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Shut up ... [Cries] ... Shut up.
— Anna screaming at her baby while he cried[src]

Anna's Apartment is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as a minor location in Jigsaw.


John Kramer's Chemotherapy

Anna arguing with Matthew

The house of Anna was a house where she used to live with his husband, Matthew and they Baby. John Kramer, his neighbor who was diagnosed late with cancer thanks to the error of one of the Medical Examiner, was one of the witnesses of the love between Anna and Matthew. Even Anna and her husband were very cordial with John during his chemotherapy supporting him in whatever he needs. However, some time later, Anna and Matthew began to argue at every moment, ending their marriage and their love. Anna began to develop a bad friendship with her baby to the point of not taking good care of him when Matthew was absent. Anna was easily stressed by her baby's cries getting to the point that one night, when she and Matthew were sleeping, the baby's cries woke her up and they did not let her keep sleeping. Anna started screaming at the baby and in an act of desperation decided to asphyxiated his baby by killing him in an instant. John, her neighbor witnessed the scene and the screams of Anna. (Jigsaw)

Anna's Baby Case

Matthew is arrested

After Anna asphyxiated her baby, she decided to put his corpse next to her husband who was still sleeping. When Matthew woke up and realized that his baby was dead, Anna decided to blame him, insinuating that when Matthew was sleeping he turned to his baby, asphyxiated him. When the police arrived to investigate the scene of the crime Anna gave false testimony blaming her husband for the death of her baby. The police immediately arrested Matthew, who still could not believe what he allegedly did. Matthew was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where he later committed suicide. Anna continued to live in her house until John Kramer abducted her to develop her first game. (Jigsaw)