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I found myself a father... a leader... a teacher.
— Amanda talks about her relationship with John.[src]

Amanda Young, also known as Mandy, is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. She serves as the hidden tertiary antagonist of Saw and the secondary antagonist of Saw II and Saw III.

She was portrayed by Shawnee Smith.


Early Life

Amanda Young was once an average woman until she got involved in a drug crime investigated by Eric Matthews, a corrupt detective who worked for the Metropolitan Police Department. Although she was innocent, Eric wrongfully incriminated her by faking the evidence in the case, and she was sentenced for drug possession. During her time in jail, she became addicted to heroin. (Saw II)

When Amanda was finally released, she became a patient of the Homeward Bound Clinic, a recovery clinic for drug addicts ran by Jill Tuck under the motto "Cherish your life." There, she made acquaintance with another patient, Cecil Adams, and soon became his girlfriend. Jill tried her best to help Amanda overcome her addiction and invited her to a party sponsored by William Easton, manager of the Umbrella Health insurance company. However, despite all her efforts, she eventually gave up on Amanda, remarked she was a "lost soul." (Saw VI)

The Robbery

Amanda watches Jill's miscarriage

One night, Amanda suffered from extreme withdrawal symptoms and convinced Cecil to rob the clinic and steal the methadone supplies. They drove to the clinic and hid in a corner while waiting for the last patients to leave. When Jill was the only person left, Cecil suddenly had second thoughts and tried to dissuade Amanda from robbing her. However, she urged him even further and eventually persuaded him. As Jill was about to leave, Cecil knocked at the security door at the entrance, claiming that he had forgotten his jacket in the waiting room. After initially hesitating, Jill eventually went back and got him his jacket. However, as she did so, Cecil pushed her back. He threatened her with a knife, forcing her to open the door to the clinic. After she obeyed his order, Cecil told her to stand back. He quickly stole the medications and then ran back. Thereby, he accidentally slammed a doorknob into Jill's stomach, who was in her seventh month of pregnancy at this time. As she saw the blood on her skirt, she slumped down and started to cry. Cecil tried to calm her down and asked her what happened. However, when he realized what he had done, he quickly fled and left Amanda behind. Shocked by watching the accident, Amanda panicked and went back to her hiding spot. (Saw IV, Saw VI)


Sometime later, Amanda was targeted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, who was, in fact, Jill's ex-husband and the father of her miscarried son, Gideon. After abducting her, he took her to an abandoned warehouse. There, he strapped Amanda to a chair and put a mechanical contraption on her head. This device, which was equipped with a timer, was hooked into Amanda's upper and lower jaw. He also abducted Donnie Greco, another one of Jill's patients, and injected him with an opiate overdose, rendering him unable to move or feel anything. When John prepared Amanda's game, he made Donnie swallow a key and painted a black question mark on his stomach. After finishing all of his preparations, John left the building. (Saw, Saw III, Saw IV)


Shortly afterward, Amanda woke up. Although she was initially confused, she quickly started to panic upon realizing that she was trapped. Amanda desperately tried to free herself from her restraints but stopped when a TV turned on next to her. A mechanical ventriloquist puppet named Billy appeared on-screen and introduced her to her game. The doll described the device on her head as a "reverse bear trap," which would rip her mouth open if she didn't manage to free herself within 60 seconds. Therefore, she had to cut the key to the device from the stomach of her supposedly dead cellmate.

Amanda in the trap

When the TV turned off, Amanda panicked again. After initially struggling, she ultimately freed her arms from her restraints. However, as she got up from the chair, a metal pin was pulled out of the deadly device, setting off the timer. Amanda saw Donnie's seemingly lifeless body and the black question mark painted on his stomach. After a moment of hesitation, Amanda realized her cellmate wasn't dead but merely heavily sedated. Nonetheless, she took a knife lying next to him and repeatedly stabbed the man. After killing him, Amanda searched through his stomach for the key. When she eventually found it, she unlocked her trap and freed herself only moments before its activation. Horrified by these events, Amanda started crying when the mechanical puppet slowly approached on a red tricycle. It congratulated her for her survival and told her she now knew how to appreciate her life. In a panic, Amanda fled and ultimately found a way out of the building. (Saw, Saw III)


Following her near-death experience, Amanda went to the police station. After a doctor examined her wounds, she was interrogated by Detective David Tapp. From then on, Amanda's life changed drastically, and she managed to overcome her drug addiction. Sometime later, she was asked to come to the police station again to repeat her testimony in the presence of Dr. Lawrence Gordon, a renowned oncologist and suspect in the case, as the detectives wanted to see his reaction. The doctor was visibly shocked as Amanda described her traumatic experience. When Tapp asked her if she was grateful for what Jigsaw had done to her, she answered that he had helped her. However, despite this, she was still traumatized by those events and burst into tears. (Saw)


Amanda's baptism

After the second interrogation, Amanda went back to her flat and sat down on her bed when she suddenly heard the voice of John Kramer, who had invaded her apartment. John, who was a terminal cancer patient and therefore knew how it was to be confronted with one's own death, told her not to be afraid of him and that her life had just begun. Genuinely convinced that John had helped her, she agreed to become his accomplice. During a baptism ceremony, John converted Amanda to his beliefs and gave her an envelope, which contained the instructions for their first game. (Saw III)

