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• 1/30/2019

SAW (Photos / Letters / Digital Props) etc

Hey gang,

I'm searching the web for props from the franchise. Like the photos that were used in each film, stalker photos, Amanda's letter, dead body photos, FBI files and so on.

Can anyone guide me to finding these items, or atleast some of them?


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• 11/12/2018
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• 8/26/2018

Just thinking about something.. Would love other thoughts/opinions

Okay, so in Jigsaw, they explain that one of the original "bucketheads", Mitch, sold a faulty motorcycle to John's NEPHEW. So in order for John to have that relationship, he has to have a brother or a sister that had a child. Now I guess it could be a sibling of Jill's that had a child because saying "nephew in-law" or "niece in-law" is quite a mouthful. Either way I can't recall hearing any mention in any of the movies of John or Jill having siblings. Am I wrong? Please enlighten me if I am, or even if there's something else that eludes towards one of them having siblings. I'd also love to hear any thoughts/theories about what this could mean in terms of apprentices or allies or something in terms of potential plot lines. Thank you! :)
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• 8/18/2018

What are your 5 favorite Saw traps? Mine are (from worst to best) :

Shotgun Collar
Death Mask
Bathroom Trap
Reverse Beartrap 2.0
Reverse Beartrap classic
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• 6/17/2018

Make your own trap.

Here’s example
Name: hot coins
Design an function: it consists of a giant pit with a gigantic trapdoor as the floor,and 2 shafts leading to the pit. When activated,the shafts will start to pour out coins,heats to around 50 degrees Celsius,at a slow rate at first but slowly began to go quicker. Pulling a lever in the pit will open the trapdoor. The victim falls onto a net but all the coins fall through the holes into a giant furnace below the net. Failing to do so will result in the victim being buried in 50 degrees Celsius and get burned to death.
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• 3/31/2018

Plot for Jigsaw II

DO you guys think a spin off could reveal that Mark Hoffman is alive and Dr. Gordon was testing him. Maybe a dual jigsaw antagonist thing going on there. Dr. Gordon was actually tested, so maybe by testing Hoffman, Hoffman will realize the importance of giving those a chance.. Thoughts and ideas? Thanks
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• 3/31/2018

My Saw Movies Ranked

So, I just finished all the movies. My parents always watched them and I was very young when they were out and never went to see them but I'm glad im late because I'd be sorry If I did not see them. My Saw List from worst to best in my opinion.

Saw V
Saw VI
Saw IV
Saw II

They are almost chronologically ordered. Let me know what you guys think and where you agree/disagree. Thanks!
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• 3/31/2018

How was Billy The Puppet in Saw:Legacy(Jigsaw)??

Theoretically, Billy The Puppet came to light in inspiration of Bobby The Puppet after Jill's miscarriage. Billy was made as a more evil looking Bobby to carry out in John's games. However - Saw:Legacy(Jigsaw) disproves this as Billy was already featured in The Murderer's Trial - John's first ever game. How could've he been made for future use - when he had already had been used in the past?

So - drop that, say that theory is wrong. But it really doesn't make any sense. Saying that Jill Tuck's miscarriage is the first thing that happened - John spent most of his time hunting Cecil Adams directly after that (and shortly tested him afterwards) and the way Saw IV portrays it - it seems like he was Jigsaw's first. Saw:Legacy (Jigsaw) doesn't fit in.

Like it makes 0.0 sense that Billy was in Saw:Legacy (Jigsaw) if the idea of him didn't come till' after. It HAS to be the other way around - and Bobby is just a lighter version of Billy instead. I am so confused and I managed to give myself a headache. Any thoughts on this?
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• 3/22/2018

Why do you think soundtracks continue to be named after Zep?

Saw marked the first and last appearance of Zep Hindle. Wiki states the soundtrack was named after him " to bring a dramatic tone to the end of the film, in which Zep Hindle is revealed to actually be a victim of the real antagonist, the Jigsaw Killer". However, beyond the first Saw - the soundtrack titles have only progressed by numbers i.e "Zepp Five, Zepp Six, Zepp Eight"' - yet again, Zep is deceased and no longer shown. Any theories on this?
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• 12/29/2017

One of the many things nagging at my brain...

First let me say I love the movies and tend to analyze the crap out of them. I spent the months up to Jigsaw's release closely examining every trailer, every article, every shred of information I could get on it and coming up with theories. Ultimately I concluded that Logan was the antagonist-there was something about him suspicious to me. Now after having seen Jigsaw and knowing he is John's successor the one thing that bothers me is Eleanor. My brain refuses to accept that she was just a pawn in Logan's plan. She was so crucial to the plot, luring Halloran and Hunt to suspect her, having the studio with trap replicas including one that was never seen in the movies and just so happens to be used in the game 10 years ago as well as Logan's modern version and then escaping Halloran's ambush to back up Logan's story. Plus John always had help setting up his games; I know Logan isn't a sick old man but it's still a lot of work for one person to do... I'm inclined to think someone assisted him and although since we're never given the behind the scenes stuff like that until later on, Eleanor seems like the most likely candidate for that because of how vital she is to his plan. Anyway, is it just me? Or do you guys think that she didn't know her part in things? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)
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• 12/5/2017

The Body Of John Kramer

Hello... How was John Kramer unearthed without anyone noticing and where is his body? Was it mummified and put on an altar? We Brazilians love this franchise. Bye!
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• 12/1/2017

Who picked up Eleanor?

So in Jigsaw when Logan is talking about how no one would suspect him as jigsaw he mentions Eleanor. Something to do with an alibi. When he does it shows elenor running down the woods, with a car infront of her, the car stops and she lowers her hands and has a rather strange expression, it could've been her eyes squinting, but it seems like she recognizes or has a small shock of who is a the driver in the car. I searched up "jigsaw ending" On youtube and took a couple of screen shots of the part where eleanor runs in the woods. Here is the link: Hopefully nothing happens, I do not want to intend copyright, i just want to show some pictures.
If this has copy right for the pictures i will take this discussion down. Here are the pictures: here it shows Eleanor waving at a car. If it was logan it would show the face, Don't you agree? It seems as if it is hinting a sequel or just saw 9 (or jigsaw 2) some people say Hoffman, others Doctor Gordon. Who knows? What do you guys think?
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• 11/22/2017

The pictures

I almost vomited when I saw all the blood and corpses XD
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• 11/11/2017


do i need to see the first 7 saw movies if i want to watch jigsaw. Are there important things to now about te movies before jigsaw
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• 9/6/2017


I can't help but wonder will Corbett Denlon return to the new Jigsaw movie? Just rewatched Saw VI and there is a post credit scene in the unrated cut where Amanda goes to the door of where Corbett is being held captive, she tells Corbett not to trust the one who saves her. I can't help but wonder if she'll be back, ten years later and is now the new Jigsaw.
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• 8/18/2017

Jigsaw characters

Will there be gordon and hoffman in saw 8?
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• 2/4/2017


What did I just discover?
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