protagonist in Saw V.

She was portrayed by Laura Gordon.


The Fire

Ashley Kazon was a young woman and a fire inspector. At one point in her career, she investigated a fire in an apartment building that had claimed the lives of eight people living there. During her investigation, Ashley found out that the house had been deliberately set on fire. However, she was bribed and, therefore, faked the fire report and labeled the fire as a tragic incident. Soon afterward, Peter Strahm and Lindsey Perez, two special agents working on the case, suspected her and almost discovered her lie. They planned to bring a charge against Ashley as well as four other suspects - Charles Salomon, a journalist, Luba Gibbs, a city planner, Brit Stevenson, a real estate developer, and Mallick Scott, a drug addict. However, when the only witness suddenly disappeared, the investigation was ceased. (Saw V, Saw VI)


Ashley continued her work until she was eventually discharged from the fire department for unknown reasons. One month later, she was abducted by Detective Mark Hoffman, the successor of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. John had gained knowledge of her involvement in the arson case before his death. Therefore, he had instructed Hoffman to arrange a deadly game for her and the other people involved in the case. After subduing her, Hoffman took her to a room in a catacomb area at 1293 Sandburst Drive along with the other test subjects and fettered each of them with leather collars before leaving. (Saw V)


Ashley wakes up in the trap

Shortly afterward, Ashley woke up first. Despite being initially confused, she quickly realized the dangerousness of her situation when she saw a giant blade behind her. Seconds later, the next prisoner, Luba, awoke from her unconsciousness. When Ashley told her not to move, Luba initially thought that it was her who had put her in this situation, which Ashley denied. The third prisoner, Mallick, immediately panicked and was convinced that Jigsaw had done this to them, stating that he had expected something like this to happen to him. However, Brit, who had woken up as well, tried to calm him down and reminded him that Jigsaw was dead according to the news. Luba then pointed to a security camera, stating that someone was watching them. Despite her initial doubts about their captivity being related to Jigsaw, Brit changed her opinion when she realized that they were observed to make sure that they were following the rules. Due to this, Mallick further panicked and desperately tried to remove his collar. He stopped, however, when the last prisoner, Charles, warned him that his head would "pop off like a dandelion" and pointed to the blades behind them as well as a timer on the wall, suspecting that it would start ticking down once a metal pin was pulled out. This pin was attached to a cable running through all of their collars.

Ashley watches the instruction tape

They were suddenly interrupted when a TV turned on in front of them. A mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on-screen and introduced them to their game, telling them they had been chosen for using privileges given to them at birth to further themselves at the expense of others. Furthermore, the puppet explained that the cable running through their collars, which connected all of them, could be pulled so tight that the mounted razors behind them would decapitate them. The only way to free themselves was by obtaining the keys from five glass boxes standing on pedestals before them. However, if one of them moved forward to get their key, the timer would be activated, and every one of them who wasn't able to remove the collar within 60 seconds would be decapitated. Finally, the puppet warned them not to follow their "life-long instincts" in this situation.

When the tape ended, and the TV turned off, a frightened Mallick concluded that one of them had to die. Luba, however, denied this, reminding him that they shouldn't follow their instincts and suggested that they shouldn't go after the keys, suspecting that their abductor was merely testing their endurance. Ashley and Mallick, however, immediately opposed this idea. Charles then noticed that there was a second timer, which was connected to two glass jars filled with nails. Initially, Brit doubted that the jars were of any relevance as the puppet didn't mention them, but Ashley immediately recognized them as homemade nail bombs. When Mallick asked her how she knew this, Charles answered that she was a fire inspector until her discharge four weeks earlier. Therefore, Ashley asked him how he knew her. Charles refused to respond, even when Mallick started to yell at him and angrily demanded an answer. Once again, Brit calmed him down, saying that they should figure out their situation.

Luba then tried to work out the connection between them and asked Brit what she had done to get in this situation. Brit, however, merely told her to tell her story first. Not wanting to talk about it, Luba changed the topic. Instead, she spoke of the puppet's mention of their advantages from birth and asked the others if they were all born wealthy. However, this only applied to her, Brit, and Mallick, and not Ashley and Charles. Therefore, Mallick sarcastically mocked her, but Ashley intervened, stating that their advantages from birth didn't necessarily have to be financial. Mallick talked to Charles and confronted him with his knowledge of Ashley's former profession, asking him if he knew anything about him and the others as well. When Charles didn't answer, Mallick got angry again, which caused an argument between them during which Charles called him a "tweaker," showing that he knew that Mallick was, in fact, a drug addict. He then grabbed Mallick's right arm, which was covered with burn scars, telling him that it was obvious how he "fucked up his charmed existence." When he asked him if he played with matches, Mallick angrily yelled at him and started to run for his key, despite Luba's protests. Charles, however, pulled on the cable, causing Mallick to topple. Thereby, the metal pin was pulled out of the timer, which started ticking down.

Ashley is pulled back by the cable

Charles slowly made his way forward, forcing Mallick to crawl back as the cable running through their collars strangulated the other prisoners. Eventually, Charles managed to get the key from the first box. Afterward, Brit tried to get to her key but was pulled back when Luba leaped forward. However, when she finally got her key as well, Brit embraced her opportunity once more and moved towards the next pedestal. This way, she also successfully obtained her key. Finally, Mallick and Ashley fought for the next key and tried to get to the boxes as soon as possible. However, when Mallick reached the box before him and smashed the glass, the key accidentally fell to the floor. To get it, Mallick leaped over the pedestal. Thereby, Ashley was pulled back again and was swept from her feet, while Mallick finally obtained the key. When she realized that the time was running out, Ashley desperately started to scream. Moments later, when the timer hit zero, all of her fellow prisoners successfully removed their collars. She, however, was pulled back by the cable and was, therefore, decapitated by the blade behind her. (Saw V)


Following Ashley's death, her fellow prisoners were initially shocked but ultimately moved on to the next room when Charles reminded them of the bombs as the second timer was still ticking. Mallick, however, remained seated on the ground and stared at Ashley's corpse. Meanwhile, Brit collected all five keys. When she smashed the last glass box with Ashley's key, Mallick finally awoke from his rigidity and asked her what she was doing, to which she merely responded that she was "being smart."

Minutes later, the nail bombs detonated, thereby ripping up Ashley's corpse. When the catacombs were found by Special Agent Dan Erickson shortly afterward, everything that was left of her remains was taken to the morgue, where Dr. Adam Heffner performed the autopsy on her body. (Saw V, Saw VI)


Not much can be said about Ashley Kazon’s personality due to her short screen time. However, she seemed to be a rather calm individual. Her actions in the arson case also suggest that she was dishonest to a degree, either due to personal monetary tightness or general avarice for money.

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