Afterward, he visited his ex-wife, Jill, at her clinic to talk about her work. He tried to convince her that her work was all in vain because her patients only used her and her good nature to avoid prison sentences. He also thought that methadone therapy was pointless as it didn't make a difference whether her patients were addicted to their drugs or the methadone from the clinic. As Jill tried to explain to him that recovery was a complicated process, John angrily yelled at her and told her that nobody valued their lives until they were confronted with their impending death. However, he managed to calm down and tried to convince her that he was doing the right thing by presenting her with the seemingly purified Amanda. He hugged Jill and reminded her of how she had given up on Amanda, calling her a "lost soul." Despite this, Amanda had overcome her drug addiction and claimed that this wouldn't have been possible without John's help. (Saw VI)

Adam Stanheight's and Lawrence Gordon's Test

Five months later, John decided that it was time to test Dr. Lawrence Gordon in another deadly game. While observing him, he became aware of a young freelance photographer named Adam Stanheight, who followed Gordon as well. He had been hired by Detective Tapp, who had suffered a mental breakdown and was subsequently discharged from the police force after his partner, Detective Steven Sing, died in one of Jigsaw's traps. However, as he was still convinced that Gordon was the Jigsaw Killer, he had hired Adam for his observation. Therefore, John decided that Adam should also participate in the game, which would take place in a dilapidated bathroom in an underground tunnel network. (Saw)

Amanda subdues Adam Stanheight

While observing Gordon, Adam followed him to the run-down Hotel Barfly, where Gordon met up with his medical student, Carla, with whom he had an affair. After Adam returned to his apartment to develop the photos, he fell asleep in his darkroom. Meanwhile, Amanda invaded his flat and removed the fuse and the batteries from his flash lamp. Then, she placed one of John's mechanical puppets in the living room and hid in a closet. When Adam woke up again, he noticed that the electricity in his entire apartment had failed. Upon hearing a sudden noise, Adam realized that someone else was in his flat. He carefully left his darkroom and used the flash of his camera to find the invader. Upon entering the living room, Adam found the ventriloquist puppet sitting in his armchair and mockingly laughing at him. He grabbed a baseball bat and destroyed the doll when he realized that the intruder had gone into hiding in his closet. However, when he opened it, he was attacked by Amanda, who covered her face with a pig mask. After a brief struggle, Adam eventually lost consciousness.

Amanda takes Adam to the bathroom

Amanda took his unconscious body to the bathroom, where John had prepared the game for him. As she entered the room, John stood in front of a mirror and applied fake blood to his head, making him look like he had shot himself. When he ordered Amanda to shackle Adam to a pipe in the back corner of the room by his left leg, Amanda removed his belt and shoes and fettered him with a metal brace. She heaved him into a bathtub filled with water and threw the key to his chain onto his stomach. Meanwhile, John poured a bucket of fake blood on the floor in the middle of the room and injected himself with a medicament that slowed his heart rate and relaxed his muscles. After finishing their preparations, Amanda took Adam's shoes and belt and the things they had used to set up the game and was about to leave. John, however, stayed in the room and lay down in the puddle of blood with a tape recorder in one hand and a revolver in the other, which fully gave him the appearance of a suicide victim. Then, Amanda turned off the light, left the room, and closed the heavy sliding door behind her. (Saw, Saw III)

Adam Stanheight's Death

Amanda suffocates Adam

After the game ended, John left Adam to die in the bathroom as the latter had failed his test. He and Amanda returned to their new hideout. However, Amanda felt guilty for Adam's fate and was haunted by nightmares. Therefore, she decided to return to the bathroom and kill Adam as an act of mercy. Assuming that John was sleeping, she left the hideout without noticing that he was, in fact, awake and observed her. Shortly after he was left to die, Adam was severely weakened by a bullet wound and the lack of food and water, making it hard for him to remain alert. When Amanda arrived, she attempted to suffocate him with a plastic bag. Despite his weakened state, Adam desperately tried to fight her off. However, he couldn't overcome Amanda. In his death throes, his head hit the toilet, which ultimately caused him to lose consciousness and die by asphyxiation. Although she had intended to help him by sparing him a slow and painful death, this only worsened her feelings of remorse and caused her to counteract the emotional stress by harming herself. John, who noticed her mental instability, tried to comfort her. However, he eventually realized that her unstable state of mind could endanger the future of their work and the lives of their test subjects. (Saw II, Saw III)

The Nerve Gas House

Several months later, John targeted Eric Matthews, the corrupt detective who had framed Amanda for drug possession. Besides Amanda, he wrongfully incriminated several other people by faking the evidence in many cases he investigated. Among these people were Jonas Singer, his manager, Gus Colyard, Addison Corday, a prostitute, Xavier Chavez, a drug dealer, a woman named Laura Hunter, and a man named Obi Tate. To test Eric, John and his accomplices first set up another game in an abandoned, run-down residential house connected to the underground tunnels leading to the bathroom by a trapdoor. Therefore, Detective Mark Hoffman, another accomplice of John, gave him the police files of the seven people framed by Eric, as they would participate in this first game.

To accelerate their preparations, John also convinced Obi Tate to assist him with abducting the other victims. After the abductions of Jonas Singer, Gus Colyard, Addison Corday, Xavier Chavez, Laura Hunter, and Eric Matthews' son, Daniel Matthews, were successful, they were taken to the house and trapped inside the room where the hidden trapdoor was located, along with a heavy safe. Afterward, Hoffman abducted Obi Tate and took him there as well. While they all lay on the floor unconsciously, Amanda was put among them as she was supposed to play the role of a victim on her own primarily to observe the other prisoners' progress. Then, John placed a tape recorder, which contained the instructions for his victims, in a hollow space behind a brick wall and helped Hoffman to secure the only exit door with another trap. After that, they left, closed the door behind them, and directed a deadly nerve gas into the room. (Saw II, Saw V)

