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This article is about the video game character. You may be looking for her movie series or Rebirth counterparts.

Play by the rules, and we both might make it. He's watching.
— Amanda talks to David Tapp.[src]

Amanda Young, also known as Mandy, is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. She serves as a supporting character in Saw: The Video Game.

She was voiced by Jen Taylor.


Early Life

Amanda Young was a young woman who was addicted to heroin. Therefore, she became a patient of a free recovery clinic for drug addicts ran by Dr. Jill Tuck. There, she made acquaintance with another patient, Cecil Adams, and soon became his girlfriend. (Saw: The Video Game, Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Robbery

One night, Amanda suffered from extreme withdrawal symptoms and convinced Cecil to rob the clinic and steal the methadone supplies. They drove to the clinic and invaded the building when they came across Jill. While Amanda hid in a corner, Cecil threatened Jill with a pair of scissors, forcing her to open the door to the clinic. After she obeyed his order, Cecil told her to stand back. He quickly stole the medications and then ran back. Thereby, he accidentally slammed a doorknob into Jill's stomach, who was pregnant at this time. As she saw the blood on her skirt, she slumped down and started to cry. Cecil tried to calm her down and asked her what happened. However, when he realized what he had done, he quickly fled and left Amanda behind. Shocked by watching the accident, Amanda panicked and went back to her hiding spot. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Sometime later, Amanda was targeted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, who was Jill's ex-husband and the father of her miscarried son, Gideon. After abducting her, he took her to an abandoned warehouse. There, he strapped Amanda to a chair and put a mechanical contraption on her head. This device, which was equipped with a timer, was hooked into Amanda's upper and lower jaw. He also abducted Donald Greco, another one of Jill's patients, and injected him with an opiate overdose, rendering him unable to move or feel anything. When John prepared Amanda's game, he made Donald swallow a key. After finishing all of his preparations, John left the building. (Saw: The Video Game, Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Shortly afterward, Amanda woke up. Although she was initially confused, she quickly started to panic upon realizing that she was trapped. Amanda desperately tried to free herself from her restraints but stopped when a TV turned on next to her. A mechanical ventriloquist puppet named Billy appeared on-screen and introduced her to her game. The doll described the device on her head as a "reverse bear trap," which would rip her mouth open if she did not manage to free herself within 60 seconds. To do so, she had to cut the key to the device from the stomach of her supposedly dead cellmate.

When the TV turned off, Amanda panicked again. After initially struggling, she ultimately freed her arms from her restraints. However, as she got up from the chair, a metal pin was pulled out of the deadly device, setting off the timer. Amanda saw Donald's seemingly lifeless body. After a moment of hesitation, Amanda realized her cellmate was not dead but only paralyzed. Nonetheless, she took a knife lying next to him and repeatedly stabbed the helpless man. After killing him, Amanda searched through his stomach for the key. When she eventually found it, she unlocked her trap and freed herself only moments before its activation. In a panic, Amanda fled and ultimately found a way out of the building. (Saw: The Video Game, Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Following her near-death experience, Amanda went to the police station. After a doctor examined her wounds, she was interrogated by Detective David Tapp. Shortly afterward, Amanda gave an interview on the steps of the city hall to tell the public how she felt during her traumatic experience. However, a press officer of the police kept her from publishing details about the case.

Sometime later, she was asked to come to the police station again to repeat her testimony in the presence of Dr. Lawrence Gordon, a renowned oncologist and suspect in the case. When she left the station, she was followed and observed by Detective Mark Hoffman. Amanda went to her apartment to refresh herself and then went to the International District to meet a drug dealer named Sarah Blalok, who was, in fact, a police informant. Amanda asked her about Cecil Adams' whereabouts, not knowing that Cecil was killed during one of Jigsaw's games earlier. (Saw: The Video Game, Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

David Tapp's Test

After escaping her trap and surviving her game, Amanda turned to self-harm to deal with her issues and emotional stress. Because of these self-harming tendencies, she was eventually abducted by Jigsaw again. He took her to the abandoned Whitehurst Insane Asylum and strapped her to a medical chair on the lower level of the asylum's surgical theater.

