Now I just have to wait here, it's what he said, just wait here and my brother will be okay.
— Anton tells Michael about his brother[src]

Anton is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor antagonist in Saw II: Flesh & Blood.



Anton was a mercenary who was hired for committing brutal acts of violence in exchange for money. His preferred method of instilling terror in his victims was to throw corrosive acid in their faces, permanently scarring them in the process. Eventually, he was arrested by Detective David Tapp and sent to prison for his crimes. However, he was released from prison after serving his sentence. For his malicious deeds, he was ultimately targeted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Michael Tapp's Test

After having been abducted by Jigsaw or one of his accomplices, Anton was taken to an abandoned chemical plant. Upon waking up, he found himself trapped in a cage with a large pool of acid right before its door. A recorded message left on an answering machine confronted him with his crimes. It also told him that the only person who could free him was Michael Tapp, the son of Detective Tapp, who was somehow responsible for his early release from prison. An acid drip was suspended above a chain, which was strung across the room and secured the door Anton's cage. This chain had to be destroyed by Michael to open the door. Once Anton was free, he was told to give Michael a key, which the latter needed to progress in his own series of tests. Afterward, Anton just had to wait where he was so his brother, who was abducted as well, would remain unharmed.

Anton in his cage

After listening to the message, Anton frantically screamed for help. Eventually, Michael came across the area where he was trapped, and Anton yelled at him to free him from the cage. After a few minutes, Michael obtained a valve, which he used to direct the acid from the drip above the chain. Depending on the player's choice, there were two different outcomes. If Michael turned the valve too fast, the acid from the drip would cause the acid from the pool to splash over, thereby scarring Anton. This would cause him to attack Michael and force the latter to kill him in self-defense. However, if Michael turned the valve slowly and carefully, the acid from the drip would destroy the chain and free Anton from his cage. Afterward, Anton would thank Michael for his salvation and hand him the key. Then, he'd kneel down, praying for his brother's well-being. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Anton was a highly ruthless and brutal man who didn't value the lives of the people around him and earned his living by causing harm to others. While doing so, he was eager to instill permanent fear in his victims, which clearly showed his sadistic tendencies. The only known person whom Anton genuinely cared about was his brother. He did show gratitude towards Michael if he freed him without him being harmed by the acid, by giving him the key and thanking him. However, if Michael accidentally splashed acid on to him, Anton would try to kill him, even though it was an accident.


  • Anton's fate is dependant on the player's choice and doesn't affect the further storyline. It is unknown whether his death or his survival is canon.
  • As he kneels down to pray for his brother if Michael freed him from his cage unharmed, it can be assumed that Anton was religious to a degree.

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