Shortly afterward, the prisoners woke up and were immediately frightened by the situation. Jonas tried to wake up Amanda, who was the last one who was still unconscious, while Addison yelled that someone should open the door. Xavier sarcastically commented that no one was listening, to which Laura responded that someone was and pointed at a camera. However, Daniel, who squatted in a corner out of fear, said that those cameras didn't record sounds. The group's concerns grew worse when Gus suddenly started to panic. He talked about a movie he had seen recently, revolving around a man who had been trapped in a room for nine years. Thereby, he frightened the others, especially Laura, even more and caused a brief argument with Xavier. They were quickly interrupted when Addison heard a ticking on the other side of the door. However, before they could find out what it was, Amanda suddenly woke up. Playing her role as another victim, she immediately behaved as if she were in a panic. Then she searched the room until she finally found the instruction tape along with a key and a written message, which warned them not to use the key to open any door in the room. The recording told them they were all breathing in a deadly nerve gas since their arrival in the house. While the doors would open after three hours, the gas would already kill them within two hours. To survive, they had to find syringes containing the antidote, which were hidden in the house. One of them was inside the safe. They were informed that they all possessed the combination as the numbers were "in the back of their mind." The clue to the right order could be found "over the rainbow." Additionally, Jigsaw revealed that they were all connected and told them that the clue to this connection was marked with an "X."

Amanda tells the others about her first test

After listening to the tape, Xavier immediately grabbed the key. Although Amanda begged him to heed Jigsaw's warning, he refused to do so and tried to open the door. Thereby, he triggered the booby trap and caused a revolver on the other side to shoot Gus right in the eye. When Gus' blood splashed on her face and clothes, Laura started to scream. Xavier tried to calm her down, albeit unsuccessful. While the other prisoners panicked, Jonas forced Amanda to tell him how she had known about the tape. She then told them about Jigsaw and his games and revealed that she had survived one of his tests before.

As they now knew the dangerousness of their situation, the group searched the whole room. Daniel picked up Gus' jacket from the floor and used it to cover the latter's mutilated head. Moments later, the door of the room finally opened. Jonas was shocked when he saw the trap which had killed Gus. Amanda tried to remove the gun and take it with her but wasn't able to do so. Therefore, the group left the room behind. In the adjacent hallway, Xavier found a nail-studded baseball bat. When he wanted to go further, Jonas voiced his doubts that there even was an antidote and tried to convince him and the others to make up a plan. However, Xavier was too impatient to listen and went on, followed by the rest of the group. Shortly afterward, Addison found a lamp that she took with her. While making their way to the entrance hall, Jonas discovered a tattoo on Xavier's arm and asked him if it was from the Joliet Correctional Center, but Xavier wasn't interested in talking to him. When they eventually reached the entrance hall, he tried to open the front door with the key from the first room and angrily threw it away when it didn't work. However, Jonas took the key and put it in his jacket. Furious and angry, Xavier tried to smash the door with the baseball bat. After this attempt failed as well, he got into a fight with Addison until Jonas intervened. Only moments later, Laura found another door that led them down to a boiler room. (Saw II)

Obi Tate's Test

Xavier took the lamp from Addison and slowly went down the stairs while the others followed him. Upon entering the basement, they spotted a mysterious hooded figure sitting at a table. Xavier placed the lamp on the table and prepared to kill the stranger if they moved. However, when Jonas pulled back the hood, they realized it was merely a dummy. A small envelope with the name "OBI" written on it was attached to the puppet's chest with a knife. Xavier grabbed the knife and opened the envelope, which contained a mini-cassette. When they played it, using the recorder from the starting room, it revealed to them that their fellow prisoner, Obi, had assisted Jigsaw in their abductions. However, the tape also offered Obi a chance to redeem himself. To do so, he had to crawl into a large furnace in front of them. Inside the oven were two syringes with the antidote - one for him and one for another prisoner of his choice.

Upon this revelation, Laura recognized him as her abductor. The group and Obi engaged in an argument, during which Obi claimed that he had only done what he had to do. Xavier threatened to kill him but was held back by Addison, who argued that Obi could get two antidotes for them. However, Xavier continued to threaten him with the knife and asked him how to get out of the house. When Obi said he didn't know how to get out, Xavier slowly cut his throat to fear him but was interrupted when Daniel accidentally knocked down a large metal tub.

Barely frightened by Xavier, Obi eventually agreed to crawl into the furnace, reminding him that one syringe was for him. While being watched by the others, he entered the oven and took the first antidote hanging by a chain. However, when he grabbed the second syringe, the stove door suddenly slammed shut behind him, and the furnace was activated. As the flames came closer to him, Obi panicked and desperately tried to get out of the oven. When Jonas attempted to help him by opening the door, Addison yelled at him to cover his hands with his jacket. However, he still couldn't open the door. Eventually, Daniel noticed a window on the other side of the furnace and informed the others. When Jonas tried to get Obi out, he accidentally burned his hand upon touching the oven. Xavier then stepped in and smashed the window with his baseball bat, enabling Obi to crawl out. However, as Obi tried to do so, he got stuck and ultimately died in front of the others as the flames burned him alive. When they realized that the fire had melted the syringes, the remaining prisoners left the basement, while Amanda remarked that it was his own choice that had eventually killed Obi. (Saw II)

Xavier Chavez' Test

Shortly afterward, the group split up. While Jonas, Xavier, and Addison went upstairs, Amanda, Laura, and Daniel stayed on the ground floor to look for more of Jigsaw's clues as well as the antidote. While searching the entrance hall, Daniel asked Amanda about the reason for her first test. Therefore, Amanda revealed to him that she was a drug addict. She also told him that she was no addict before her time in prison and was framed by the detective investigating the case. However, Amanda didn't reveal to him that it was Daniel's father who had arrested her. She revealed that she harmed herself to deal with stress when Daniel questioned the reason for her current presence. When she was about to go upstairs, she was surprised by Jonas, who informed them that they had found a door that caught their suspicion due to being the only one without a lock.