Amanda in her trap

When she woke up, she immediately panicked as Jigsaw, who concealed himself with a cloak and a hood, worked on the chair for some final preparations. Amanda told him that she had passed her test already. However, he responded that she did not learn her lesson, as she still had not overcome her drug addiction and self-harming tendencies, which were the reason for her test in the first place. To Amanda's surprise, he informed her that Detective Tapp was on his way to save her. Amanda tried once more to convince Jigsaw to free her, promising that she did not tell the police anything about him and that she would overcome her drug addiction and her acts of self-harm. However, Jigsaw remained calm and denied her plea for freedom before leaving.

Moments later, Tapp finally reached the surgical theater, just as a white curtain was lifted and revealed Amanda, who was still strapped to the medical chair and further panicked. Moments later, a TV turned on in front of them. Jigsaw's ventriloquist puppet appeared on-screen and once more confronted Amanda with her previous misdeeds. Thereby, it also told her that only Detective Tapp could save her from her trap. Meanwhile, her arms were injected with poison by two syringes.

Amanda argues with Tapp.

When the tape ended, and the TV turned off again, Tapp sat down on a second chair and was injected with poison on his own by two needles piercing his neck. Between them was another large machine, which processed colored vials of the different antidotes. Tapp had to ensure that each vial was processed to the right chair: the red vials would cure Amanda while the blue vials would save Tapp. While Amanda further panicked, Tapp tried to administer all the colored vials containing the antidote to the right side. Eventually, he managed to cure himself and Amanda of the poisons, and both of them were released from their chairs. As Amanda was still agitated, Tapp tried to calm her down. When she told him that she had seen Jigsaw, Tapp asked her to describe the killer to him. Therefore, Amanda got angry as Tapp was only interested in Jigsaw. Furthermore, she blamed him for having been tested again. Nonetheless, the two of them went on and continued their way together. (Saw: The Video Game)

Second Abduction

Tapp and Amanda continue their way.

As they went on, Amanda warned Tapp that they had to play by Jigsaw's rules if they wanted to escape the asylum. When he asked her why she was there despite having survived one of Jigsaw's games already, Amanda responded that she did not learn her lesson in the killer's eyes. Furthermore, she made no secret of her aversion to Tapp and reminded him that Jigsaw was in control of everything now. Upon going down a staircase, they reached a door with numerous TVs placed around it, showing Jigsaw's puppet. Additionally, there was a tape recorder in a small box and the clue "Find secrets buried in the basement" written on the wall. Once Tapp started the tape, the TVs switched to a live feed of Jennings Foster, one of Tapp's former colleagues, strapped to a metal table underneath a giant pendulum-shaped blade. The recording told him that reaching Jennings in time to save him was his next test in this game. It also told Tapp to ask Jennings about the truth about a hit-and-run accident they both worked on earlier, indicating that Jennings had something to do with it.

Amanda is abducted.

When the tape ended, the door opened, and Tapp and Amanda went on. After a few steps, another set of TVs turned on, showing Jennings. Upon waking up, he immediately screamed for help but was suddenly interrupted by Jigsaw. To his surprise, Jigsaw knew the truth about the hit-and-run accident, during which Jennings had killed a homeless man while intoxicated. Afraid that Tapp might find out the truth, Jennings had manipulated the evidence and framed an innocent man, who was subsequently sent to prison. When Jigsaw confronted him with his crimes, Jennings showed no remorse and, despite his fear, angrily insulted his abductor. When the TVs turned off again, the next door opened. However, once Tapp passed it, it slammed shut behind him, separating him and Amanda. Moments later, Amanda was attacked and dragged away by a man with a pig mask, with Tapp being unable to help her. (Saw: The Video Game)


Amanda Young was a selfish woman who only cared about fueling her drug addiction to the point where she neglected and even prostituted herself to get a shot. While doing so, she had almost no scruples, as seen when she convinced Cecil to rob Jill's clinic, although the latter had tried everything to help them. Furthermore, Amanda was emotionally unstable and could not deal with stress properly, which caused her to develop self-harming tendencies.

These tendencies ultimately made her a target of Jigsaw on two occasions. However, even though she was frightened by her kidnapper, she barely blamed Jigsaw directly. Instead, she held Tapp responsible for her second abduction and openly displayed her aversion to him. Amanda's antipathy against the former detective was also reflected in her lack of gratitude after Tapp had saved her from Jigsaw's trap.

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