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Halloran roughed him up while he was in custody. The lawyer used that to get him off. The very next day, he kills an 8-year-old girl, who shows up on my table.
— Logan Nelson talks about Alistair[src]

Alistair Schultz is a fictional character from the Saw franchise, as well as a mentioned character in Jigsaw. He is one of the unseen characters in the series.


Criminal Career

Alistair Schultz was a ruthless sexual predator, who was eventually arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department. However, while he was in custody, he was battered by a homicide detective named Brad Halloran. Due to this act of violence, Alistair's lawyer procured his release even though there were ironclad proofs of his crimes. The next day, Alistair continued his criminal life and murdered an 8-year-old girl. (Jigsaw)

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