Amanda waits for Xavier to open the door

When the group went upstairs, Addison tried to open the door but remarked that it was stuck. Xavier angrily shoved her away and attempted to open it by brute force, to which Amanda responded that the room was most likely a trap. Therefore, Jonas pressed himself against the wall to cover himself in case she was right. Xavier sarcastically told her that the whole house was a trap and went on until he finally managed to open the door. Thereby, a metal pin was pulled out of a timer connected to another door. Daniel told Laura to wait in the hallway and followed the rest of the group into the room. An audiotape left for Xavier by Jigsaw informed him that there was another antidote behind the second door. However, it would be permanently locked if he didn't find the key in time. Moments later, Daniel discovered a large hole, filled with thousands of used syringes, hidden under a bed. According to Jigsaw, the key to the door was somewhere in the pit, and Xavier had to jump in and find it before the clock expired.

Amanda in the needle pit

After listening to the tape, Xavier demanded that one of the others had to jump into the hole. When they refused, he grabbed Amanda, who immediately panicked. As the remaining group members were too afraid of Xavier, they stood back and watched how he ruthlessly threw her in the pit. While the needles pierced her skin, Xavier angrily yelled at her to hurry. Frightened and in pain, Amanda rifled through the syringes until she eventually found one that had the key attached to it. When she threw it out of the pit, Xavier grabbed it and tried to open the door while Daniel helped Amanda climb out of the hole. Unfortunately, Xavier didn't manage to open the door in time and angrily tried to attack Amanda but was held back by Jonas. Moments later, Laura entered the room as she had heard Amanda's screams. When Addison reminded the group to work together to find the connection between them, Laura admitted that she had been imprisoned once, just like the other group members. However, she refused to reveal the reason for it when Jonas asked her. Afterward, Xavier left the room and finally separated from the group for good. (Saw II)

The Truth

Laura dies in Amanda's arms

Shortly afterward, Amanda calmed down and stayed with the group to look for more of the antidote. While she was searching the house along with Daniel, Addison, and Laura, the latter suddenly collapsed in a hallway, weakened by the gas. When Amanda tried to comfort her, Addison told them they couldn't stay as they didn't have much time left. Seconds later, Laura noticed a picture on the wall, which had scratches on it that were shaped like an "X." She immediately remembered Jigsaw's first tape and realized that this was the clue to their connection. Upon investigating the picture, Addison found a photo attached to its backside, which showed Daniel and his father, Eric. Thereby, they realized that Daniel's father was the cop who arrested all of them by faking the evidence. Following this revelation, Laura suffered a seizure and died in Amanda's arms. Laura's death and the truth about their connection caused Addison and Amanda to leave Daniel. As they went away, Xavier shouted for them and claimed he had found a way out. (Saw II)


However, only moments later, Amanda entered the room where all of them initially woke up and found Jonas' corpse, whose head had been smashed by Xavier with his bat. Upon this discovery, she immediately returned to Daniel and told him they had to leave. Unfortunately, they crossed paths with Xavier, who told them not to run away. Despite this, they tried to flee and ran back to the first room while Xavier pursued them. However, he stopped when he suddenly heard Addison screaming for help after she had walked into another trap. As Daniel and Amanda heard her screams as well, Amanda burst out crying. Shortly afterward, Xavier took up his pursuit again and reached the room they were hiding in. When he tried to break through the door, Amanda grabbed the nail-studded baseball bat, which was still stuck in Jonas' skull, and used it to jam the door. Due to the odd shape of the puddle of blood emerging from his smashed head, Amanda realized there was a hidden trapdoor on the floor. With Daniel's help, she managed to push the heavy safe away and unlocked the trapdoor with the key found at the beginning of the game, which was still in Jonas' pocket at this point.

Amanda and Daniel in the bathroom

Only seconds after Daniel and Amanda went through the trapdoor and found the underground tunnels underneath the house, Xavier managed to open the door and continued pursuing them. Full of fear, Amanda and Daniel ran away and followed the tunnels until they found another door. When they entered the room and turned on the light, the room turned out to be the bathroom where Adam and Dr. Gordon's test had taken place several months earlier. As there was no other way to escape, Daniel decided to sham being dead. Just a few seconds later, Xavier entered the room. When Amanda told him that Daniel was gone, he responded that all he wanted from her were two numbers written on her and Daniel's necks, as those numbers were part of the combination to the safe containing one of the antidotes. Amanda reminded him that he would still need her, as she was the only person left who could tell him about his own number. However, instead of asking her for help, Xavier eventually cut off the skin from his neck with his knife while Amanda watched in horror. When he was done, he approached her but was killed by Daniel, who suddenly jumped up and sliced his throat with a hacksaw. As Xavier died in front of them, Amanda started screaming.

