Shut up! Shut up!
— Anna screams at her crying baby[src]

Anna's Baby is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Jigsaw.


Early Life

This baby was born to Matthew and Anna, a young married couple, and lived with them in their family home. However, the couple's relationship was severely strained, and the two of them engaged in heated arguments on an almost regular base. Anna became more and more unable to cope with her emotional stress caused by both her marital problems and her parental responsibility. (Jigsaw)


One night, Anna's desperation reached its peak when her baby didn't stop crying and, thereby, prevented her from sleeping. At first, she tried to calm down her baby, but quickly lost her self-control and began screaming at her child. When the infant still didn't stop crying, she smothered her child with a pillow in a fit of rage. (Jigsaw)


After coming back to her senses, Anna realized what she had done and became worried about the consequences. Eventually, she put her baby's corpse next to her sleeping husband. When Matthew woke up and realized that his baby was dead, Anna insinuated that Matthew had smothered their child by turning over the baby while he was asleep. When the police arrived at their home, Anna unjustly blamed her husband for the death of their baby. Matthew, who believed Anna's lies, was arrested and taken to a psychiatric hospital, where he eventually committed suicide by hanging. (Jigsaw)


Not much can be said about the infant's personality due to their short screen time.

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