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They're all screwing around on their wives. I sure won't be that way when I'm a doctor.
— Zep Hindle talks about the doctors at the hospital[src]

The Angel of Mercy Hospital is a fictional location from the Saw franchise.


Gideon Kramer's Death

The Angel of Mercy Hospital was a hospital located in the downtown area of the city. One night Jill Tuck, who ran the Homeward Bound Recovery Clinic for drug addicts, was assaulted by one of her patients, Cecil Adams. During the robbery he accidentally slammed a doorknob into Jill's stomach, who was in her seventh month of pregnancy at this time, causing a miscarriage. When her husband, John, found her he took her to the Angel of Mercy Hospital where they met Deborah, one of the nurses, who immediately took care of his wife. However despite all efforts the doctors weren't able to save the unborn child. It was Dr. Steve who told John about his son's death. While John sat Jill's bed and held her hand, Jill claimed that she only wanted to help the people in her clinic. John merely responded that she couldn't help them as they could only help themselves. (Saw IV)

John Kramer's Diagnosis

Dr. Gordon's medical report on John Kramer

Some time after the death of his son John Kramer's physical condition suddenly worsened dramatically causing him to go to the hospital again where oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon diagnosed him with colon cancer and an inoperable brain tumor. Therefore John underwent chemotherapy, an external beam radiation therapy and further examination by both Dr. Gordon and Dr. Lynn Denlon. Unfortunately this wasn't successful, resulting in his illness becoming even worse as he didn't have much time left. (Saw II, III)

Dr. Lawrence Gordon

A couple of months later John, who was now known to the public as the Jigsaw Killer, returned to the hospital for a routine examination where he learned that Dr. Gordon had an affair with one of his medical students, Carla. He also made acquaintance with Zep Hindle, an orderly who didn't seem to like Gordon due to the latter's cold and uncaring behavior towards his patients and his arrogance towards his subordinates. At one point Dr. Gordon was interrogated by Detective David Tapp and Detective Steven Sing who were investigating the Jigsaw case and found a penlight with Gordon's fingerprints at the crime scene of one of Jigsaw's victims. Five months later Gordon became a target of Jigsaw as well but managed to survive his brutal game, which resulted in the death of Zep Hindle, who had to play a Jigsaw game on his own. After that he quit his job at the Angel of Mercy Hospital, presumably to gain distance from Carla and started to work at the Saint Eustace Hospital. (Saw, VI)

Dr. Lynn Denlon

Lynn in the hospital's changing room

Several months later, Dr. Lynn Denlon was targeted by Jigsaw as well due to her depression after her son's death in a car accident three years ago which caused her to neglect both her family and her patients. After spending another night with Chris, with whom she had started an affair after her marriage broke up, she went to the hospital for her shift. At approximately the same time, a heavily injured young boy was taken to the hospital after surviving a car accident. While Lynn was in the changing room, her colleagues paged her to immediately get to the emergency ward. However, she stayed at the room and ignored the paging until Deborah, found her and took her to the patient. When they arrived, the boy was still unconscious and entered a state of shock. One of the doctors ordered to prepare everything for an operation on the open heart. Lynn intervened and auscultated the boy's lungs, realizing he was suffering from tension pneumothorax, a dangerous collection of air in the pleural space. Therefore, she intubated him and was ultimately able to successfully stabilize his vital functions. Despite this, Deborah was angry at her and took her aside, berating her for her initial hesitation when she was needed. Therefore, she told her to go to the psychiatric if she had any problems that would affect her work. Lynn however was merely annoyed by her and left her behind without a word.

After this incident, Lynn went back to the locker room. When she was about to leave, she realized that the door had been locked. Upon trying to call for help, she was eventually attacked by Amanda Young, Jigsaw's apprentice, who had disguised her face with a sinister pig mask. After subduing Lynn, Amanda took her unconscious body to the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant, where she gagged her and tied her by the arms to a wheelchair taken from the hospital. Shortly afterwards, Lynn's disappearance was reported to the Metropolitan Police Department. (Saw III, IV)