As she and Daniel were the only survivors left in the house, the time for the next part of her and John's plan had come. Amanda subdued Daniel and injected him with the antidote from the safe. Afterward, she took his unconscious body with her and brought him to the Wilson Steel Plant, where John was already waiting for their arrival. John tied Daniel up and locked him up inside a safe with a sufficient supply of oxygen. Furthermore, John prepared a video broadcast. Therefore, he set up a broadcasting station in another house at 237 North Hyde Crescent, which was almost identical to the house where the game had taken place. From there, John broadcasted the surveillance recordings of the game to several monitors at the steel plant. (Saw II)

Eric Matthews' Test

After taking Daniel to John's hideout, Amanda returned to the bathroom. Disguised with a black cloak and a pig mask, she lay down in the empty bathtub. Sometime later, Eric finally arrived at the house. As John had shown him the video recordings of the previous game, which Eric thought to be a live broadcast, the latter assumed that the game was still going on. Therefore, he went in to find his son. When Eric entered the bathroom and saw Amanda's lifeless body covered with the cloak, he initially believed her to be Daniel. However, when he approached her, she took him by surprise and injected him with an anesthetic. Eric tried to shoot her but quickly lost consciousness due to the narcotic.

When Eric lay on the floor before her, Amanda took off her mask and shackled him to a pipe by his right leg. Afterward, she took the magazine from his weapon and disappeared, leaving only the empty gun, a flashlight, the hacksaw, and an audiotape in the room. Once Eric woke up, he was disoriented at first but eventually found the tape recorder lying next to him. When he started the tape, he realized that Amanda had recorded it and that she had been an accomplice of Jigsaw all the time. She revealed that she would be John's successor once he died and that Eric was her first test subject. Seconds later, Amanda appeared at the door. Eric angrily shouted at her and threw the recorder after her, but she closed the door with the words "Game Over," leaving Eric alone in the darkness. (Saw II)

Amanda and Eric fight

However, even though the man who unjustly incriminated her was locked away and likely going to die, Amanda didn't feel relieved but instead suffered an emotional breakdown. Screaming and crying, she stumbled through the tunnels but stopped when she heard Eric's voice behind her as he shouted for his son. Surprised by his quick escape, Amanda started to panic as he came closer to her and hid behind some pipes. When she thought that the coast was clear, she carefully left her hiding spot but was beaten down with a metal rod by Eric when she turned a corner. Stunned by the blow, she tried to crawl away and fight off Eric, who bit the back of her knee and smashed her head against the wall several times while demanding to know where his son was. When Amanda refused to answer and instead spat blood in his face, Eric pulled out a knife he had taken from Xavier's corpse and threatened her. However, she embraced her opportunity and brutally kicked his foot, which he had smashed and broken to get free from his shackle. Overwhelmed by the pain, he fell to the floor, giving Amanda the chance to leave. As she was weaving towards the exit, Eric shouted after her, insulting her and telling her she was nothing compared to Jigsaw. These insults caused Amanda to stop for a moment before she went back to take her revenge and kill Eric. Unbeknownst to her, Eric survived her attempted murder and was later found by John's other accomplice, Mark Hoffman. (Saw III, Saw IV)

Killing Spree

Following these events, John and Amanda were forced to hide as the police knew their identities now. As she was now even more isolated from the world, Amanda's psychological dependence on John grew further until she was obsessed with him and his well-being. However, she also started to doubt his methods, believing that his test subjects would never change even if they managed to survive their games. Despite her continually worsening state of mind, John was reliant on her help as he couldn't carry on his work alone due to his cancer. Therefore, Amanda set up the next games, but unlike him, she didn't give her test subjects any chance to survive. (Saw III)

Troy's Execution

Her first victim was Troy, another patient of Jill Tuck's recovery clinic. One night, Amanda abducted him and took him to an elementary school. While Troy was unconscious, she seated him on a chair in the middle of a classroom and held him in place with eleven metal chains that pierced several parts of his body. Afterward, Amanda placed a self-built nail bomb, which was equipped with a timer, on a table right in front of Troy, and cut a jigsaw piece from his skin. Then, she left the room and welded the door shut. Thereby, Amanda made it impossible for Troy to escape the explosion even if he managed to free himself from the chains. Eventually, Troy was killed by the bomb. (Saw III)

Allison Kerry's Execution

Later that night, Amanda invaded the apartment of Detective Allison Kerry and placed a camera inside her closet. When Kerry came home after investigating the latest crime scene at the school, she rewatched the instruction tape from Troy's game, which was still intact despite the explosion. While she watched the video over and over again, she suddenly saw herself on the TV screen. Realizing that she was filmed from inside her closet, Kerry grabbed her gun and shot right through its door. When she searched the closet, she found the camera and removed it but was then subdued by an invader with a pig mask, who snuck up on her. Amanda Young and Detective Hoffman took her to an underground room and placed her in a deadly trap. Suspended above the floor by two chains, Kerry was put in a harness consisting of twelve metal brackets hooked into her rib cage.

When Kerry woke up again, she immediately realized what had happened to her and started to panic. Moments later, a TV turned on in front of her. Jigsaw's ventriloquist puppet appeared on-screen and revealed to Kerry that she was abducted because she was obsessed with her work to the point where she preferred the presence of a dead body over that of a living human being. It told her to grab the key to her trap from an acid-filled beaker hanging in front of her. Otherwise, the device would kill her after 60 seconds.

Amanda witnesses Kerry's death

When the tape ended and the TV turned off, Kerry further panicked and tried to tip the acid out of the beaker. However, this wasn't possible as it was held in place by two chains. After some initial hesitation, she finally tried to get the key but pulled her hand back due to the massive pain. Nonetheless, she could bring herself to try it once again and eventually got the key from the glass, which she used to unlock the device. Unfortunately, the lock was without function, destroying her remaining hope to survive. Mere seconds before the timer expired, Amanda entered the room. Kerry recognized her and realized it was her who had manipulated Troy's trap as well as her own. Moments later, the timer went off, causing the contraption to tear her rib cage apart. (Saw III, Saw IV)

Final Preparations

Four days after Detective Kerry's demise, John and his accomplices made the last arrangements for the final game. It revolved around a man named Jeff Denlon, who was obsessed with his thirst for revenge after his son, Dylan, was accidentally killed by a drunk driver named Timothy Young three years earlier. Furthermore, John's former doctor and Jeff's wife, Dr. Lynn Denlon, was forced to participate in the game as well. It should be her task to keep the severely weakened John alive until her husband managed to overcome a series of tests. These tests took place at the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant, John and Amanda's hideout at that time.

Amanda mocks Hoffman

When the day of the final games had come, Amanda took John to his quarter. On their way, they came across Mark Hoffman, who worked on a trap called "The Rack." As John saw that Hoffman switched the trap's gear ratio, he told him that he'd have to change the gear grease to match the increased friction and told him to coordinate all future changes with him. When Hoffman asked him how many more games he had planned, John merely responded that their work would go on as long as necessary. Afterward, Hoffman recklessly dumped the unconscious body of Timothy Young out of a wheelbarrow to put him in the trap. John reminded him that Timothy was still a human being and asked him if he enjoyed the feeling of brutality. Hoffman responded that John wanted to see Timothy suffer just as much as he did. When he was about to continue his work, he engaged in a brief argument with Amanda, who asked him when he would be tested. Hoffman answered that this wasn't necessary as he, unlike Amanda, had always valued his life, thereby pointing to the self-inflicted scars on her wrists. Amanda mocked him and advised him to get used to her as he wouldn't get rid of her. He, however, only asked her if she was sure about that. Eventually, John interrupted the two of them. After that, he and Amanda went on and allowed Hoffman to finish his work on the trap. On their way to their improvised sleeping quarters, they unexpectedly came across Jill. As he wanted to talk to her alone, John told Amanda that she had to leave to abduct Lynn Denlon and bring her to the meatpacking plant in time. (Saw III, Saw IV, Saw VI)

Eager to fulfill his orders, Amanda left the building and went to the Angel of Mercy Hospital. Disguised with a pig mask, Amanda entered the hospital undetected and waited for Lynn Denlon. When the doctor came back from the accident and emergency department and entered the changing room, Amanda followed her and locked the door. As Lynn was about to leave and realized she was trapped, she tried to call for help with her mobile. However, before she could do so, Amanda subdued her and took her to the Gideon Plant. Upon their arrival, she strapped her to a wheelchair and then left to go on some final errands for John. (Saw III)

Lynn Denlon's Test

Amanda puts the Shotgun Collar on Lynn Denlon

When Amanda eventually returned, she turned the surveillance monitors and the lights on, causing Lynn to wake up from her unconsciousness. Realizing that she had been abducted, Lynn desperately screamed for help. Amanda calmly approached her and told her to be quiet before she brought her to John, who was already waiting for them in his provisional sickroom. When Amanda and Lynn entered the room, John greeted his test subject and former doctor, who didn't remember him and only recognized him from the television news about the Jigsaw murders. After introducing himself, he reminded Lynn of their last conversation at the hospital and presented her with his medical file before explaining the rules of her game. Amanda put a collar on Lynn's neck, which was connected to John's heart rate monitor and equipped with five explosive charges. If John flatlined or Lynn moved too far away from him, those charges would detonate and kill her in the process. John told her that it was her task in this game to keep him alive until another test subject managed to overcome a series of tests. However, he didn't tell her that this other person was, in fact, her husband. Amanda, who was present the entire time, didn't realize that John also tested her, as Lynn's instructions were meant for her as well.

Lynn and Amanda discuss John's condition

Soon afterward, Lynn started her examination and found out that John's brain was herniating. When Amanda told them that Jeff's game had begun, Lynn tried to convince her to take John to a hospital to undergo surgery and relieve the pressure on his brain. This suggestion led to an argument between her and Amanda, who insulted and threatened her until John intervened. He reminded her that Lynn couldn't fulfill her task if she were threatened and that Amanda had to follow the rules just like everyone else involved. Only seconds later, he suddenly suffered a severe cerebral seizure, which he just barely survived due to Lynn's help. Thereby, she eventually convinced Amanda, who was still in shock, that John had to be operated on. However, Amanda told her to perform the surgery at the meatpacking plant and asked her what she needed. Realizing that every attempt to convince her to take John to the hospital was pointless, Lynn told her that she would need anesthetics and a drilling machine, among other instruments. After that, Amanda left to get the necessary supplies.

Amanda remembers her old life

After her return, she saw that Lynn was walking around the hideout and accidentally activated one of John's traps - the one which he had used to test Amanda long ago. When Amanda approached her from behind, she frightened her witless. Lynn tried to convince her once again to take John to a hospital. However, Amanda ignored her advice and simply remarked how hard it must be for Lynn to concentrate while being surrounded by so many things she could use to kill her. To mock her, she thrust an ax into her hands and told her that if she wanted to kill her, she should do it quietly. Otherwise, the noise could alert John and make him rip off his heart rate monitor, which would activate the collar. Amanda also told her that she had built the collar and knew what it would do to her if she didn't follow the rules. As Lynn was increasingly frightened, Amanda took the ax back from her and asked her if she had everything she needed for the surgery. When Lynn answered that she couldn't save John's life with the instruments given to her, Amanda merely responded that she'd be surprised what tools could save a life before she took her old trap from the floor and put it back on the table.

Afterward, she went back to John's quarter and sat down at his sickbed. She told him about Jeff's progress, who had just finished his first test in one of the freezer rooms inside the building. During that test, he had unsuccessfully tried to save a woman named Danica Scott, who was the only witness of the accident that killed his son but refused to testify against the drunk driver. Furthermore, Amanda explained that Lynn was almost ready to perform the surgery to relieve his pain. Due to this emotionally stressful situation, John encouraged Amanda to stay strong and told her that something was left for her to do. Therefore, he told her about a letter with her name in the drawer of her desk.

Amanda gets jealous of Lynn

When Amanda left the room again to observe the game, Lynn prepared everything in John's room for the operation. Just as she shaved the back of his head, Amanda returned and informed him that Jeff had passed his second test and thereby saved a judge named Halden, who sentenced the murderer of Jeff's son to a light sentence of merely six months in prison. Upon hearing this, John was surprised by Jeff's fast progress. Afterward, Lynn explained the operation to him, during which she would remove a piece of his skullcap to relieve the pressure on his brain and enhance his motor faculties. Then, she injected him with a local anesthetic, as the surgery's complexity required John to stay awake. Following the injection, Lynn cut off a large part of his scalp to expose the skull. After cleaning the wound with alcohol, she used a power drill to bore four holes in his head in rectangular order. She then cut out this rectangle with an electric circular saw and removed the bone fragment with a small retractor. After his vital functions stabilized, Lynn told him to raise his hand and flex his fingers. However, upon doing so, he suffered a breakdown, causing Amanda to burst into tears. While his heart rate declined dramatically, he hallucinated his ex-wife. Lynn just barely managed to stabilize and save him once more. However, as he was still in a delirious state, he mistook her for Jill and told her that he loved her. Therefore, Amanda, who misunderstood the situation, left the room because she was jealous of his attachment for Lynn.

Amanda's emotional breakdown

Distressed by the knowledge of John's impending death and her jealousy, Amanda went to her bed and took out a small metal box with medical supplies such as bandages and compresses. Remembering all the things she had done for John, she began to cut her inner thigh with a knife, which helped her deal with the emotional stress. Once Amanda had managed to calm down, she bound up her wound and returned to John, who was sleeping as he had to recover from the surgery. While Lynn washed off the blood and looked at the various pictures and drawings on the walls, Amanda tightly hugged John. However, when Lynn told her that he couldn't hear her and didn't even know about her presence, she became angry and grabbed her by the throat. Just as she was about to pull her gun, John woke up and harshly ordered her to put the gun away and leave, which she eventually did after some hesitation.

Amanda sends Lynn back to John

When she returned after a while, she saw John holding Lynn's hand. John told her he was fine, and she could go away. However, she refused to do so until John asked Lynn to leave the room so he could speak with Amanda alone. After a brief discussion with Amanda, he ordered his accomplice to bring Lynn back. She left the room again and approached Lynn, telling her that John needed her. However, she got suspicious of Lynn's behavior and examined the exit door, which Lynn had opened with a screwdriver. When Amanda asked why the door was open, Lynn embraced the opportunity and attacked her with a scalpel, causing the two of them to engage in a fight. After a brief struggle, Lynn finally managed to gain the upper hand and threatened to kill Amanda. However, the latter was rarely impressed by her threats and told her that she would never get the key to the collar if she killed her. Lynn ripped off a key that was hanging on a chain around Amanda's neck. Unfortunately, she quickly realized the key wasn't meant for the collar. When Amanda mockingly laughed at her, Lynn angrily left her behind and went back to John. (Saw III)

The Letter

Amanda reads Hoffman's letter

After Lynn disappeared, Amanda eventually lost her composure and started to cry. She went to her surveillance room and took out the letter from her desk, which John had told her about. However, it was actually written by Mark Hoffman. Hoffman knew about her involvement in the robbery of Jill Tuck's clinic long ago, which had caused the death of her unborn child, Gideon. He threatened her to tell John the truth if she didn't do as he said and ordered her to kill Lynn Denlon. This further distressed Amanda and worsened her emotional state even more. To take revenge on Hoffman, she went to a room where Corbett Denlon, the daughter of Lynn and Jeff Denlon, was locked up. She desperately warned her that she mustn't trust the one who would save her. As she already knew that Hoffman would be the one to free Corbett once the game was over, Amanda hoped that the girl would tell the police about her warning and thereby give them a clue to Hoffman's identity as Jigsaw's accomplice. (Saw III, Saw VI)


Amanda is shot by Jeff Denlon

After talking to Corbett, Amanda returned to John's room and told him that Jeff had finished his third test. John congratulated Lynn and told her that she could go. However, Amanda refused to remove Lynn's collar as Jeff hadn't finished his game yet. After John repeatedly told her to follow the rules and free Lynn from her collar, Amanda pulled her gun and aimed it at the doctor, stating that she didn't deserve to be free. Therefore, Lynn burst into tears. When John told Amanda once more to put down the gun and explained to her that her life was in Lynn's hands, she angrily yelled at him for giving Lynn control over her. During their argument, John asked her if she felt that hatred for all of her test subjects, especially Eric Matthews, and thereby revealed that he knew that Amanda had manipulated her games and deliberately killed her victims. To convince her to let Lynn go, he told Amanda that he had forgiven her and that Lynn's death would entail severe consequences for all of them. However, Amanda still refused to let her go and accused John of being a murderer, just like her. Furthermore, she revealed that she didn't believe in John's moral philosophy, according to which people could change. When she asked him why Lynn was so important to him, John answered that she wasn't important to him but to Amanda, which she denied. During his final attempt to calm her down, Jeff suddenly appeared outside the room. Upon seeing him, Lynn immediately went to him but was shot in the back by Amanda. Disappointed by her failure, John finally revealed to her that Lynn was Jeff's wife. Therefore, Jeff entered the room and shot Amanda in the throat with a gun he had found earlier. While she lay on the floor bleeding, John admitted that he had tested her the whole time to see if she could save the life of another human being. Knowing that she had become just another one of her mentor's test subjects, she eventually succumbed to her wound and died. John then ended her test with the words "Game Over." (Saw III)


Amanda's corpse

Following Amanda's death, Jeff aimed his gun at John, who scolded him for having learned nothing from his test and still being obsessed with vengeance, which would only harm his loved ones, including his daughter, who needed him more than ever before. Furthermore, he told him that he couldn't kill him. Nonetheless, Jeff pulled the trigger, albeit his magazine was empty. When John reminded him that his wife was about to die, Jeff briefly got his senses back, comforted her, and promised her to bring her home. However, John warned him that she'd die if he tried to move her and offered to call an ambulance. Jeff agreed and accepted John's conditions, who demanded one final test to see if Jeff could overcome his thirst for revenge. He could either kill John with one of the various tools around him or forgive him and prove that he learned his lesson. Even though Lynn begged him to stay with her, Jeff got up and grabbed a circular saw from a table nearby. Then, he approached John, put his hand on his chest, and told him that he forgave him. However, only a few seconds later, Jeff activated the saw and, albeit Lynn desperately begged him to stop, slashed John's throat. Once more, he mockingly said that he forgave John. Moments later, Lynn's collar was activated. With the last of his strength, John took out a tape recorder that contained a recorded message for Jeff, which told him that he failed his final test. Furthermore, he learned why he couldn't kill John, as the latter had also abducted his and Lynn's daughter, Corbett, and was the only person who knew where she was. The tape told Jeff that his daughter only had a limited air supply, and if he wanted to find her, he had to play another game. When the recording was over, John succumbed to his injuries, resulting in the detonation of Lynn's collar and her subsequent death. (Saw III)

Only moments later, a special agent named Peter Strahm entered the room after being guided to the meatpacking plant through his own game. When he aimed his gun at Jeff and told him to show him his hands, Jeff raised his weapon and demanded to know where his daughter was. Therefore, Strahm shot him in self-defense. Shortly afterward, he was trapped by Mark Hoffman, who closed the door behind him and turned off the light. Upon further examining the room, Strahm eventually found a secret door. Behind it, Strahm found another recorder with a message from John, who warned him to stay where he was and wait for the police to arrive. Strahm, however, refused to do so and instead entered the hallway behind the door. Later that night, the police eventually found the corpses and took them to the morgue, where Dr. Adam Heffner performed the autopsies on their bodies. (Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI)

Non-Canon Appearances

The Full Disclosure Report

Amanda's first test and subsequent survival were mentioned in the "Full Disclosure Report," a documentary focusing on Jigsaw's earliest crimes. During an interview, Deputy Jason Johnston told the audience about Amanda and her traumatic experience. According to him, she had only received minor injuries during her game. However, he speculated that it would have a substantial emotional impact on her for a long time.

The Scott Tibbs Documentary

After Adam Stanheight's disappearance, his best friend, Scott Tibbs, filmed a documentary about the Jigsaw Killer. Along with his fellow band members from their rock band, Wrath of the Gods, Scott wanted to learn more about the killer's motives. To introduce his audience to Jigsaw's crimes, he played a video excerpt showing Amanda. The latter was harassed by a news reporter who wanted information about her abduction by Jigsaw and her deadly game. In response, Amanda punched the reporter in the face and stormed off.


Before she became John Kramer's accomplice, Amanda Young was a selfish woman who only cared about fueling her drug addiction to the point where she neglected and even prostituted herself to get a shot. While doing so, she had almost no scruples, as seen when she convinced Cecil to rob Jill's clinic, although the latter had tried everything to help them. Furthermore, Amanda was emotionally unstable and couldn't deal with stress properly, which caused her to develop self-harming tendencies.

However, after Amanda survived her game and became an accomplice of John Kramer, her life changed drastically. She altered her outward appearance by dressing less saucy and more unobtrusive and overcame her addiction to heroin. As John was the first person in her life to whom Amanda could relate, the latter quickly became mentally dependent on him and saw him as both a teacher and a father. Despite this, she couldn't withstand the stress of assisting him in his self-imposed mission to test people and soon began to doubt his methods, which caused her to return to her self-harming tendencies. This stress also worsened her mental instability and unscrupulousness, eventually resulting in her deliberately murdering her test subjects instead of giving them a chance to survive.

Her dependence on John also caused her to react jealously towards everyone else who got his attention, evident by her dislike for Mark Hoffman and Dr. Lynn Denlon, which soon turned into outright hatred. Towards others, she acted in a highly arrogant way and often tried to frighten them. Furthermore, she regularly displayed impulsive and physically aggressive behavior if someone incurred her wrath.


  • On the audio commentary for the Saw III: Director's Cut DVD, Leigh Whannell stated that Amanda had been neglected and abused by her father. A deleted line from the original script for Saw III had Amanda telling John that she was terrified of the dark when she was a child, and her father locked her up under the stairs for hours.
  • In a deleted scene of Saw III, Adam ran into Amanda on the way from his apartment and asked if he could take a picture of her.
  • While separating men and women is the usual procedure in American prisons, it's possible that Amanda and Donnie Greco were once incarcerated in the same prison, as John's puppet referred to him as Amanda's "cellmate." However, it is more likely that Billy was referring to the room Amanda and Donnie were currently in as their "cell."
  • Jigsaw was the first film in the series in which Amanda didn't appear at all.
  • Amanda shares her last name with Timothy Young, but they are not related to each other.
  • Amanda appeared in the video game Dead by Daylight, where she was a playable killer character who assumed the identity of "The Pig" and tried to hunt down survivors, including Detective David Tapp.

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